Zac Brown Band – Welcome Home – Album Review

For my 760th review, the Zac Brown Band recruit Dave Cobb for a solid right turn back to country.

Best Songs: ‘2 Places At 1 Time’, ‘My Old Man’, ‘All The Best’, ‘Long Haul’
Worst Songs: ‘Start Over’


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Alt Columnist says:

Maybe one day Mark will post a video of him singing country karaoke…

Brendan Ho says:

8:50 Mark’s double time flow

Liam Carmody says:

Even though you didn’t like the two singles can you review Machine Gun Kelly’s Bloom?

LegendBTV says:

Ehh….. There’s a few good songs I guess. Sorta agree with you

g mont says:

Zac Brown Band is my favorite band of all time, so this was an obvious disappointment. I found this album to be too safe. They didn’t try anything interesting in this album, especially considering that they are a band that is known for jamming out. Let’s hope their next project is Grohl Sessions Vol. 2.

levi moore says:

This album will probably be the worst album of this year, unless Old Dominion releases a new album. In my opinion, the worst songs were ‘Start Over’ and ‘Trying to Drive’, ‘Trying to Drive’ being the worst. Truthfully, the only good song was probably ‘Your Majesty. ‘Roots’ was kinda good also. Kinda.

ThePoetOfFall says:

why does pulse always look so pissed off sometimes

Melissa Waddington says:

I’m a ZBB fan. I even liked a good amount of Jeckyll & Hyde. And yeah, I really wanted more out of this album than “See, we’re country again! Here, have some southern platitudes.” The instrumentation is nice but there just isn’t enough feeling behind it to hold my interest.

phillyphan11266 says:

As a big ZBB fan I like this album, yes I used like not love. There is not a bad song on this album, but there are very few that are great. My Old Man is a classic ZBB tear jerker, 2 Places at 1 Time is the classic telling of the on the road tale, and Family Table is an upbeat song about something so often forgot in this world. I really do like this album but I also agree it was safe. Also Your Majesty is not about a girl, it was actually written about Zacs love for the beauty of Alaska, 100% not kidding.

Mike S says:

Can u plz change ur intro u don’t even talk about movies or culture. And if ur gna keep the intro don’t use ur fingers like a retard.

Steven Dunn says:

I feel this album is in reaction to beautiful drug. I love there rock sound so this was disappointing..better once you curve your expectations

David Zonunfela says:

For me personally,the fact that you review country albums is enough to proclaim you as the best music critic on YouTube.. I’ll be giving this album a listen tonight..

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