Sturgill Simpson – A Sailor’s Guide To Earth ALBUM REVIEW


Singer-songwriter Sturgill Simpson comes through with the classiest country album I’ve heard in a while.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


Nicko Pink says:

Dude !!! Jst thanks for recommending this ❤❤❤

Zach Weaver says:

He is the protagonist in sea stories. He was in the navy.

Philly Pilane says:

Please review Skepta’s Konnichiwa next.

David Ruddle says:

In before this ends up winning AotY at Grammy’s then every Beyonce fan acting like Trump won again.

BurningBeard22 says:

NPR’s interview of Sturgill about this album tells you all about his approach to the album. He’s fuckin’ great.

Car Bus says:

If Bowie, Weezer, and the Grips hadn’t come out with some of their best work this year, this would be my AOTY so far.

C Stoltz says:

Shamelessly southern?? Wtf does that mean. Sea stories is about sturgills time in the navy and the places he went and not about how someone sings about hunting and fishing. All the best music came from the south. Blues, country, rock, bluegrass and even some rap, all came from the south, and so I don’t get what the fuck, “shamelessly southern” means. I don’t know why this guy reviews all these albums when he didn’t make any albums himself. What gives him the right to critique other albums when he’s not even in the fucking music business or even makes music and hasn’t made any albums yet. I’m not even from the south

Forrest Jorgensen says:

Man, you didn’t say a single word about how profound this album is. The themes and messages on this album transcend time and culture. Simpson is a legitimate genius. Breakers Roar, for instance, is ridiculously deep.

Robert Kinoy says:

Sturgill Simpson was a sailor. He wrote about his experience. Bit of an oversight.

Brian Collins says:

The thing with Sturgill’s cover of In Bloom is that the line “He don’t know what it means to love someone” was not in the original; it was a change that he had to get permission to make from the Cobain estate. Admittedly, the lyric change is so good and fits so well into the rest of the song that it feels like it was there the whole time.

Jeffrey Bonner says:

Hard to get past the suggestion that Metamodern isn’t refined or nuanced. Just my amateur music critic opinion, but I think they’re both incredible albums.

Casey Weaver says:

Good shit, most all of what you said I agree with.

ImethIaddictI says:

Sturgil fans should give Scott Biram a listen. Dirty Old One Man Band is a killer album.

GreenGretel says:

No commentary on Breakers Roar? That’s a beautiful song.

booby b says:

Sturgill has a very distinct sound and his music is really moving and unique.

SleighJessi says:

I love Sturgill and I am really digging this album but it doesn’t feel country to me aside from his singing style.

I’m also not in any way an expert in country music so I could be way off here.

Matt Bershinsky says:

This record is absolutely fantastic!!! I love it so much

akbrown15 says:

This album kicks ass. Period.

Bo Never says:

God awful review

Casey Schneider says:

Grammy nomination!!!

Dirk Diggler says:

over produced, overly commercial, his voice is totally lost, orchestra turned up to a 100 that hides everything. silly. all sound the same. good videos, too bad mtv is dead.

Joe Wehrs says:

You think Metamodern is a paint by the numbers country album? Did you even listen to it? The last song sounds like Pink Floyd and the whole album is mixed and recorded to sound like a 70s album. But you probably listened to the first track and made your assumption.

mogzig says:

i totally agree with anthony here. i’m a native born and raised Texan but i hate country music. but i love this album. sturgill hits all the emotional points of what country should be, but never compromises his integrity just to pander to specific types of country music fans. its a fuckin great album and definitely required listening for fans of folk music and alt-country.

Jay Evans says:

This is hilarious. This is a top 5 album of all-time in country music. The Grammy nomination alongside Beyonce, Adele, and goofy ass Drake prove that. Idk how I came across your review but, Jesus Christ, between those glasses and that goddamn pedo mustache, it does not at all surprise me that you would give it a 7 or 8. I’m usually a relatively cordial commentor on YouTube. Your synopsis of a genre you clearly do not either understand or are too inept to give a quality review about is very evident in your video, however, so I had to stray from my norm to defend the artist here. You are just a dumbass, plain and simple. I hope to God I dont come across another one of your baseless shitposts again.

Jake M says:

I really really enjoy this album! it is one of my favorites of 2016. It is very crisp and dynamic.

Chris Donis says:

@Theneedledrop Listen to breakers roar drunk and stoned and you’ll cry like a baby. Something about that song just makes me want to hug someone forever.

Alex Aguirre says:

Have you ever made a single piece of music?

Michael Parsons says:

Your assessment is pretty good but your number is way off. A Sailors Guide to Earth is definitely a 9 probably a 10.

MrXtravagantx says:

I hate country music but i really enjoy this artist

Kyle Schwede says:

Sturgill simpson is the best country I’ve heard in the last ten years

Tyler Durden says:

I personally don’t like his rendition of Nirvana’s In Bloom. I think it made the song a bit boring for my taste. That’s my least Fav Track. The album started strongly and ends in a good way. 8/10.

Enrique Godinez says:

Breakers Roar is one of the best songs I’ve heard in a while.

PhychoPhteve says:

This guys a yankee douche bag. Who gives a fuck what he thinks? Sturg don’t and neither do I

AnyGenReview says:

im glad you’ve been starting to review more country artists

Zach Winter says:

The album was wrote as one continuous track and the major label boys thought that was too difficult for the general public to understand so we got tracks; and you proved their point, well done. The best part of your review is your inability to say anything negative about it, this album will go down in history as one of the greats, the only thing we are waiting on is time. Also he is the soldier, he was in the navy, the album is a biographical story told in first person to his son- it’s a master piece musically and lyrically, you should do more research so I don’t have to do so much sharp shooting, I hate participating in this stimulus response comments crap

Justin Kopetsky says:

Great review. I agree with almost all of it. I’m a lifelong country fan that has branched out from there and this album hits on so many of my musical tastes.

Jonathan Ard says:

I would LOVE if you reviewed highly Suspect’s album Mister Asylum

Mike Frame says:

Yea, this has done it for me with Anthony. Just go fuck yourself.

KindOfBird says:

Sea Stories is just about perfect.

Quentin Karamitsos says:

You sound like a twat

Trev says:

Stellar album imo.

Wolf Creek Boys says:

Grammy award winning

Dominic says:

Amazing Country album

Quade Carter says:

A country album that doesn’t have some cheesy selfie of a country guy wearing a cowboy hat on the cover? That’s not normal. I still don’t like this album though

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