Thomas Rhett – Tangled Up – Album Review

For my 450th review, Thomas Rhett tries to fuse too many genres and ends up ruining everything.

Best Songs: ‘The Day You Stop Lookin’ Back’
Worst Songs: ‘Anthem’, ‘Crash And Burn’, ‘South Side’, ‘Vacation’, ‘Single Girl


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Text review of ‘Tangled Up’:

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Eric Douglas says:

tell me how you relly feel

DK devilplayground says:

It’s pretty hard to please this guy isn’t it lol.

Naos says:

It’s weird looking at this review then looking at his review of ‘Life Changes’.

Eric Douglas says:

can you please do drake ft future new album

Robbie Blankinship says:

Check out “Brand New” by Ben Rector and/or The New schematics ep “the new schematics”

ddl74 says:

Please review Don Henley’s “Cass County”. It’s very good.

Nasty Nick says:

Mark, you’re a bitch.

Kim Kinsey says:

I like the album and Thomas Rhett but you know to each their own

DF M says:

Warning: don’t look at the comments cause it will spoil the album rating

Will Calton says:

I think what you said about how this album sold more than CHVRCHES in the first week made me die inside. Every Open Eye was amazing, and it’s outsold by… whatever the hell this is. Major shame…

Nadia Lockheart says:

Hahaha, I can’t help but love it when you squeeze your fist as you inflect: “…completely lacking in memorable instrumental melodies that aren’t blatantly stolen without GIVING CREDIT!” 😉

Hey, I love seeing you get visually euphoric when you release excellent albums too, but never feel ashamed about being honest about your emotions when reviewing the bad as well. That’s why I keep tuning in either way! ^__^

Rapping Top Lists says:

I actually liked this album quite a bit for it’s fusion of country and many other modern genres, and I was not ashamed to say it. I would give it a strong 6 – light 7/10. Then I watched this review and I am worried if me liking this album is a bad thing…

Vercingetorix king of the Arverni says:

I recommend that you cover the new Jason Boland album, Squelch. It’s a solid country record.

Xavier Morris says:

darius rucker, southern style.

Abigail Ingram says:

Your videos make me want to commit suicide their so bad

Alec Krueger says:

Do you plan to review The Story of Sonny Boy Slim by Gary Clark jr. or Mac Miller’s new album

Erik Danielson says:

I’m interested to hear your thoughts on the Chedda Da Connect album, Chedda World, but after this, I think you need to take a break from reviewing albums you know will suck.

Alec Krueger says:

I heard parts of a few songs, and I hated this!!! Die a Happy Man wasn’t bad, but I hated Crash and Burn, South Side, and Anthem, and most (if not all) others beside the one you mentioned as the best. 2/10 for me too. Great review


I kinda wanna hear the swearing towards the audience bit.

Yung Washing Machine says:

i like this album and don’t like country

Rockin' D says:

8:15 “And so many of them would never, HAVE EVER played Thomas Rhett!!!”
8:52 “Competely lacking in memorable instrumental melodies that aren’t blatantly stolen without giving CREDIT!!”
Man, I’m sorry, but I just love it when you use that aggressive tone of yours, Mark. Lol

thenewenglandpatriot says:

For lack of a better term, Thomas Rhett strikes me as a chameleon – that is, his songs always make you think of someone else when you hear them. On top of the obvious ones (Sam Cooke, Ed Sheeran, War), I would add Single Girl (its semi-spacey production and background ‘whoa-oh’s bring to mind Brad Paisley, although Paisley would have made it sound more earnest), Like It’s The Last Time (everything about this song screams “Florida-Georgia Line”), and Tangled (the disco vibes and Billie Jean opening beat make it sound like it came off a Michael Jackson album).

I’ll give Rhett this: He’s pushed himself to the forefront of the country music conversation. All the people who were saying “that #$%& Sam Hunt” are now saying “those #$%&s Sam Hunt and Thomas Rhett.”

But fear not, for there is hope on the horizon! Are you planning on reviewing the new albums from Clint Black and George Strait?

riddy-pr says:

Oh lord, now I’m curious.

Kayla C I Waugh says:

I wish I could cuss you out

The Media Monitor says:

Am I the only one who liked Crash And Burn?

Wonkey Dude98 says:

Compared to both SremmLife albums, this is a collab between Mozart and Shakespeare. That says a lot, because this is the worst album of all time IGNORING those.

Caton Lahood says:

And this album actually did great

Abigail Ingram says:


Srinata Mahajati says:

Are you gonna review the new Deafheaven album?

SquidofBaconator says:

One thing that’s really stupid that stood out to me is that Vacation had 14 songwriters, because they pretty much stole from the people who wrote “Low-rider”, so they credited them. That’s pathetic.

Erik Danielson says:

This is officially the worst/lowest rating Mark has given to a bro country album or a country album in general. Thomas Rhett really fucked up on this album apparently

Raygz says:

Tangled Up vs. SremmLife

Breloetta Ben says:

worse or better than rae?

birdiegirl1998 says:

I love that TR isn’t confined to one genre. It’s what separates him from every other country artist out now. He doesn’t care if he pisses people off, he’s said before that he takes influences from many genres of music. Not only that, he’s a great songwriter all his own, and has penned hits for FGL, Jason Aldean, and Lee Brice. He’s an excellent performer and a genuinely nice guy. I love Tangled Up and I am not sorry for it. ⓗⓞⓜⓔⓣⓔⓐⓜ

Tyler Klay says:

I listen to all of your videos, and I respect your opinions! I actually am a singer/songwriter chasing a country dream. As I learned from other artists, only some, do not ever change because of someone else. Even if it does not get Country AirPlay, you always stick to your own craft of music. I hope one day you will be able to review my album! And you could lead me in the right direction! You have my subscription. A lot of respect for you dude!

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