21 Savage, Metro Boomin, and Offset – Without Warning Album Review | DEHH

Here is our album review of 21 Savage, Offset, and Metro Boomin album Without Warning. We reached out to our hip hop community on Patreon and social media and asked you what to review next. Without Warning received the most votes and here we are. Be on the lookout our next album review poll dropping in December.

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Malcolm Hughes says:

21 Savage x Christmas? Krampus

Jairo Marquez says:

Review Aha Gazelle Trilliam 3!!! That album is ridiculous.. hottest album of the year!!

Scott Urwin says:

Damn I’m surprised beezy and ken actually fucked with it

Lindsey Hopkins says:

We can’t talk about beats without mentioning Darth Vader.

Rick Sanchez says:

Myke did not fuck with this lmao

C H says:

Bet but who thinks a collab between Fredo Santana and 21 would be dope?

ratchetmike_28 says:

i seen yall in the round two video dope i gotta get out there

khaya given says:

Can we get a review on the new joyner lucas im not racist

Quan James says:

Friday on elm street

TheMadKat14 says:


rush says:

F vs J anyone?

Drakula says:

What about the LUV is Rage 2 Album review??? That album is too popular to ignore.

Chason Wright says:

where the cyhi review?

Preston Odog says:

It basically comes down to age. Most of the youngins I’ve asked and observed think music like this is fire. But the reception gets faulty when you start asking people 23 yrs on up how they feel about it. And of course there’s always exceptions to the rule…

dirtyreezy says:

Bumped in the whip one time. Then deleted it.

Prodigy Lives On says:

I enjoyed it. Good trap album for sure.

Tim Briscoe says:

Myke C Town said WTF….im not reviewing this ish lol

Andrew Strachan says:

Not surprised to see Myke missing for this one

nick heard says:

Feefo got that i broke up with my girlfriend facial hair lol

Kevin Taylor says:

I am someone who grew up on 90’s WC rap and the early 2000’s and this is the best mixtape/album I have heard in a while. Metro’s production is top notch as always, 21 is savage as usual, and Offset really steals the show on some of these. His verse on Mad Stalkers in my favorite on the whole album. But it’s a great album start to finish and it grows with each listen. I’m happy I gave this a chance.

arbiter5100 says:

Definitely the most surprising part of this review was Ken saying he fucks with 21 Savage. I was NOT expecting that.

Ronny Lopez says:

Let’s crowd fund for some razor blades to these guys. I️ support y’all.

Mike J J says:

Run up da racks my shitttttt

LA FLAME says:

Myke aint here? Im out…

jhammaster says:

out of my element myke

Muldrow Beats says:

Review XXXtencion Album

Tyler Hayes says:

I’m with myke on this one

roddy PROF.E.T. says:

This album was better than I thought

Abdulhamid Ketchman says:

I feel like Mike not being on the set for this review means something wayyyyyy more than what we think.

I Am Vibe says:

yall needa review a kodak project. that man talented as hell! yall so stuck up on bars give kodak a listen and all of yall cant say he dont got soul and BARS

Devante Butler says:

Do lil pump by lil pump

lpward90 says:

This album was so trash lol

Ronnjanique Collins says:

I hope to see you guys review Cyhi’s album, along with Talib Kweli’s.

Adam Ruff says:

wtf wheres hopsin no shame and yelawolf at haha i been checking every day lol

Squad Reacts says:

The first 5 tracks on the album are some of my favorite hip-hop songs this entire year, those tracks are just bangers.

Aweshade Nine says:

everytime Beezy tries to bring up offset they immediately switch to 21. im crying

Nick Rubio says:

I wish Myke could’ve jumped on this review

John williams says:

Can’t y’all do the Jaden Smith album Syre please I think y’all will enjoy it

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