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A$AP Rocky returns in 2018 with his third studio album. It was dropped on May 25, 2018. Testing has guest appearances from Frank Ocean, Kid Cudi, Skepta, French Montana, Kodak Black, FKA Twigs and more. On Testing, A$AP Rocky experiments with different sounds and styles. Did it work? Here we give you the breakdown on A$AP’s new album Testing in this album review.

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DEHH presents: Who the hell is Damone Tyrell?

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Frank Nitti says:

Beezy is trippin!!!

Michael House says:

What the hell was Ken and Myke listening to? This is Rocky as his worst. All of the songs are half baked ideas that go nowhere, it all sounds like demo quality, and the lyrics are garbage. Rocky sounds stoned and disinterested most of the time. That or he was going thru some major writer’s block while making this album.

Dino Kalajdzic says:

Thank you been waiting on this review!

Joseph Long says:

I agree with myke and ken. This album is super ill. One of the only hip hop albums I still listen to since its release. I also thought when I first listened to this was that this is how rap should sound in the future. Experimental beats with great flow and delivery, and meaningful lyrics.

Geetouch says:

This is one of the best reviews you guys have done in a looong time!

Jose Zavala says:

Review Saba- Care for me!

Rico Diggs says:

Buck Shots and Praise The Lord are BANGERS. That’s all I have to say.

John Moore says:

Breezy doesn’t like anything god damn

Muhammad Ndao says:

All of these polarizing opinions

Monev360 says:

I like how it’s polarized this time. I’m interested to hear the album.

PootieTang _ says:

How does Ken like this lol so surprised.

Fallen2Rise says:

These types of reviews where everyone is on different side. I love these!! But it’s all to the music to get these kind of discussions haha So great

Nate T says:

this shit came out over a month ago

Blue 54 says:

About time!!

Alec Ashby says:

This wasn’t focused bc his delivery on this album was bad not the same Rocky that I like when he’s rhymeing

TheProdigyB3AST says:

This is the kind of review that makes me love DEHH. Different perspectives all over the place and it’s awesome!

marquese hall says:

See this is where the dude wit the dreads always confuses me coming frm a fan of his this album is trash with the exception of a few songs he shits on these albums frm review to review but he likes this shit??? It doesn’t make any sense

William Mills says:

Interesting review. I don’t think I’ve ever seen dehh split this much over an album before.

Gustavo Castilho says:

finally someone really liked it, agree with you myke

zbity kieliszek says:

Nice to see someone actually liking this album. For me it’s around 7-8/10. It’s like a hip hop version of Blonde. All those bitches on twitter and reddit, what where they doing listening to rocky in the first place? he always had a unique sound, an experimental edge.

Fe Mon says:

BEEZY 430!!!

KB surpreme says:

“If you know you know”

Have a Nice day says:

It’s funny when Mike calls Kenn old Knowing damn well he sits next to him at bingo night

Tyrone Ojigbo says:

Review stalley- tell the truth:shame the devil (3 part series)

Just Paul says:

Myke is Asap Rocky big brother,that’s why.

Ofri David says:

testing – 5.5/10, and im in a good mood today

Alec Ashby says:

I didn’t like this shit but I’m still happy he tried to do something different

Run The Likes says:

Yep they lost their Mojo and they’re fucking mind

Run The Likes says:

I can’t believe I’m in the minority with B

StarCrossedPimp says:

I love this album. I was really looking forward to it since it was announced. First listen I was disappointed, but second listen it hit all the way. From Distorted Records tearing shit up all the way to finding peace of mind and Purity with Lauryn at the end. Also none of y’all mentioned Buck Shots. That shit was lit. Smooky came in and smashed that shit.

Kyu says:

agree w myke n ken. flacko did not only surprise me based on my expectations for him, but also my expectations for hip hop as a genre. so many good ideas packed into an album with lots of diversity. this project never got stuck on the polish, while being completely blatant about it. love it.

Frances the Mute says:

A mid year list, next would be cool.

Karlo Vončina says:

Ken been hatin all year for the sake of hatin, surprised he liked it

Also dehh been putin in work lately i fuckin love it

Vee Lotus says:

I hated this album at first, but it’s slowly growing on me. It’s definitely a project that needs multiple listens to sink in. I had a feeling Myke would like this one, but Kinge liking it legit shocked me lol.

Jose Zavala says:

I personally think this is one of the weakest ASAP albums, I agree the most with Feefo, where I like some songs but it’s not as strong as his previous two projects

Pen Affleck says:

When I first listened to this album I didn’t care for it, but as of recently I really do like this project a lot

Ilovemymom Mynigga says:

“Except him…”

Naw gotta stop you there. Spaceghostpurpp started using that 36 and bone thugs style. The album was dope tho

Ali Dohia says:

Shout out to the unspoken hero who stands behind the camera. That geeza runs these videos and production is dope

Brad Ster says:

4:52 uh

ShaedyG0D says:

Theres no hits on this album? Praise the lord is pretty big

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