Beyoncé & JAY-Z (The Carters) – Everything Is Love Album Review | DEHH

Modest Media said that Jay Z and Beyonce were working on an album on the Is The Mic Still On podcast. Three days later. It dropped on Tidal. Here is our review of The Carters new album ‘Everything is Love’ featuring the Ask DEHH and ITMSO host Sophie. Was the album good? How did Jay and Beyonce sound together on a full album? Is this for the On the Run tour? We discuss that and more in this video review of ‘Everything is Love.’ Let us know your thoughts in the comment section. And subscribe to the Is The Mic Still On podcast!

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DEHH presents: Who the hell is Damone Tyrell?

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June Amarillo says:

It dropped on 2Pac’s birthday too.

Black Rosé says:

Nobody even cares about this forgettable project

Hey You says:

Goddess Sunshine of my life Sophie is here

Black Tarurus says:

Your “Is the Mic Still On” Podcast is fantastic.

nah chill my sunn says:

Thanks for reviewing this album…It’s very interesting, yet difficult to understand.

00ABBITT00 says:


Also, I didn’t know Sofia was black! She looks like Marlon Waynes in White Chicks wearing black face.



She just ruined this review like ughhh I really wanted to hear everyone’s opinion but this chick just drove the bus straight into a ditch

Radish Weathers says:

I wish Sophie was on more reviews

sebastian z says:

I like Sophia on this one she gave energy, want to see her on drake review

June Amarillo says:

Myke, stop agreeing with Sophie just cause you wanna smash.

Messvayne says:

HAHAHAHAHAHA…Sophie For President

Fso LEfajo says:

sophie’s mad hating lol

john doe says:

Sophie is hilarious on this one lmao she went off


Honestly I never really wanna hear this album again

PricelessUche says:

Sophie needs to be a part of the reviews more often. This was funny.

Ilovemymom Mynigga says:

Sophie thicker than peanut butter

All due respect

JVOTI says:

If she don’t like the flow then she probably don’t like MF DOOM. Lol jay has ridiculous sense of rhythm. Sometimes it’s like drumming in and out of the pocket. Drunken drumming aka stylistic rapping.

Beverly McFadden says:

Beyonce is very over rated …not knock my sista but come on I’m not buying into been to long over priced music… I’m just saying I can shake my ass just like Beyonce but I don’t have sponsorship music.

KB surpreme says:

I’m a Hov Stan he has done that shit

The Real Legend says:

This album won’t reach anybody outside on Jay Z and Beyonce’s existing fanbase. It’s a very forgettable album.

treyreel says:

Shout out to illmind on production

Elliott Teasley says:

Yeah Sophie is buggin lol i dnt know what she was hearing

MoeCamera says:

Boss was fucking dope

Mista O says:

good review

SuperTupac says:

That girl just murked this album !! lol she funny af…although I kind of liked the album.

King James says:

This project is ok. I think cause we’ve had a lot of dope albums this year, your album better be fire at this point

Eric Iverson says:

This commercial chick only review for commercial artist like Cardi b n Beyonce smh

Daniel Lawrence says:

First Nas was offbeat, now Jay squeezing too many words in one line?! We speaking on dudes that have perfected their craft, now all of a sudden they don’t know what their doing?! Miss me w that bs!

zip2kx says:

get a white guy on the show

A Guy Named Chad says:

I just realized that Myke looks like discount Pusha T

JVOTI says:

Or what about Andre 3k his flow always crammed even sorry ms Jackson.

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