This beat is killing country music

Country music has been taken over by snap tracks, and it’s killing the whole vibe. Hence this video, made with LOVE for country music, in which I argue why I think this percussive emphasis is doing the genre a disservice.

Keep in mind — I like a handful of these songs, but the pervasiveness of this exact same beat is suffocating.

(And go easy on me — I’ve never made a talk-through video essay before. Trying to step up my video editing game.)


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Bigpussyboi Dilly says:

Country was dead when the 21st century rolled around

Rebel Provost says:

Waylon talked about this years ago, damn if he wasn’t right.

Michael Luttrell says:

Well what do you expect when Nashville producers are nothing but a bunch of douchebag hipsters? I don’t know the difference between a mud hole and a wet fart.

Vimsekopp says:

“Modern music” = made to generate quick money, PERIOD.

zac Pearson says:

Great video but i do like blue tacoma it gets me in a good mood

Brent Whitt says:

Fuck new country the guys of country today are pussies put them up against johnyy Waylon will and all the classic country singers and they will get there ass kicked

Wbs99 says:

We need you Johnny Cash more than ever

Cro Minion says:

Stop the snap/clap claptrap!

stephanie allen says:

Time for Viking Country!

Operation Crimson says:

I noticed this like, 7 years ago

keegan watts says:

what the hells really goin’ on these day who call for the no balls radio craze like i don’t turn the damn thing on much anymore. J.C was the last of the old boys left and attitude died when we layed him down to rest

Smedleydog1 says:

Country music has been turning to crap since they completely dropped “western” off of it years ago. I believe that for the last 10 years or so they have been following 5 years or so behind Pop music. And not the good pop music either. The crap pop music. (which is most of it).
I wasn’t a big fan of Country & Western music when I was young, I was an avid rock & roller, but have come to appreciate it more as an adult. Especially when it leans towards Bluegrass. But I have no use for the shit they call “country” today.

Innes Campbell says:

blah blah blah so negative. Really why do you care? I don’t get it

icedbannanas says:

I love that as a Brit… No idea what you’re talking about. Never heard any of these artists.

chris carr says:

If you want to hear some good modern country listen to colter wall

BrandonBroGamer Mccoy says:

There’s actually a reason for this being the case. (I just realized my rant might be a mile long so… Sorry?) The clap, snap whatever you wanna call it makes the beat catchy and we all know that it doesn’t have to be good to be stuck in your head. Another reason is because now days more and more people are going over to pop music so much so that even if you don’t like a song in the beginning, you WILL like it eventually (or at least until you’re fourteen, which is the age where your brain’s taste in music becomes concrete so anything you like then will most likely never change in the future) Your brain gets used to music just like your tongue gets used to spicyy foods. Just like you develop a taste for spicy food, you also develop a taste for music played over and over. So in order to compete with other genres they have to adopt these things to keep their songs in people’s heads. I personally still don’t like it though.

Cat Nicole says:

I knew I hated new country but now I can finally pin-point why and for that, god bless you for pointing it out

Bjønne Bacon says:

i used to listen to dubstep, pop, house and all that shit… then i started listening to the lyrics, and realised that it was crap… so, having grown up on the norwegian cuntryside, i started listening to the country musick i had be halfassed on and off in the past. i fell in love with norwegian classic country, rock and rockabilly. some of my favorite artists of all time have to be Alan jackson, Håkon Banken and last but not least, Vazelina Bilopphøggers

Shooter McGavin says:

Just shows how brain dead most people are. Soulless, sociopathic, garbage.

Allen Smith says:

Super super solid video. Excellent!

Leo C says:

I agree that most of these songs sound like pop,but there are some that literally sound “pop”.. like I hear “Craving your” and that song is completely pop (not giving shit to the song cuz I actually like it)

Fat Dave Johnston says:

Wholeheartedly agree with everything you said.

Shooter McGavin says:

Yeah, here some good country.

mikey c says:

All these songs are trash. And who the hell sings about a Toyota lol

Zach Rucker says:

This is actually a huge discussion my friends and I talked about, country nowaday’s is just pop, but with a southern accent.

Dave Brakefield says:

I never noticed. But yeah its fucked up.

Milky says:

Country is pop with southerners as main vocalists

MFXdump says:

I’ve noticed that they sound exactly the same since the 90’s. They’ve always all had Nasally sounding vocals, as if they got bad allergies from shoveling shit and tossing hay. And now the in thing is rap beats with the nasally vocals. Total shit music! And singing about stupid shit like Solo cups. Damn, people will consume anything. Can’t they just go back to screwing sheep, beating their wives/cousins and stumping cows? And yes, it intentionally sounds like pop music on purpose. It’s all about the money.

Christy Mooney says:

YES!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!

matt anstett says:

definitely deserves a subscribe

Dirk McGaven says:

The only people that listen to this style of shit, country music. Are those posers who live in the suburbs, driving around in their Cumming diesel, Wrangler douche vehicles

Johnny Salter says:

Country music dies years ago.

nova_ unlmtd72 says:

I’ll guess I’ll just keep listening music from 40 years ago for 40 more years to come

Jhon Lewis says:

If country music should try to be anything, it should be indie folk. So much closer, and honestly is such a good alternative.

Dreama Collins says:

miss the legends. country music is dying.

endless nameless says:

Music died along time ago. Its all dead. Country, rap, rock,….hell, even latin music sucks worse than it already did.

Disaccharide says:

I was listening to Chopin, how did I get here….??

Riley patterson says:

This is literally my bro

jon ray reagan ray reagan says:

Its terrible, all of it.

RoboKast says:

*this video has been claimed by UMG*

Tone Def says:

il just leave this here…Hank lll

Brosephsride says:

I don’t listen to country, and because of this video. I’ll continue not to do so. Thank you.

edjwise says:

This is probably because of the listener’s habits, and producers just follow that. Duhigg wrote about it in his book Habit.

L. Scott Music says:

Yup, yur right.

Bobbie Leonard says:

you are so right!

Will Morris says:

I agree so much

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