Maren Morris – GIRL – Album Review

For my 1095th review, I discuss Maren Morris’ tactics to use both pop and country, and how her sophomore album satisfies neither.

Best Songs: ‘To Hell & Back’, ‘Shade’, ‘All My Favorite People’
Worst Song: ‘Great Ones’


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Maren Morris – GIRL – Pop Country – Album Review

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Garrett Scroggs says:

Marren Morris has seemed much more pop than country to me, at least from the songs I’ve heard. Sorry, but nothing I’ve heard from her makes me want to check out any album cuts. As soon as I heard “80’s Mercedes” I was done with her.

mariokarter13 says:

Maren Morris – GIRL: 5/10
Pharrell Williams – G I R L: 6/10

Never get a woman to do a man’s job, apparently.

Naos says:

I love “To Hell & Back”! The album’s not great, but I like the cover… for reasons. She just looks good on it is what I’m saying.

Carolyn Ford says:

Love the new lighting

HØødime says:

More of a ‘Slower Burn’

Someone really wants to listen to better Country Music in this review :p

levi moore says:

I actually liked this album a lot. IMO, the worst track was Good Woman, because it was so low and boring.

Ethan VanderHoff says:

I just wish she made more country songs like The Middle

Max Please says:

Please react to Sigrid’s Sucker Punch album!!!!

luisalonsoecheverria says:

“Flavor” annoys me because the chorus is essentially trying to rip off “Thunder” by Imagine Dragons, which is ear-piercingly shitty!!

HØødime says:

So this is our new mainstream Country Girl,not even staying with Country?
She’s alright but No Thanks

Jeddi says:

Yellow lighting good!

Now let’s see if he use this in BB tomorrow

dirty rat says:

you have been CRANKIN out these reviews

First Name Last Name says:

(Insert comment about how Mark needs to review and Dave and Quadeca’s new albums)

ed Moca says:

nice lighting

Xamplays says:

I actually liked this too lol

The Social Tune says:

I actually thought this release was pretty good. Yeah, it’s pop-heavy, but I’d argue she still sounds good and the production generally flatters her voice in a way I never got from Babe, despite some sloppy writing

luisalonsoecheverria says:

I’m more excited for the new Highwaywomen album, which features Brandi Carlile, Amanda Shires, Maren Morris, and Natalie Hemby, and is produced by Dave Cobb!!! Maybe that’ll motivate Maren to do future work with Natalie and Dave.

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