Tim McGraw – Damn Country Music – Album Review

For my 478th review, Tim McGraw takes another small step of recovery towards solid modern country.

Best Songs: ‘Here Tonight’ ft. Gracie McGraw, ‘Damn Country Music’, ‘Don’t Make Me Feel At Home’, ‘What You’re Looking For’, ‘Losin’ You’
Worst Songs: ‘Top Of The World’


To skip my preamble, go to 1:39

Text review of ‘Damn Country Music’: http://www.spectrum-pulse.ca/2015/11/album-review-damn-country-music-by-tim.html

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The Dirtiest Sloth says:

Can you review Hedley’s new album “Hello” ?

Steven Shockley says:

It’s a great album to me 🙂 so was Sundown Heaven Town, and Two Lanes Of Freedom. He doesn’t have an album I hate actually.

The Iconic Critic says:

I know you’ll do 25 by Adele

Ocean Sage says:

Review David Bowie’s new song “Blackstar” please!

detectivecox says:

Please review the new Enya dropping tomorrow 🙂

Robbie Starburster says:

It’s a real shame that Tim McGraw was kinda forgotten about and is producing just decent albums now. He’s one of my favorite country singers and I grew up on him.

Lightning McQueen says:


Aliyah Burnette says:

Can you please review Chris young’s I’m comin over album.

Brandon Roberts says:

i’m so early i must make a joke

the jeff the killer fandom 😀

Alex L says:

I’m not entirely sure why you review country albums that so clearly aren’t good like this when you could be focusing on music similar to what you actually like. I mean, why are you reviewing this instead of Hedley or Years and Years?

mariokarter13 says:

Taylor Swift was born in 1989.
Tim McGraw’s career started in 1990.
“Tim McGraw” was Taylor Swift’s very first single.
Taylor Swift completed her country/pop transition with “1989.”
Tim McGraw releases an album titled “Damn Country Music” one year after the release of “1989.”

The Negan Guy says:

review 25 it’s awful

CBJ's Blu-ray's - Movie Updates & Gameplays says:

Don’t Make Me Feel At Home is a Cover of a classic Wesley Dennis #51 single from 1995 and he does it much better heres the link please listen to it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9Y5Gl0JC2k

Tha Hip Hop Junkie says:

Will you review the new deuce online album Invincible

Caio Gevehr says:

Please review Know It All by Alessia Cara

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