Randy Houser – Magnolia | Album Review

Today, I’m checking out Randy Houser’s latest album ‘Magnolia.’ I have never loved what he brings to country music, but that changed with this album. Watch the review to see why!

Favorite tracks:
“No Stone Unturned”
“No Good Place To Cry”

Randy Houser’s Channel:

Twitter: gradywsmith
Instagram: gradywsmith
Facebook: gradysmithwriter


j lll says:

ill still stick with whiskey Meyers

Justin Spannbauer says:

You should make a video comparing different artists versions of whiskey and you

Hunter McIntosh says:

What whiskey does is a better drowns the whiskey by Jason

Rick Garner says:

Thank you for the review of Magnolia. I thought it set Randy apart from the Bro music in country today. His voice is powerful and this album highlights it well.
Your videos are informative and give me a new look on today’s country music. Keep them coming.

Austin Cross says:

Clay Walker’s first album in nine years comes out tomorrow. I am so excited!

Ironmade Redneck says:

I’ve never liked randy houser but I’ll check this album out for sure

DJMeCa says:

Love this review, and can’t wait to hear this record. I LOVE his earlier music, but was also disenchanted with some of the recent “radio friendly” material. I wish radio and some listeners would embrace some of the less poppy and “trendy” bro-country and gimmick songs (I remember the 90’s too, but…). Glad to see Randy’s returned back to what’s made him so special from the get-go. He’s such a talented vocalist, and he can do so much with it in storytelling! Now, as far as you go Grady…when are we going to hear more of YOUR music?? It’s been a long while!

Ahuds says:

I’m going out with my boots onnnn

Mist Brewer says:

Wait is this not sarcastic? I’m so lost.

10bbremer says:

I’ll never forgive Randy for Honkytonk Badonkadonk. Never!

Tyson Hornberger says:

Look at Cody Johnson ain’t nothin to it album

Hunter McIntosh says:

I’m very curious on your take of Riley green, I can’t tell if his voice is good or terrible. HELP!!

C T says:

Good shtuff bud.

Meghan Castro says:

I have always loved Randy Houser! We Went, Running Out of Moonlight, How Country Feels, and so many more! ❤️

Courtney Kramer says:

Love this album! His vocal throughout the entire thing is so compelling, especially on my two favorites “What Leaving Looks Like” and “No Good Place to Cry.”

Darrel Zehr says:

Review Justin Moore, the ones that didn’t make it back home

Braden Rein says:

You should really check out Dallas Smith and some of his music. Yes I know he’s Canadian, but I’m very interested in what your reaction would be towards his music.

Ahuds says:

Who are two artist you wish would colab together???

Mine are Chris Stapleton and Alan Jackson!

ryan spivey says:

Hey man you should really listen to a guy named mike Blakey, he really holds onto old classic southern Texas country you just might like him

SBMusic says:

I agree with everything you said in this.. very well said. I was never a huge Randy Houser fan, but this album blew me away. And I picked out the Travis Meadows cut before I even saw the liner notes haha!

Coy Casbeer says:


Kevin Fowler – Sellout Song (Making fun of Nashville)

Troy Turner says:

I’ve heard nothing but great things about this album, so I just bought it. So far this year, we’ve had great music from Cody Johnson, Randy Houser, Flatland Calvary, and the Steel Woods.

AccurateCountryLyrics says:

I love a few songs on this Magnolia record. “No Good Place to Cry.” “What Whiskey Does.” “No Stone Unturned.” “High Time.” Very nice album.

Randy Badour says:

Welcome to the dark side brother lol. I have really enjoyed Houser over the years. I did enjoy some of his more trivial stuff as well but i have been waiting for this to resurface in him. Brilliant writer, great musician and a really good dude in general. Had an opportunity to open for him a few times and he is very aware of what his band should sound like live. Great live act. Love the review man! Cheers!

Mike Flinn says:

You should react to Travis Denning’s new song “After a Few.” I personally really like it, I want to hear what you think

katiev9494 says:

Evangeline is my favorite track on the album for sure. Great review

Santerra Blevins says:

I love Evangeline. Very beautiful vocal in my opinion!

Ethan Narrow says:

Hey grady, ever heard Colter Wall?? Please have a listen if you haven’t.

agent cracker says:

yo do ian munsick

Gavin Mckibben says:

You should review some music by Walker McGuire. They are insanely good

the backroad says:

Loved your review & this album! I was also super caught off guard by the depth + authenticity + richness of this album, especially compared to Randy Houser’s previous work! I also just finished my first “album review” of Magnolia here: https://youtu.be/eT1fQnQ_II0. I was inspired by you to start a channel!

Fat Samurai Productions says:

Had no idea one of my favorite artists was from my home state. I’m now complete.

Landen Veil says:

I found this album a week ago (I love no stone unturned) and I was in just pure “awe” I think you explained this album perfectly, Grady, and I think it will be a big swinger for 2019

Brent bromberg says:

Thx for your thoughts

Austin Rubingh says:

You should check out Tim McGraw: I Thought About You.

Deb Alexander says:

In that song No Good Place to Cry, I hear some harmonious echoes of Ronnie Dunn …

Finnick O'Dair says:

As you promised

Harold Basham says:

Great review!! I love this album and I love Randy Houser!!

10bbremer says:

Heard Randy when he was just a songwriter, singing around town, then he got his turn to step out as a featured act and….Nashville worked its thing on him and he just wasn’t the same guy.

Coy Casbeer says:

Also, if you check out Zane Williams, could you do a review on the album Bringin’ Country Back (2016)?

Or Kyle Park’s new album:
Don’t Forget Where You Come From (2018)

Grady Smith says:

Cody Johnson will go up some time this week. You don’t have to tell me! I gotta let it soak into my mind.

Patrick Dalton says:

Because of your reviews, I’ve discovered a decent amount of music that I wouldn’t normally listen to on my own and turned out to really like. Great job!!! This video deserves 15 out of 10 points!

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