Mumford & Sons- Babel ALBUM REVIEW


Though Mumford & Sons continue to be one of the least adventurous bands in folk music, what the band does with their tunes and regal combination of horns and strings is pretty sweet on the ears and comforting. A likable sophomore release.

What did you think of this album? Love it? Hate it? Why? What should I review next, eh?





Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


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Scott Handlin says:

Mumford and Sons are a neatly packaged folk-pop band for the mall crowd.

Grace Fellows says:

I like this ablum mixed in on a playlist with other bands, like the Lumineers and Beirut. Then you don’t get the feeling of their music being boring. I definitely agree that they pretty much just have one formula for their songs, and that the stories are confusing, but I appreciate their ability to arouse such emotion with such simplicity. To me, there is definitely something to be said for that.

Austen Mann says:

9/10 if not more!!! You have no taste in music to rate it under 7 ¹/²
You sir can go fuck a cactus….

Lettumato Lettulettuce says:

Anthony Babtano

Skyler gerald says:

Paul Simon doesn’t appear on the album. They played The Boxer but Simon wasn’t on it.

1337Kupo says:


bitch says:

dumford and bums

UntitledKING22 says:

Anthony check out the new Mumford & Sons album “Wilder Mind”.Please review it is you get a chance!

Theron Lopez says:

I used to check out some of your videos. I’m not going to do that anymore. If you can’t understand the concept of rhythm, chords or any type of music theory what so ever, Then do not review a genre that uses said things to the fullest extent. The only reason you made this video Is because mumford is mainstream now… you are a cock weasel.

Jordan Smith says:

Not tryin’ to be all intentionally hip, but I was into Mumford & Sons back when they was sellin’ used furniture in Bakersfield, Cali-fornia.

Who Dat Ninja says:

What’s the band you mention that’s heavenly? Food Foxes? Never heard of it.

Emily Reimer says:

The most unfortunate thing for me was that as a fan who really waited for the second LP after the first…I found the format of Babel to be exactly the same as the Sigh No More’s. ‘I will wait’ was the new ‘little lion man’, ‘Broken crown’ the new ‘Thistle and Weeds’. I honestly just felt like i’d heard the whole album before and was so bummed especially after waiting for so long. They found their style and they’re sticking with it. Hopefully the next new album is a little more progressive. I’m getting tired of this same old same old kinda vibe.

WlNDMlLL says:

I’m very curious what Anthony’s review of Sigh No More would have been.

Potbelly Porpus says:

I’ve seen your Mumford & sons t shirt Anthony. you don’t even like them that much. Hipster.

Alex Mortland says:


Albert Vega says:

Love the band, their first album changed my life musically. This album….was underwhelming. Nonetheless, I love and own it.

Emil Pedersen says:

I fucking love mumford & sons, but nevertheless i agree with most of the things you said. It’s not new thinking by any strecthly imagination. But i just like it, dunno what it is about it

Felipe Syderas says:

i have the same relation with Mumford and sons that i have with stuff like the neighbourhood. they MAKE very apealling music for background,but mostly not a lot of stuff with really lasting power

Davy Anilhaq says:

Wait, how does this album could get Grammy for Album Of The Year?

Brandon says:

Sigh no More, Babel felt kind of like a rehash but because it’s the same I can’t like it any less. I hope their third album is released before they go back on tour. I’m sure they’re aware of all of this open criticism and take it as a message to make a big change, or they could just go “fuck everyone who hates us we’re going to stay on our monotonous road to irrelevancy” I dearly hope that never happens. 

Blueberry Muffin says:

The “L” is silent in folk. It’s pronounced “Foak”


It’s okay. Some good singles that I listen to quite a bit, but an overall boring LP.

Erica Ray says:

Review their latest album pleasssseee??

Grant Van Wie says:

I liked a few songs, but I do have to agree it is a lost in the sauce album, but I do enjoy some songs

Lucas Zeidner says:

not my favorite. the tracks all sounded to similar to each other, not enough variation going on, which can get REALLY boring in pop-folk, especially when the lyrical themes are all the same as well.

ilixx 05 says:

Getting a little mumfy, are we?

MindTraveler says:

I love their tunes. Well produced, though they are also a little “clean” like you mentioned. Very moving music.

That being said their lyrics are often quite weak. Mostly on the first album, but also here to a lesser extent, you find awkward rhymes that don’t work, pretentious references that don’t make sense, etc.

I can agree that they are “comfort food”, but they’re still really good comfort food. It was nice to discover that they are pretty humble in interviews and never wanted to be seen either as a folk band or a literary band; they admit that there are lot of writers out there that are better.

I hate to say it Marcus…you want to be seen as more of a lyricist than a music writer, but you *really* are more of a music writer. You’re very good at that though. My heart soars when I hear songs like “The Cave” and “I Will Wait”.

Adam Malik says:


Jonathan Walker says:

haha thought that was funny. idk why. 

atikahchicahh says:

I agree with this  review completely! (This is coming from someone who was a huuuge fan of M&S 2-3 years ago). Waiting for their sophomore album for a year (they were supposed to release it around 2011) made me think that they would at least try something new. Guess they wanted to play it safe and not risk their mainstream image, which really pissed me off when this was released. tbh, I think the Laura Marling & Dharohar Project they did was so much better than this album.

Zach Thornton says:

I think that what a lot of people miss when they hear this album is that, at it’s core, it’s a rock album. Folk instruments, but, stylistically at least, it’s definitely more rock than folk.

Sabrina Gagnon says:

You were listening to Mumford & Sons thinking of what you were going to say in your YouTube review. It’s almost as though you were forcing yourself to listen to them. If you simply didn’t like the music then you should’ve stopped listening to it. You don’t deserve the right to judge music, and I don’t see how people can be entertained by you doing so. You look down on albums as you listen to them because you know you’re going to make a stupid YouTube video about in in hopes of obtaining more subscribers, or whatever you do this for. There’s one rule in music: listen to what you enjoy and let others do so as well.

Will Waller says:

Folk music is subjective. Everybody has a different definition of what folk music is, so it’s not wise to condemn M&S’s for not being your definition of folk music. Everybody has a different definition of what folk is, and most wouldn’t even consider a genre, but an era, or attitude. Bob Dylan and Paul Simon are both a whole lot different than Woody Guthrie, so you can’t condemn Mumford for not being folk. (And they have never claimed themselves to be folk music.)

Rick Astley says:

Butt-rock with banjos. 

Liam White says:

Mumford and Sons are enjoyable, but that’s it, just enjoyable, and that’s really the reason I dislike them at the end of the day. There’s just no ambition so far.

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