Big K.R.I.T. – 4eva Is a Mighty Long Time Album Review | DEHH

Big K.R.I.T. third studio album is a double album exploring the rappers two sides. The album dropped on October 27, 2017, and is his first album since his departure from Dej Jam back in 2016. Here is our album review of Big K.R.I.T.’s new album 4eva Is a Mighty Long Time.

All Def Music’s Off The Record Show feat: Myke C-Town & Feefo
Do the Grammys Care about Hip Hop Music?

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shawn0336 says:

Surprised the skits and cee lo’s verse wasn’t mentioned

Aria Gonzalez says:

oh my sub it knock and it bang from the highs to the lows it shakes the whole frame

Paul Byrd says:

first off krit dont need no features he got it … me personally he had to many to be gone so long…

Rod-Dricks Comedy says:

Do Amine’ good for you album review

Raheim Jefferson says:


Armelle Gueye says:

EXCELLENT! I was not even trying to listen to it when I heard it was a double album. K.R.I.T broke the curse both CDs SLAPP!

LJMarte8 says:

Best double album since Nelly’s Sweat/Suit

chiyosukemgm says:

I think the song with Jill Scott they were referring to was Pusha T’s Sunshine

Expurr says:

I bet Kinge was like “Just pass the aux cord” through out that L.A. trip

TheRealJ.Uzumaki 251 says:

I thought I was the only one I played “Layup” literally 30 minutes straight back to back while playing Assassins Creed Origins on my ps4 lol

Black Troy McClure says:

Good to see Royce da 59, pusha T, Damon wayans, and James Avery having a conversation.

Bruce Marshall says:

Feefo, please shave your cheeks. That is all

Fidel Castro says:


Cashew Chestnut says:


Jarvase O'Brian dundy says:

I don’t get how people don’t like Cadillactica. That album was dope. But he did his thing on this one!. Nobody mentioned Come Up 2 Get Down track lol.

HolyCow012 says:

i wish they would review ‘without warning’, but it will probably never happen

Andre 1997 says:

“There’s never been one good double album/mixtape”Clearly they haven’t heard drought 3

Jason Talley says:

Bury me in gold is dope

David Hayes says:

11:05 Beezy, if you’re reading this (see what I did there?), look up T.I.’s song “I’m Flexin'” from 2011. That’s their first collab, with K.R.I.T. on production and the hook.

MusicIsAWayOfLife says:


ken4yaya says:

Def Jam really screwed up with their management swap post LA Reid being forced out. Big K.R.I.T talked about having the hardest time there and that speaks to the lack of solid artist support, horrible executive decisions, etc. I guarantee he’s not alone, and in this day and age, it’s MUCH easier to leverage your brand and audience and stay independent and be successful. Def Jam letting him go was a blessing for him.

TherealSosa says:


LaRel Damai Price says:

4Eva Is A Mighty Long Time was a very good album. 1999 is the only track that I would take off of it. The rest of the album is listenable.

Marek Olsen says:

I agree with Feefo, KRIT carried Big Bank

Paul B says:

such a great album

Anthony G says:

It’s official Krits a legend

Joseph Allen says:

Salute Dead end Hip Hop

Eric Iverson says:

Wait Myke u ain’t like All eyes on me or Documentary 2 they were double disks too

youngjrod says:

I’m really disappointed in you all review because you all pretty much generalized the review oppose to making this a in depth break down and analysis of the album I just thought you all would have much more to say on the surface more than just it’s the album that we wanted and always expected but decent review!!!!!!!!!!!!

chiyosukemgm says:

Funny that they mentioned the old Yelawolf, Willpower had a few production placements on this album.

Black Goliath says:

Solid review DEHH!
Definitely should have added Bury Me in Gold as honorable mention
One of the best songs and strong ending to the double album

MrGetownedLP says:

Miss Georgia Fornia was soooo goood omg

Tommy Thomason says:

Hate don’t look good on it its a classic!

NightmareChasers says:

Great video guys! I like this album a lot. My favorite songs are get away, subestein, mixed messages. You guys please review Wiz Khalifa Laugh Now, Fly Later.

Culpeppa2ube says:

Mixed Messages, Get Away, Bury Me in Gold, Price of Fame…all great

victor pass says:

I guess they didn’t know KRIT and TIP did “I’m Flexin”. Still a dope review tho

Practice Human Being says:

So Rod….that favorite track color grading….can you make that a lut and sell it?

Jeremy Diesel says:

Review West1996 Pt.2 by Lute he signed to Dreamville it’s 11 tracks they all fire, full of gems and soulful beats. I promise Y’all won’t be disappointed.

TherealSosa says:


Shaan Patel says:

AUX cord was produced by the legendary DJ Khalil.

Eddie Jeanpierre says:

Krit is an great overall artist hope he get the acclaim he deserves

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