Ronnie Dunn – Peace, Love, and Country Music – Album Review

For my 170th review, I talk about Ronnie Dunn’s independent release and discuss its frustrating contradictions.


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Text review of ‘Peace, Love, and Country Music’:

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zach wellner says:

Come on man just wanna know your opinion on Gary allan set your free album just a quick respond.. Not really a big deal I wouldn’t think

Lucas McNea says:


BOBBY1976100 says:

Will you be reviewing the new Little Big Town album? It should be out next week if they haven’t put it back due to the lead single under-performing! Enjoying your reviews, BTW.

Clint Lacy says:

Those “deep bass backing vocals” you talk about…that’s called “bayou percussion”..not really surprised that you didn’t know that.

gblocker2005 says:

Together Brooks and Dunn were great due to the great song writing skills of Kix Brooks, and Ronnie Dunns outstanding voice. I’m sorry but to say Kix rich smooth tone etc was part of their success is false. Like saying kristofferson is a great Singer. Ronnie was the voice, Kix was the writing talent. Research the number one B&D hits and see where they stack up. Do I feel Ronnie’s solo career is great? No! But he needs good written songs.
Clearly just my opinion, and yes I’m not worth a f&$@ with grammar so excuse that;-)
To bash the song based on bs is wrong. If he wants a hit write a song that sticks in everyone’s heart, and mind.
Tell a tale of where we been, and are at now.
“Hello Heart ache, who let you in?”
For the last time, never again”

zach wellner says:

Gary allan set your free! I wanna know you opinion man, you do good vids on country man I really would like to know

gblocker2005 says:

Just another reason to always use birth control folks, or you to could have a moron like this as a child.

Johnzilla 2179 says:

+Spectrum Pulse Hey, Mark.  Big & Rich (of “Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy)” fame) are releasing new album this year on September 23 by the name of “Gravity.”  It will be their first independent record, released on their very own, self-owned label Big & Rich Records.  Similar to Brooks & Dunn, Big & Rich have never been a critical darling, either, but I feel that many listeners just misinterpret their music.  You seem like an intelligent and affable critic so it’d be interesting to hear what you think about it. 

Also, you don’t really seem like you enjoy reviewing albums that aren’t current, but I have one recommendation for you.  Creed frontman Scott Stapp released a new solo album in November 2013 by the name of “Proof of Life.”  I found it to be quite good myself and much different from what I was expecting.  So much so that I was spurred to write a review for (which, much to my joy, became the highest rated review for the album so go check it out if you have time).  Thanks for reading!

gblocker2005 says:

Those who can do, those who can’t criticize, where is your album? How many number one hits have you had? Learn the terms for the music your bashing. Simply owning a video and a stuffed animal doesn’t make you a offianato on music. Is that enough or need I go on?

Luis Trejo says:

May you review the Classical Crossover album
Shatter Me by Lindsey Stirling

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