Yelawolf – Trial By Fire – Album Review

For my 850th review, Yelawolf further refines his country/hip-hop genre fusion on a sharper, leaner record.

Best Songs: ‘Sabrina’, ‘Violin’ ft. Lee Brice, ‘Daylight’, ‘Son Of A Gun’, ‘Keeps Me Alive’ ft. Wynonna Judd, ‘Punk’ ft. Juicy J & Travis Barker, ‘Get Mine’ ft. Kid Rock
Worst Songs: ‘Ride Or Die’


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ANVRKY says:

Wtf man, u listen to and enjoy too much pop

manicrat1 says:

This album felt good.

MrFlipperInvader782 says:

Theory of a deadman
Big krit

Elay Cohen says:

Dude you broke down the album perfectly ! its definitely what ran trough my head when listening to the album at the first time . its not a HOLY SHIT album like love story that just blew my mind and made me a huge Yelawolf fan, but its defiantly a well balanced album with allot of meaning and probably because we already got kind of used to his style it wasn’t mind blowing

Alextromagnetic says:

I didn’t enjoy this much as Love Story, but it’s still one of my favourite albums of the year and a solid 8/10

codi tower says:

Great review. I loved this album. It’s as good as love story but in a different way

11LuStar says:

Lmao I thought it was gonna be a 3/10 for a second cuz you usually put fire in the thumbnail to your negative reviews

Savan DePaul says:

Good review, has me interested in this album

Operation Unexplained says:

How many units has it sold, I’ve heard 10-12k. 

If that’s true that sucks

BiggidyBarnum says:

Only thing that maybe could make it better is if you played a snippet of each track before you gave your educated opinion:):) Thanks for the review. The album is growing on me after each listen. Violin is my fav track. Outer Space was my favorite track on Love Story. Radioactive is still my favorite album out of the 3.

Phillip Barber says:

Bro you are an excellent reviewer even if I don’t agree with everything you said.

TheLuiscelaya says:

I can’t be the only one who forgot this album came out. I’ll check it out. Although I’m still waiting on Country Cousins.

Vislow says:

I actually enjoyed the hooks, on this album as a whole, more than on Love Story. Most sounded more refined, to me at least. And I enjoy this album a tad more than Love Story. Maybe that’s just cause I don’t know anything 😛 (Also I’m glad somebody finally brought up his storytelling abilities, that was one thing that really caught my attention thanks to songs like Shadows)

Wonkey Dude98 says:


Egzon P. says:

Worst Songs: ‘Ride Or Die’ ?!!?

whaaaaaaaaaaat the F???? one of the best


Side note – shawty fat had heart problems and died from that , the car accident is a myth don’t know how it spread

André BM says:

Finally a Yela proper review! Thank you!!

Annathecommenter says:

Wow Mark, you’ve been giving a LOT of high scores to albums lately

Ez_Mauhn says:

You are great at reviewing, I know theneedledrop gets a lot of praise, and rightly so, but you and TheDynamicJAB are great reviewers and I hope both of you grow.

Jay Romeo says:

I only really like his songs Shadows and Till it’s Gone


You nailed this review, I agreed with your points. Much more developed and cohesive than love story .. blows it out of the water when compared as whole albums. But I agree in terms of knit picking songs, love story had standouts , maybe 3-5 songs. This album I love and appreciate as a whole, not one song specially.

Adrian Sanchez says:

Ride or die was one of my favorites rip

The Negan Guy says:


Yelsew Painter says:

You’re hand gestures are so incredibly awkward I can’t even bare to watch


Finally someone reviewed it! Time to watch ..

Ginger King says:

Love Yela but this album is the worst album he’s ever put out..Daylight came out last year and Row Your Boat 4mths ago and the rest is Country hehaw garbage..Cmon Yela

David Rowe says:

Forgot Yelawolf existed tbh

Kris Miller says:

you make some great points but you need to listen to his older albums. He knows rap very well. You are really insightful, you nailed it regarding the parallels with hip hop and country. it’s rare I hear an opinion I love but sometimes couldn’t disagree with more that somehow comes full circle and just makes me take a step back and realize something I didn’t before. Brilliant review…i say this admitting that I would give it the same review you gave trial by fire. I’ll definitely be following from now on

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