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It’s has been a long journey for Big Sean. It finally (pun) has culminated into his debut album release on G.O.O.D. Music. The request for this review has been coming in quite frequently so here goes. Our review of Big Sean’s debut album Finally Famous. As always, we keep it dead up. No politics. No bullshit. Just Dead End Hip Hop. Let’s go.

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LSD is fun says:

i was 5 years old when I first heard this

kwballzandy says:

I know plenty of dudes who honestly like it cause they think chicks will fuck them

alex jungeee says:

I’m 15 , this is the worst rap album I’v ever listened to in a while.

sims4610593 says:

I aint like big sean at all when he first came out either but big sean did what most artists dont do nowadays, he GREW. I definitely fuck with him now, been fucking with him since he dropped his Detroit mixtape. His flow got better and so did his bars.

Ali Talib says:

y’all like Mike force y’all opinion ever video

Tha Camerican says:

I don’t really understand what makes the album so bad. People know Big Sean isn’t lyrically gifted so expectations shouldn’t be that high. If anything, his stuff is just car music and club bangers, nothing else. Still the review was funny as fuck

Quiksandd9 says:

i am not even kidding, when i was 16 i thought Big Sean was the savior of rap. now 21, i think he is straight garbo. Myke put it fucking perfectly.

billy bob says:

Finally famous goes hard!!

Kareem says:

I wonder if Myke still feels this way about Big Sean.

That Dude From HTX says:

It makes sense for a guy in his mid 30s-40s to not like music that’s suppose to appeal to an upcoming. I understood what Mike C said but you can’t expect every rapper to appeal to you. They vary

Terry Bailey says:

Detroit was HOT though one of my favorite mixtapes of 2011

LyricsGoTo says:

Dayum!!! Lol

Can't Be Fucking Bothered says:

What a fucking trash album.

Ben says:

“Big Sean is Fabolous if Fabolous couldn’t rap” damn that’s so accurate.

Fetti DaDon says:

Damn y’all some hating ass old niggas feefo is a bitch nigga

David Rey says:

lmao i can’t wait to hear you guys review Hall of Fame. Wow “Big Sean is Fabulous if Fabulous couldn’t rap” damn Fefo! DAMN! lmao

luke hardin says:

Myke I promise you there’s 15 years olds such as myself that share the same musical taste as you. Not everyone my age is blind to good music

RicKali says:

I was 14 when this came out, and I didn’t like it

Ian Jude says:

Its not as bad as you guys say it is

s x m f says:

The thing is with that is, they said in the video that teenagers will like it. That’s like saying everybody named Hunter likes this album. You’re taking a whole entire group of people and tagging them with something because of your own opinions and beliefs. It’s annoying when people say it just to acknowledge their age and opinion, but when somebody says your entire age group will like something. So it’s in context.

CrossXtv says:

Cant agree more. check out my channel I did a Big Sean pre album review for hall of fame

doode thedoodeson says:

beezy look just like tupac goddamn

KC C says:

Hall of Fame was so trash bruh lol…i just don’t get how Sean starts snapping on features and then makes horrible albums and is not lyrical

Wiggibow says:

The human brain operates based on stereotypes and generalizations, it just isn’t feasible to ask people not to utilize something they use subconsciously. You are picking a bone that had no meat on it in the first place…
When they say “teenagers will enjoy this” you should assume they mean “a decent sized portion of teenagers are likely to enjoy this”; these generalizations you’re talking about come as a fault of language much, much more often than ideology.

Luis M says:

@4:35 feefo lookin like “damn i like the album, but i aint gonna say shit”

NapppyNegus says:

U old as fuck mike

Iam says:

I was 16 when the album came out and I still thought the album was trash lol. 

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