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It took years. Then after the announcement. It took months. Tuesday June 14th, 2011, it finally happened. Eminem and Royce Da 5’9″ finally made the album we all wanted to hear. Bad Meets Evil: Hell Tha Sequel. Did it disappoint, set the bar, or exceed expectations?

Over the last few weeks, you have asked Dead End Hip Hop to review this album The album is here. The wait is over. Here is the Dead End Hip Hop review of Bad Meets Evil!

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Joe Kerr says:

Bad vs evil on SSLP was shite sorry

Ag C says:

the both go in on this ep zaaayuuum

TYBE_Official says:

a kiss is dope as fuck men

walter Toor says:

this dude didnt like fast lane… full retard

JrFlip500 says:

Poor Feefo lol

JoeMckeown says:

You guys do know that em writes royces rhymes right?

roknkawk says:

I’m a go get nickel and try to rip it wider

Joe Kerr says:

Lol Renuion was the only song that jumped out to me, although I wouldnt say the others where shit

Brian Ellis says:

I don’t think feefo listened to fast lane. how can you not like that track?

Chuck D says:

feefo liked Goblin …. but this was a let down? lol 

Ediseu Falcone says:

+1 if y’all hate feefo

Jason Ross says:

i believe feefo is a communist

Nikhil Meel says:

The album was amazing

My name says:

If you can forget about the hook of lighters it’s a good song Eminem’s verse is fire and Royce’s verse is good it’s nothing like the rest of the album though and hurt the consistency

brandon evans says:

Feefo went from liking the first song, to not liking the first song, to liking the first 3 tracks and nothing after that to then liking the first 4 tracks and then backtracking on all of his statements by saying he couldn’t disconnect from the first song lol. Wtf Feefo, you like the kid in class who didn’t read the book but tryna give a report on it.

Hoodies&Weaponary says:

Feefo first said he said the intro was ass he’s a dum fuck

JoeMckeown says:

Feefo only said that because he thought that is what everyone else was going to say

geogeo222 says:

Come on. Stop it. Jesus. Christ!

Revolution says:

I always skip feefos part

jthesnake77 says:

Lighters in hindsight now that Bruno Mars is respected as a legit R&B singer and Entertainer isn’t as bad as we all thought

King says:

can you get any closer to their face

ColdSkyClouds says:

the skinny guy ALWAYS disagrees with feefo

i mean damn man every episode?


Joe Kerr says:

Who every said that shouting thing about em, yeah I totally agree

Roman Apollo says:

wish y’all still reviewed like this y’all would be taking over

Charles Hardy says:

Feefo sounds like he’s not into lyrics.

YoDawgoneeleven says:

As a huge Kanye fan, I can easily handle and love a new change in style. Royce hasn’t changed from the Scary Movies era, but Em did. The quirky and goofy Slim Shady persona doesn’t compliment Royce all that well, but the verse focused new Em does work well with Royce. I liked this better than old songs like Bad Meets Evil, Nuttin’ to Do (Scary Movies was better than anything on this EP). I look foward to the 3rd trip to hell…with less Bruno Mars and less complaining about illegal downloads.

Att's Realm says:

lol ken looks funny as hell with those shades hahahahah

eZ raygunz says:

This album was Slim Shady and old school royce then it came to serious mode honestly this EP was AMAZING and lighters had a purpose and the respect they give each other is amazing

jthesnake77 says:

Other then 2004 2010/2011 is arguably Eminem’s worst year ever in the last 20 years. I really wish this was eminem and Royce in 97-03 or 2013-now. Royce killed Eminem on most of these tracks at least 80%

sam ir says:

How the fuck can you not like fastlane?! That’s the best song on the album!

Joe Kerr says:

I agree with feefo the album just all blended into one after reunion. They need to do more than just spit bars and make more concept songs or at least themed songs

YoDawgoneeleven says:

This proved that Em can do more then singles nowadays.

James Rice says:

And I ain’t rocking no more designer shit!

alex rib says:


Hoodie says:

kinge shouldn’t have said it’s have said its like MJ vs Bird. It is really like watching a game where MJ and Scottie Pippen are trying to out score each other on the same team.

Joseph Hutchinson says:

listen to ces cru trust me you wont be disapointed

v메탈V Metal is forever says:

who ‘s that blabber mouther trying to say fuckin back and fourth shit like jackasses?

super sayin sosa says:

bro bad meets evil was fucking fire

auggie87 says:

This is the Dead End I miss; when they didn’t give a shit about interrupting each other. Makes it seem more organic of a discussion, more real.

JDMC Music Aus says:

This EP was fucking incredible lyrically but most of the beats are meh and same with some of the hooks, however all of the lyrics, puns, punchlines, energy and back and forth made up for most of the bad beats and hooks.
Overall I’d rate it 8.5/10 it would of been a 10 if the beats where way doper and if the hooks were better

Jordan Mamba says:

Lighters was a song that was supposed to show how Royce can rap about something with a message

Luc Turgeon says:

Welcome to Hell 10/10
Fast Lane 9/10
The Reunion 10/10
Above the Law 9/10
I’m on Everything 10/10
A Kiss 10/10
Lighters 7/10

Max Levin says:

The dude is so on point about the annoying flow after the Forever track!

Masimba Choto says:

08:52 Feefo’s face when he knows he should have kept his mouth shut

MO Money says:

You guys are hip hop experts. I never seen a show on YouTube actually explain stuff and go into full detail.

TheUndertaker2478 says:

I love a review when people know what the hell they’re talking about .
Can’t wait for your MMLP2 review

TheYoungOne says:

How did y’all not mention “The Kiss”? Shit goes hard af.

Marc Antonio says:

i wish royce and em would do a lp togheter so i can here more of their great chemistry

Zod Magus says:

That peer pressure was fierce lol. Feefo held his own though lmfao

ActionHank75 says:

I like him. So get over it.

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