The Worst Country Music of 2018

Alright, I caved and finally shot a “Worst of 2018” list for y’all!

Overall, I think 2018 was a pretty good year for country music, but I can’t lie, there was definitely a ton of awfulness as well.



Jj Luna says:

Anybody else standing on eggshells wondering how CoJo’s new album is gonna sound after signing with Warner Bros Nashville? “Ain’t nothin to It” is his last album before Nashville stepped in, everything afterwards has me nervous as hell

wjhandy says:

This country is suburban at best

Eoin O'Reilly says:

i fucking hate mason ramsey

Jeremy McMichael says:

Everyone of these songs are complete trash… why cant we go back to the times of George Jones, George Strait, Chris LeDoux.. those songs told stories.. had feeling…true country

Michael Manning says:

If you all are interested. My songs don’t have snaps in them.

Evan Thomas says:

Dude, I hope you know there is a bear on your bed.

D Kyle says:

Every song must include word ‘girl’ in douche country

Joseph Williams says:

Lol, you nailed this video with every example.

fnafguy fnaffan says:

I agree with everything you said almost

Jeremy Greenberg says:

Grady you should do a review of Randy Houser’s new album, Magnolia. There were some pretty good tracks on it, he’s gotten away from the bro country stuff he was putting out before.

CMDRFandragon says:

Is there a such thing as a song that isnt about basically wanting to fuck a chick? That Comin home song…oh god its horrid…I turn off the radio when it comes on…

Justin E says:

Umm, all of it.

tiDDies aTTic says:

Sometimes I wonder if Country Music is back but I’m afraid if I turn on FM Country radio I’ll drive off a cliff or into oncoming traffic. Now I don’t have to wonder.Thanx!

Revie Cliche says:

You should do a video on The Dead South (specifically: hell I’ll be in good company)

JefeSosa says:

Instantly change the station when i hear luke bryans “sunshine” song

Luke Hall says:

It’d mean a lot to this country boy if you’d check out some of my performances ITS REAL COUNTRY MUSIC!! I’ve got a cover of Joe Diffie’s pick up man on my channel. As well as an A Capella version of Hello Darlin’ (but don’t take that AS seriously, it’s more or less me just having fun).

Walker McGraw says:

What about the best country music of 2018?-Actually, there was no good country music in 2018.

Bob Bobbert says:


David Lizama says:

The Property Bros song was an intended joke bro lolll

Avianna Elizabeth C says:

You’re spot on with every one. You’re funny too.

LAsurfing says:

I don’t like Lauren Alaina! I fucking hate her freaking songs!

Bud Wiser says:

I’m a hater of of pop country to. Property Brothers need to stick to property and quit trying to sing.

eminemrules147 says:

THANK YOU for putting Good Girl in this list! His entire career I’ve been saying he has no place in country music and I will continue to say it!

Mermaid Kassandra says:

Sadly agree

Evan Thomas says:

Top artist of the year-Midland(in my opinion)

Eoin O'Reilly says:


Eian Merino says:

Country has gone to hell after say 2000.. yeah a few good songs here and there but nowadays every song sounds the same and basically sing the exact same thing over and over. Waylon, Johnny Cash, Hank Sr are rolling in their graves. But saving grace is singers like Whitey Morgan, Chris Stapleton, and singers like George Strait, and Alan Jackson still keep the classic sound still alive.

James B says:

I sure do miss Waylon, Cash, Marty Robbins, Conway and the rest of that era. Roy Orbison is more country than what we have today. Thanks for the good video.

drfreshey says:

Keith Urban should have retired after Fuse. I was not impressed with Ripcord, and I was actively repulsed by Graffiti U.

CD_ApAcHe 82 says:

The fact that you left Luke Bryan out on any songs he did…he’s not country…but he’s not here why? I’ll give Keith a pass but not luke he’s not country…pop country is not country…

Hellen plays says:

I started bopping when Dustin Lynch and Chris young came on

Kelly Delay says:

New country is like rap it sucks

XxPhAtTzZ Gaming says:

Loving that people like Cody jinks and Cody Johnson are starting to come alive and give us hope again

Brady Patterson says:

I honestly thought that coming home was pretty ok. I thought there were a lot worse songs.

And hangin on was not terrible it just wasn’t up to his standards

Mike Flinn says:

I totally forgot about Parmalee’s “Hotdamalama.” That song may have ruined their country radio chances for the future. They were already on the way out, and they had a few great songs on the album (Barrel of a Shot Glass would be a number hit) but now they won’t hit the radio again for a long time.

Sir Anthony says:

This guy tries to make his money hating successful people. Defined: HATER

Pete Garza Music says:

Never trust a guy in different colored 3/4 sleeve shirt!!!

T K says:

My God. I’m not a big country guy but this makes me have ZERO interest in listening to anything “country” after the 90’s.

Nathan Brown says:

45 years ago we had Waylon, Merle, Jerry Reed, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Marshall Tucker Band, George Jones. It’s really sad how music has taken so many steps back

Mike Flinn says:

And Chris Young should have released “She’s Got a Way” instead of “Hangin’ On”

Blake Brewer says:

Am I the only person that changes stations when I hear “Life Changes” By Thomas Rhett? It’s just annoying to me.

Mike Flinn says:

And Dustin Lynch should have released “New Girl” instead of going off of his album. It got him a number one hit, but it wasn’t worth it.

Johnathan Utahzio says:

This video was so necessary except the shotgun spread wasn’t wide enough.

Logan Kobza says:

Some actual country singers to look into:
Sturgill Simpson
Cody Jinks
Colter Wall
Tyler Childers
Wheeler Walker Jr.

Isaak Driedger says:

Losing sleep by Chris Young and the fighter by Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood are the absolute worst of 2017

Heyitsmorty says:

I think “Good Girl” and “90s Country” are great songs if your just looking for an energy/mood booster but I do agree that they don’t having much meaning or soul behind them.

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