Lady Gaga – Joanne ALBUM REVIEW

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Lady Gaga’s rootsier sound and image on Joanne is a welcome change of pace, though she doesn’t always commit to the new direction.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


7729203 says:

hey girl is a elton john ripoff

Fucked Up Faggot says:

Misogynistic cuck. You are clearly threatened by a woman of color. Lady Gaga is the most talented black musician in history and you are a racist. Dislike!

David Marsh says:

Look at all the butthurt in the comments! Lol! Fucking wankers

IRDA says:

do you even like any music at all?

Purple Stardust says:

My favorite songs on Joanne are:

1. Diamond Heart
2. Just Another Day
3. John Wayne
4. Grigio Girls
5. Hey Girl

chadergeist82 says:

I don’t care for this album, i can’t get into it. A major departure from her previous albums.

Gabby Bocanegra says:

wow, anthony im surprised you didnt like a-yo 😮 its one of my favs

Omar V. says:

Sorry Anthony I dismissed all of your opinions when you barely gave Diamond Heart any attention and said it was surface level and like every other Gaga song… whoops

ffsf739 says:

I thought this was an extraordinary album! Gaga’s Swordfishtrombone or Rubber soul. A transitional LP that shows us what a great singer-songwriter lives inside her! Let’s hope she comes up with her own Rain Dogs soon!

Lady Reductive says:

Review The Fame or The Fame Monster!

boombapboom says:

i wonder if he actually buys these records or if record labels sends him copies to review.

underground2faust says:

What are the albums on the shelf?

Ruse of Fools says:

The meat dress alone makes anything she does at most a 3.3671 out of 10. I give her new record a 2.143673 out of 10. I have a very specific algorithm for this stuff.

Ghala Alketbi says:

Gaga is an experimental artist. she did jazz, she did dance, she did electro, she did disco, she did rock and Joanne is her country experimental album. bruh you don’t know your shit its not like she didn’t commit to the sound or the image its just not her! and i don’t think any or her older albums are her. we may never know the real gaga as she likes to say she’s a chameleon.

eartianwerewolf says:

Everybody is going a bit more pared down for some reason-like visually and with their music ? I guess the time period?

(I am thinking of MIley Cryus as well).

Dork Whoop says:

I really love the direction Gaga went

…..until The Cure

Ra k says:


Federico Pinci says:

metal box and gaga in the same shot is quite a clash isn’t it? 😉

Jeremiah Saint says:

you hunny are too picky

its a pop album – you have to keep that in mind

Nikhil Bhagat says:

she tries too hard to be diverse lol

Moniimarie 88 says:

I’m still in shock a year later that some people think that lyrically this album wasn’t that great. It was definitely the most pure and raw, and the most meaningful work she’s ever done. I felt her heart in this album. I think most people don’t know the meaning behind most of the tracks and that could have played a part in their not understanding.

Idk 2580 says:

Tastless bitch

4Atarax1a says:

Lady Caca

Dakota Belford says:

Did you think Gaga didn’t really quite know what style direction to take? I feel like a few groups of songs on the record could’ve been expanded into a couple albums.

cassidymav says:

I think Gaga fans are too sensitive 🙂

Kevin Sherwood says:

He gave Carly Rae Jepsen a better review than Lady Gaga’s album, says a lot how Carly has improved.

Leon Isaac Jimenez Vergara says:

“For a GaGa song [Angel Down’s policital statement] is pretty heavy, it’s pretty serious.” Dude…

Sollatare says:

I’ve tried getting into this dude’s videos multiple times but I just can’t. He just seems he doesn’t like pop music and inherently hates anything reminiscent of a pop song structure. Joanne is a pop album but he was trying to review it like a rock album and then was disappointed when it came up short. He seems to do that a lot.

Gerd Perida says:

I wish you reviewed Born This Way like this: insightful and constructive. I was disappointed when I realized that half of the Born This Way review was composed of the skit.

Lady Reductive says:

A-YO slayed though 🙁

Emily Rayne says:

I was focusing less on the review and more on the fact that the …Like Clockwork cover was blue.

Alex Valentino says:

“Angel Down” is, in my opinion, quite bad and closes the album with a whimper instead of a bang. “Million Reasons” is easier on the ears but not a song I listen to often.
But other than that, this album is great. “Come to Mama” and “John Wayne” are the stars. This record is almost as good as *Born This Way,* which is Gaga’s masterpiece.

Kevin Martinez says:

I feel like he has a bias opinion on her. He’s more of a nerd so he doesn’t really connect with anything besides lame shit.

Infinity Mashups says:

I would give it a strong 7,5/10.A-Yo too is my least favourite song along with Just Another Day(Both are nice)

Michael Linde says:

Gaga’s core will always be pop, but the exterior is always changing. It’s not like she’s going to completely abandon pop music. I wish reviewers would stop expecting her to fully commit to a different genre when she never claims that she wants to do that. What’s wrong with playing with different sounds and genres?

Lewis Forest says:

The Fame Monster and ARTPOP were the only albums by her that I liked. The rest is trash.

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