Lori McKenna – The Tree – Album Review

For my 993rd review, Lori McKenna delivers another stunningly well-written and performed country/folk opus, and one of the best records of 2018.

Best Songs: ‘The Lot Behind St. Mary’s’, ‘The Fixer’, ‘People Get Old’, ‘Young And Angry Again’, ‘You Won’t Even Know I’m Gone’, ‘You Can’t Break A Woman’, ‘The Way Back Home’, ‘A Mother Never Rests’
Worst Song: ‘Happy People’


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Lori McKenna – The Tree – Alternative Country/Folk – Album Review


Basketball ListsNmore says:

Thought it was Declan McKenna at first lol

Leprosy Snail says:

Don’t let this distract you from the fact that Mark thinks MBDTF is a 7

UltimateAwe says:

When the ‘Worst Song’ is your favorite from the album…

The Negan Guy says:


J0no7 says:

The album art looks like something Scott Hutchison would have drawn

OurFamilyInMotion says:

Brilliant album. Doesn’t quite reach the masterpiece status of her Lorraine album bit this new album is real close.

SquidofBaconator says:

I just realized you’re getting close to your 1,000th review. Wow.

fari razavi says:

Dear Spectrum Pulse, your reviews are as thorough and enjoyable, as they are a big help for smaller acts & bands to reach potential listeners. Something i want to thank you for!
There is a band from cologne germany by the name ‘Dead Man’s Eyes’, that recently released a record on vinyl on june 22nd in 2018 that is waiting to be reviewed. Preferably by somone who is as passionate about music as you are.
Go here for youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_c0BeXglI-A
Go here for Bandcamp: https://deadmanseyes.bandcamp.com/
If you need any more info or a free copy of the vinyl & or CD I am sure the band would be more than happy to send you one.
Thank you so much for all your work and effort!

Alextromagnetic says:

Yeah. This was excellent. The title track is one of the very best songs of the year

Lord Succubus, Lord Xenu's Second in Command says:

Knew it was gonna be a 9

Eric Douglas says:

Please review jids new album

Garrett Scroggs says:

I feel like I’m going through a mixture of two things you’re saying. You covered her albums and I remember her name popping up on David Nail’s last album.

20Brendan Ho says:

Why does Lori always get 8 “best” tracks?

ChillViBeZ Techno Music says:

Nice channel man! Just subbed 🙂

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