Better Than 17? | XXXTentacion “?” | Full Album Review

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garrett johns says:

$$$ my favorite on the album haha

deathstorm 420 says:

Shout out plz

Armando Oviedo says:

Dontai don’t even know about alone part 1 & 2

SpankMeGaming says:

But the video was was 17 minutes
Coincidence I THINK NOT

Fatty Ratty says:

omg shawty thick she omg uh ya

OG LOC says:

9:12 that timing tho XD

Jay Demery says:

Trippie could have took up for Matt Ox

sebflo says:

trust me $$$ will grow on you i didn’t like it at first either

FriedPotatoes AreSavage says:

when x coughs it gets real….

Daddy LaTino says:

Like a saw movie and they find out who he is

Typical King says:

why did a pop tart come in

classic man1st boom says:

Sorry dontai if I get one more pubg commercial I’m unsubscribing.

Sol Lu Beats says:

Love this Instrumental !!! 😉

True Stealth says:

you guys should check on my playlist on my channel

Kamryn says:

anyone know the program he uses to edit for when the bass hits ?!

Jerry the Trophy system says:

Just subscribed nice vid

Michael Fulton says:

Bruh that song with the whispering was a false hype bomb

Diffensive e says:

Your headphones fell out as soon as X said “going down!” LMAO

XXX Temptacion says:

I love this Album !!!

Austin Jessup says:

Hottest album dropped in a while

Patriot says:



I’m not happy If dontai is not happy

Jesse Raimirez says:

Yo that cut to avoid copyright at 4:58 went hard.

FlamysRoasts says:

Guys show this to dontai he’s gonna luv it: <<< someone made a rap remix to schizophrenia which dontai expected to be a hardcore rap track and this is it!

gabe lastname says:

get spotify premium pleb

Eddie Olmos says:

I’m glad your ok

Zay says:

On “love yourself” he was talking to his “main whore.”

Phantom Mantis says:

You should hang out with cufboys

lance zoe says:

My boy glory svntvna back on the paid promotion !

Kris says:

He didnt even listen to the last part of infinity 888

PRADA 1NKY says:

the frey and xxx would b on point

IMilley Rock says:

you can’t say “better than 17?” because 17 was an album about suicide.

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