William Michael Morgan – Vinyl – Album Review

For my 634th review, I dig into a long-awaited country debut that has real hope for the mainstream. PLUS stay to the end to a bit of discussion surrounding my upcoming schedule!

Best Songs: ‘I Know Who He Is’, ‘Missing’, ‘Back Seat Driver’, ‘Lonesomeville’, ‘Spend It All On You’
Worst Songs: ‘People Like Me’


To skip my preamble, go to 1:34

Text review of ‘Vinyl’: http://www.spectrum-pulse.ca/2016/10/album-review-vinyl-by-william-michael.html

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Garrett Abbott says:

Poets of the falls new album “Clearview”? I know you loved jealous gods so just curious to hear your thoughts

Jackson Enloe says:

can you review Justin Moore kinda Don’t Care album

Lunar Orbit says:

did you review danny brown’s new album? Any by the way I do hate autotune but I don’t mind drum machines on albums personally. Interesting criticism though.

Paul Feldman says:

If you want another album to add to your collection of 10s for this year, I suggest you check out UK jazz/R&B/world music crossover artist Jacob Collier’s In My Room, which came out in the mid point of summer. This is music for musicians BY musicians that has intellect, swagger, introspection, and accessibility all at once. I saw him in concert yesterday and it was simply an experience to marvel at. Check him out! You WILL not regret it!

Levi Moore says:

I like all of these songs. People Like Me is one of my favorites, though

Julianna Bartolome says:


Wonkey Dude98 says:

Angelic 2 The Core. I want that 1/10.

Patrick McCarthy says:

The new one republic album is coming around the corner

elmo0280 says:

would…would that full schedule include Revolution Radio by Green Day

dall2341 says:

Can you review mo Pitney? I think you’d like his new album “behind this guitar.”

Daylen Hubbard says:

Please do Banks next pretty please

CountryMC says:

Do you plan on reviewing green day’s upcoming album later this week?

Nothing Really says:

Shade on Fantano for putting out his Danny Brown review 3 days later. But then again, he probably listened to the album at least thirty times anyways.

zach t. says:

please review solange’s a seat at the table!!

NeYoCompound says:

mark plzzz review oh my my by OneRepublic when it comes out

fredettaboutit says:

would you review albums that came out around 6 months ago or do u only review albums that come out more recently?

Robert Merriman says:

I thought this William guy would be older judging from his voice and taste in country production.

Also, could you review Sorceress by Opeth please?

Love Mendes says:



Are you going to review the new Growlers album produced by Julian Casablancas?

fredettaboutit says:

this guy is kind of a cunt….

pokemonand9 says:

I’m surprised Mark you mention neo traditional sound being more in the mainstream. There is a lot of songs on country radio that are more pop than country. Songs from Maren Morris, Old Dominion and Lauren Alaina (do you remember her? American Idol runner up) latest singles are really pop (really good singles imo).

Mark thank you for the amount of country albums you have covered. There isn’t anything immediate for the country music scene so at least country music is covered.

music movie says:

Solange new album???

Whaduhsihdo says:

Green Day and Sum 41 deserve reviews

Illusionist & Dreamer says:

When is clearview’s review gonna come?

Ethan says:

odds bulletproof love charts?

Austin Elsen says:

Are you planning on doing Banks’ ‘The Altar?’ I think it is a great album and a great follow up to her previous album, but I would love to see what you think of it.

Jackson Enloe says:

can you review Justin Moore kinda Don’t Care album

HighwayMonstere says:

i know your schedule is full but did you have time to listen to ‘Wings of Love’, the debut single from Lykke Li’s band LIV?

Jeremy Herberich says:

Even though your schedule is packed, can you please take the time to review the new Solange album??

Julianna Bartolome says:


Nothing Really says:

How are you holding up after the silly wave of immature Shawn Mendes fans? Could I make you a cup of tea or something?

Kat says:

I’m really going to annoy some people, but BANKS MAN. BANKS

Alex Cross says:


Bud Langley 2 says:

I bought the album on its release day at Walmart.

evas em morf lleh says:

Corey Feldman review when?

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