Kip Moore – Wild Ones – Album Review

For my 427th review, Kip Moore drifts further away from country towards roots & hard rock with solid results.

Best Songs: ‘Girl Of The Summer’, ‘Lipstick’, ‘Heart’s Desire’, ‘Complicated’, ‘Comeback Kid’
Worst Songs: ‘That’s Alright With Me’


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Jason Hopkins says:

I was disappointed with this album. It’s not bad at all, but I would’ve liked to see more songs like the first two singles. The second half of the album seems like more of what could’ve been; the first half just blends together for me. There are also some songs on the deluxe edition that really should’ve made the main album. Comeback Kid is definitely my favorite, for the production more than anything else, but that’s all this album is; an album filled with great instrumentation and production, but it’s really lacking in the writing.

jarmusz11 says:

Great review, love the passion and the depth that you go into. It shows you did your homework and really analyzed the material and gave it really good criticisms. I really enjoy the majority of the album and Kip Moore in general. Thank you!

Beat Wave says:

Please please PLEASE review disturbed’s new album Immortalized.

Jessey Kerner says:

do you always speak too fast like an angry 5 year old on a rant?

EllaDeanPendragon says:

…….hmmmm what happened to you to make you feel so bad about great music? the guy writes about what he knows, if he was trying to write about something he knew nothing about you would slate him….oh and about him sounding more hard rock than country, so its okay for Swift to evolve but not Kip?

Nadia Lockheart says:

Eh, it’s a decent album, but the lyrics really brought it down considerably from what it could have been.

Honestly, it surprises me that you like “Wild Ones” as strongly as you do, considering how hard you blasted Eric Church’s “The Outsiders”. Because while Kip Moore wisely eschews the everything-but-the-kitchen-sink mode of often unfocused production Jay Joyce specializes in, and instead opts for more melodic, straight-forward heartland rock…………….thematically Kip Moore basically apes the same sort of stereotypical macho adolescent/young adult rebellion tropes Eric Church utilized on one too many tracks.

I mean, on the pre-chorus of the title track, he belts: “We’re the wildcats, we’re the fighters, we’re the midnight up all nighters!” That’s almost a complete Xerox of some choice lyrics from the title track of “The Outsiders”. And “Complicated” even has a reference to two pink lines in the bridge (again referencing a prior Eric Church single) and beyond that could easily envision Eric Church singing instead, along with “Girl of Summer”, “Backseat” and “Comeback Kid”.


That said, the production and vocals are ultimately what prove to be this album’s saving grace. Some have argued Kip Moore’s rasp is forced and artificial, but I’m inclined to disagree. Then again, I concede I may have a bias because I grew up on John Mellencamp and he remains one of my favorite singer/songwriters of his generation. I wholeheartedly agree he has a great presence behind the microphone.

And the production works overall as well, outside of “Magic” and the first verses of “Running For You” and “That Was Us” (mostly due to a hip-hop beat or drum machine). I agree “Lipstick” really stood out in its aggressive feedback without ever exploding into an obligatory searing guitar solo, as did “Backseat” for its fuzzy, vintage riffs. And though the “Whoa oh ohs!” are somewhat distracting, “Comeback Kid” is a great intimate hush to close the standard edition. I also appreciate that there’s a similar intimacy that drives “Heart’s Desire” and even the majority of “That Was Us” (despite some menacing lyrics in the latter).


So in the end, it’s decent, but I’m thinking more a Light to Decent 6/10.

The songwriting is just too spotty at best to justify anything higher than that.

Matthew Manning says:

What do you think of Miley Cyrus’s new album “Miley Cyrus and her Dead Petz”

Anton Reynaert says:

Your reviews are great!! Is there any way you could review Entity by Oscar and the Wolf?

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