Ruston Kelly – Dying Star – Album Review

For my 1063rd review, I finally discuss how Ruston Kelly delivered one of the best debuts and country albums of 2018!

Best Songs: ‘Mockingbird’, ‘Paratrooper’s Battlecry’, ‘Blackout’, ‘Jericho’, Anchors’, ‘Big Brown Bus’, ‘Dying Star’
Worst Song: ‘Mercury’


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Ruston Kelly – Dying Star – Country – Album Review

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Jon Dials says:

Your new haircut is making me uncomfortable

Grady Smith says:

Love that you covered this, Mark. (And that you owned the bias you had going in — very admirable — you were really honest throughout, in fact. Hope you are proud of your 2018. You articulate qualities of music in a way that many people, self included, struggle to.)

Also, I am pretty obsessed with ‘Paratrooper’s Lullaby.’

Versatile Lord says:

Oh shit Mark. Better than golden hour?? Now I definitely gotta check this one out

Fullmetal Heart says:

my initial reaction was R.Kelly dropped a new album

EYTPS says:

List week hype!

Jordan The Music Man says:

3:16 Actually it reminded me of Call My Dad by AJR…oops.

RiverOfWetness468 says:

This isn’t a debut album, though…? He released “Halloween” last year.

2nd in Command says:

Hey, Mark, If you loved this album, then I have a artist I think you’ll love. Her name is Kate Rusby, and she’s in the same vein as music like this. Me, personally, “Mockingbird” damn near made me cry at how good it was. Great review for a great album!

pokemonand9 says:

Did Mark get a haircut recently?

Arne Hildrum says:

Oh wow! I just got home from a rave-party and i’m greeted by a 9/10? Will this end up as the highlight of the night?

P.L.H. Two says:

Hey mark. Can you make a video about grammy awards you thought of? Your predictions, Your pick. I know you don’t really want to do Grammy awards predictions or Recap video each year. Beside I would love to see it.

Jon from ARTV and Anthony Fantano already did their Grammy awards Predictions and Recap/reaction already recently. What about you?

Dan Lapidus says:

I stopped the review 5 minutes in to listen to the album. Thanks Mark, that moved my soul and I would never have listened to it without you

radical red panda says:

i don’t know if this is just me but do you think the guy in the picture looks a bit, blurry? idk if that was the intention, but it looks a bit distracting to me

The Negan Guy says:

Country music
5/10 not my type of music

UltimateAwe says:

Excellent review; appreciate the mentions of personal resonance. Phenomenal work by Kelly, though I wouldn’t say it’s better than Golden Hour, which covers far more ground than this. Oh, and “Faceplant” is a low-key standout here.

OddMentalities 000 says:


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