2Pac ‘All Eyez On Me’ | Album Reviews by Dead End Hip Hop

On February 13, 1996 2Pac released his fourth and last studio album during his lifetime.

Dead End Hip Hop reviews the iconic project known as one of the most acclaimed hip-hop albums of the 1990s and takes a look at the impact the project had on future generations.

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Biggie Shakur says:

Yall need me on here bro yall slacking…..

JokakuEnjo says:

Why is every iconic album review is around 20 min and this is 9?

Jason Alexis says:

I ain’t mad at cha was my favorite

Freddy Saucedo says:

*Iconic* Classic *Masterpiece*

Kyle Hahn says:

1st disc>2nd disc

Michael Hawkins says:

Corny but funny

mike v says:

Whats crazy is Pac put out 3 albums in a year and a half… And all three were absolute classics. Me against the world, All eyez on me and 7 day theory. All 3 of those albums were so unique. Its weird how underrated Me against the world is, Probably his best album. No rapper has ever put out that many impactful albums in such little time, Dmx is the only one who came close

Don Rico says:

DJ Quik mix that whole album you can ask him you can see an interview he said it. Shout out to Quik one of my favorite producers and rappers

Johnny Coop says:

Best hip hop album all time

Jay BB says:

Smh.. Pac only gets 9 minutes. More examples of how east coast hip hop media is trying to downplay (and erase) Pac’s legacy

Semaj James says:

His least best album but was still cool

Felo Jimenez says:

Daz and Johnny j were the goat producers on this album

meagainstthewrld says:

Method man and Redman made that song for Daz not for Tupac. That song was given to Tupac at the last minute like other songs such as CALIFORNIA LOVE which was made for Dr Dre’s album not Tupac’s

Popichil`O says:


Quendall Hall says:

Every song was great on all eyez on me y’all sleep

Art Dealer Entertainment says:

S/O to y’all for reviewing this album


The best rap album ever start to finish

ChrisMagic30 says:

This album is still the bomb

Stuart Scott says:

Get rid of the dude with dreads. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

TheeChronicle says:

Second disc is better than the first. The first CD is more commercial but the second CD hasn’t dated at all.

Tupac Shakur says:

Im a legend

TheeChronicle says:

Need to review life after death

Alonzo Edwards Jr. says:

Ha had a part of Makaveli as we
ll…it was just released later….sorry bro, Makaveli WAS a real album!!!!

Tommy Tec says:

Man, I think I was 9 years old when this album came out. I remember stealing it from my moms boyfriend at the time. He left the tape laying around & I snatched that shit up real quick & snuck to my room to listen to it. This album blew my mind as a kid! Then I remember saving up my birthday money & buying Makaveli on the first day it came out. The cashier wouldn’t let me buy because I was just 10 years old. I had to go get my aunt to buy it for me. Memories!

Sean John says:

No more pain couldn’t come out today

aharris82 says:

Skandalouz is my joint

Blacker Momba says:

Y’all buggin’ , second album got like 13 BANGERS.

Art Dealer Entertainment says:

Thanks for the name drop at the end fellas! Stream the album Have Raps Will Travel on all digital platforms #6IX23AM

Mike Gillins says:

This idiot said out dated are you kidding me??

Tha_ Jet_King says:

all eyez on me was done in 2 weeks…
makaveli was done in 7 days( written &recorded in 3days, mixes & mastered in 4days)
Both classics.


junior says:

This album wasn’t broken down correctly. There was a few filler songs on the album I feel. Back in 96 it didn’t matter when this dropped PAC had that gun to biggie and didn’t ask for rap back he just took that shit. 96 was PACs year

Martyanis King says:

A that other man was hating on pac album

Q Smooth says:

Can you review me Against the world and Makaveli and all of his previous albums before that and I know you already reviewed thug life Album because Tupac have a very huge discography probably the most consistent and huge catalog and hip-hop.

Adam Phillip says:

Classic album, up there with the best ever. Tradin War Stories is the most slept on track of this album.

Denzeli Johnson says:

Tupac in my opinion is the greatest artist of all time and this album is the greatest album ever made again in my opinion closely contested with Don Killuminati the 7 Day Theory but I love all pac music so.

Nikhil Bhagat says:

Favorite double disk album along side with SPEAKERBOXXX/THE LOVE BELOW

mike v says:

2pac had full control over the 7 day theory album. It was complete before he died… He even shot the video to his single to live and die in l.a… a week before he died… if you notice the finish mixing wasnt very good… he wanted it that way to make it sound raw and authentic

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