Scotty McCreery – Seasons Change – Album Review

For my 921st review, we get the long-awaited, pretty solid comeback from this American Idol winner.

Best Songs: ‘Five More Minutes’, ‘Boys From Back Home’, ‘Home In My Mind’, ‘Seasons Change’, ‘Barefootin’
Worst Songs: ‘Move It On Out’


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Text review of ‘Seasons Change’:


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Scotty McCreery – Seasons Change – Country – Album Review


Wonkey Dude98 says:

Any song here anywhere near on the level of ‘Feel Good Summer Song’? This is before watching.

Cole Belinsky says:

Two good albums from my two of my favorite American Idol winners 🙂

LegendBTV says:

Uh the title I believe says “Scotty McCreedy”

Jeffrey says:

I knew this album wouldn’t dissapoint you. ((:

David says:

One of the best idol winners

Sam Feldstein says:

Fun fact: Scotty was actually in my geology class my freshman year of college

tyrel iverson says:

This was a 6/10 for me just didn’t connect as well as I wanted it too

Ethan Tone says:

When you spell his name wrong on the title card, sad Mark and you just talked about you have no room for error

AnyThingWorx says:


A Box says:

Love the typo

brianhitzone37 says:

I love the song “Barefootin”.

g mont says:

Xxxtentacion review tomorrow!!!!!!!!

The hype is real!

The Negan Guy says:

Never heared never will sorry but talent shows are trash

mariokarter13 says:

Strange, he’s about a month younger, but he looks like Niall Horan in his mid-30’s.

CKdine says:

Better score than young fathers. Unsubbed this dude doesn’t have what I’m lookin for

Monty Bynum says:

Good shit Mark. Glad you liked it a lot of work went into this album. Our team is glad to take the 7/10

M. Schoss says:

You gay probably for liking this buttboi. Dumb poor phony go back to sell comic books out a truck

Grady Smith says:

I love that you have ‘Barefootin’ and ‘Boys from Back Home’ as two of your faves. Listened this morning and feel largely the same as you. Pretty solid. Reminds me of an Aaron Watson record.

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