Maddie & Tae – Start Here – Album Review

For my 434th review, I discuss the pop country phenomenon driving Maddie & Tae’s debut.

Best Songs: ‘Girl In A Country Song’, ‘Shut Up And Fish’, ‘After The Storm Blows Through’, ‘Downside of Growing Up’, ‘Smoke’
Worst Songs: ‘Sierra’


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Text review of ‘Start Here’:

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AnimalDrawer101 says:

Wild-Troye Sivan

Lorewalker Choo M. D. says:


brianhitzone37 says:

Love this album, thanks for reviewing it, I’m excited for them “Fly” is on the verge of the country top ten, and I know you don’t like it, but I think “Sierra” is a fun song, I think it might be their next single, love these ladies , Go Maddie & Tae!!!!!

juliacar says:

I’m so happy you liked this album because it’s one of my favorites.

You should review the body of work Hunter Hayes recently released. Although it’s not an album, I think it could bring up some great commentary about streaming services. You should check it out:)

ElectroChart Top 25 says:

Im begging you to review Robin Schulz’s album “Sugar” please! also would you be covering Avicii’s album “Stories”?

WiwomWill says:

Iron maiden. Please.

ThatOneKyleDude says:

was fly not one of your favorite songs?

FlackooPretty says:

Hi Mark! I’ve been watching your videos for a long time and while I often disagree with what you say (especially when it comes to hip hop) I always respect your opinion and the fact that you review albums I’d never have heard of. This one is such a case, I just love this album. It’s so endearing, heart-warming and easy to get into. I have no idea about country music so I was wondering whether you had some recommendations of similar albums!

Raygz says:

I’m sorry, but i don’t get their appeal.

Music Playlists says:

Hey mark! I was wondering if you collect vinyl or CD’s, and if so you’d be interested in sharing them. This would be great because we don’t really get to see or hear of a lot of the albums that you think are “classics” or just albums you really love. Mostly all we hear from this channel is your opinion on new music, which is great, but a classic review or too wouldnt hurt. And a vinyl or CD collection series would be even better. All of your reviews are very professional and scripted which is GREAT for a review, but its nice to hear you casually talk about music like you did in your Q&A.

Raul Zertuche says:

Halsey – Badlands!

Del Rey says:


Ricardo Valladares says:

Could you review Corpo-Mente’s self-titled
It’s a really good record with a gorgeous sound

Nolan Baldwin says:

It’s from 2013 but I’d love to hear your thoughts on it, Yessir Whatever by Quasimoto.

DarkSPStarmon01 says:

Hey Mark, just wondering your opinion on the UK charts (as i wanted this comment in BB)? Songs like “Bills” made it very high, but the charts fluctuates often every week. Thanks if you answer this!

Patrick Kearns says:

Hey there Mark :), was wondering if you would review Vintage Trouble “1 Hopeful Rd”. I know it’s been out since August already but i’d be interesting to see you review Blues music for a change, Ps: you’re awesome man

plxnetjazz says:

please review Travis Scott rodeo album

MrFlipperInvader782 says:

please review that’s the spirit from bring me the horizon

I know you avoided them in the past and I don’t blame you

Thier death core and metalcore sound didn’t work well with them

but since Thier new album is more of modern hard rock and alternative metal with more melodic and maybe electronic textures I think it would interest you

heck it made me actually start to like the band

Anthony Nguyen says:

Review Badlands by Halsey!!!

The Negan Guy says:

review Book of Souls by Iron Maiden please

Alex Ulbrich says:

Where do you talk about movies art or culture? Also have you stated wether or not you plan on reviewing badlands?

detectivecox says:

Prince- HITNRUN!

Milosh says:

please review foals what went down. cheers beb

Hurrcane says:

the veronicas

Jeremy Turner says:

Please review Atlas Genius’s new album

mjtubeme says:

Can you review the Emily West album

Alex Ulbrich says:

Where do you talk about movies art or culture? Also have you stated wether or not you plan on reviewing badlands?

MrFlipperInvader782 says:

could you review silence in the snow by trivium

Kanna Vz says:

Mark, awesome review, also have a question completly non related to this video… Are you gonna be reviewing pentatonix new album with original songs?

Jordan Staats Music says:

Please review the new Brett Eldridge album!

Raygz says:

anyone forgetting about stories by avicii?

plxnetjazz says:

review tyrese new album Black Rose please

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