Sam Hunt – Montevallo – Album Review

For my 283rd review, I talk about the slickest pop country record you will hear in 2014 – but definitely not the best.


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jeb stuart says:

sick of hearing this shit on country channels,tractor rap should be banned.

BOBBY1976100 says:

Any chance of the new Little Big Town album? Has to be easier on the ear than Sam Hunt!

John Adams says:

I’d love for you to review Caitlyn Smiths new album if you haven’t already.

Matt Sak says:

Great review. Album fucking sucks. I come back to this review just to hear someone else realize how bad sam hunt is

zaqwsxcd123 Zeal says:

Sam Hunt best new artist of 2015 lol

Nervice Dog To Service Dog says:

You should do Meat and Candy by Old Dominion.

The Idealistic says:

I could’ve sworn the like/dislike ratio was around 35/50ish at one point many months ago. It looks like some viewers came back to this review in retrospect and repealed their dislikes when they came to the realization that Sam Hunt is utterly contemptible, and that’s only a good thing 🙂

Kinzie Coleman says:

You’re way off on this…. great album. You’d probably be able to see that better if you didn’t automatically associate it with “country”. Sam Hunt has been placed into the country genre for some strange reason, but he’s not and he’s said it himself. Just listen to the music for what it is and ignore the so-called “genre”.

Matthew Mari says:

I have to agree with every point of this review. I loved his acoustic, live performance stuff where he played and sang. Was excited about this album for the last year. And was pissed when I listened to it.

WorstMusicOfTheYear says:

…light 4?
This sounded like a 3 to me.
Maybe even a 2.

Happy D says:

He outsold Sam Smith for 2015 he made Top 8 of 10 best selling albums of 2015…two Grammy nominations and won a AMA and Cmt award awards from Ascap damn this reviewer must feel stupid

Gabriel Paradis says:

Sam hunt is country singer with pop rock

kaitlyn says:

U dissed my bæ

sergeoval8157 says:

You’ve obviously never heard him live/acoustic. Can you please put out some of the music you have written.

Lyla various says:

review scott O))) soused

King of the Void says:

I rate this a high 0

Chris L B says:

tractor rap sucks

CountryMC says:

I personally like the song Raised on it the best on this album. house party is a close second but I feel you were too harsh on it.

The Media Monitor says:

Am I the only one who’s not a fan of Sam Hunt and never has been? The only song I’ve ever liked of his is House Party. Sure, it’s a dumb party song, but it’s at least fun (unlike most of his other songs since they’re boring and mellow dramatic).

Johnzilla 2179 says:

This isn’t even pop country, it’s just pop that is somehow getting radio play on country stations.  At least Taylor Swift threw in the courtesy banjo.


Sam Hunt sucks

Gymnastics for Life 0832 says:

can you just shut up and leave Sam Hunt alone!!!!!! I dare you to try to right a song and you would fail
terrible!! it is a good album so how about you just leave him alone and shut up!!
and he doesn’t rap he stalks you idiot

Gabriel Paradis says:

Country muisc singer Sam hunt

ScottFiedelMusic says:

“Won’t be on the charts much longer” a year later and still on top of the charts and Grammy nominee.

Breloetta Ben says:

Best songs: House party, cop car
Worst songs: Single for the summer, ex to see, take your time,leave the night on, breakup in a small-town, leave the night on

Warren Mitchell says:

I’ve heard pop-country hybrids from American Idol that had more country than this

DK devilplayground says:

talks too fast lol.

Warren Mitchell says:

You’re a very interesting critic when it comes to country music. You love it when it’s good, and you really hate it when it sucks.

Wonkey Dude98 says:

In retrospect, the album should have been way lower.

For what it’s worth, Ex to See is better than his new singles. O___O

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