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ITMSO Black Panther Movie Review:

There was a lot of excitement when it was announced that Kendrick Lamar and Top Dawg Entertainment was curated the Black Panther Soundtrack. “All The Stars” with Kendrick Lamar and SZA is a huge hit along with The Weeknd’s “Pray 4 Me.” Dead End Hip Hop reviews the soundtrack for Black Panther and weigh in on the success of the singles and overall sound of the songs. After watching this, listen to our review of the Black Panther movie where we discuss our reactions to the movie, thoughts on Killmonger, and favorite moments of the movie.

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ItMAN says:


Jesse Dave says:

And saying he should have taken it to the 70’s and take inspiration from Curtis Mayfield, wont have made it as authentic,first because,You mistaken black Panther the movie and black Panther the movement, black Panther the movie base on a purely African perspective,which some of the sounds on here portrayed,mostly the intro and outro,to every song, but there is a market,it has to sell,so it must be appealing to also be commercially successful,which is why the sound so western,but the production team,also tried to texture a bit of African sound in there to make it cohesive.

Jesse Dave says:

It is well thought,and excuted,for a big studio release,having just the African sound wont have resonated with everyone,and its has to,because the movie was going to,so the soundtrack must be able to draw people in,and also make more money and add publicity to the movie,

ViViD says:

Review day69 next

bleeck young says:

My daughters favorite group have made it to adulthood! SOBxRBE MFs

Julian Desire says:

Nah they gotta re-do this analysis, when you contextualize Kendrick’s verses to the movie you realize how great they were.

Marko Zenka says:

Can’t believe you guys are not familiar with Sounwave. He probably produced your favourite Kendrick songs.

Jim 1 says:

Please review Cozz’s debut album “Effected”, nice project

Indigo says:

Pray For Me was also a single.
And they didn’t just choose TE cuz they’re popular…
It’s cuz they’re Black artists and ran by a Black man.

Emm Gee1313 says:

Y’all slept on Jorja Smith

Lavar Bradley says:

Kendrick is the Curator…showcasing the other talent on the soundtrack

dmarkus underwood says:

like no troll, i thought future verse was fire lol. like i completely understand if you dont like it and im not gonna defend it BUT its flames to me

joseph banks says:

How they missed a mark? They got what they were going for. They film is about being Black Globally, and embracing African Indigenous Culture. The soundtrack is from Black Artist Globally from West Coast Hip Hop, East Coast, Down South, a Bit of Raggae and some artist from Africa. Sooo. I don’t get the whole missed that mark thing.

Old Man says:

Myke C-Town is wack in this review. Cmon bro, get it together.

Sav-v Moreland says:

Yo what’s that song when black panther and his sister came back to the hood?

JustJudgmentdragon says:

I actually love futures verse yeah that part its kinda stupid but i still like it

Joe Vargas says:

Kendrick can always kill a song, but that gets boring. He doesn’t truly shine unless he has an overarching story or theme to stick to throughout an album.

Jesse Dave says:

Saying Kendrick didnt go in,sound belittling,he was perfect,the slow rhythm he used in all the stars,made the message clearer,same as pray for me, messages can be lost in the overly aggressive and metaphorical rap,you rap heads wanted, he wanted his message clearer without making it about him,but what the movie stands for,you cannot expect a pimp a butterfly sequel here,because the movie is black Panther,the attention was not suppose to be on Kendrick but on the movie with this album,so on that dats a solid great from the team involved here

MrReal333 says:

They probably had to do this on a shorter timeline than usual too so it can’t be perfect

being of light says:

this shit needed some zaywop

Jesse Dave says:

It is curated by Kendrick Lamar, and top Anthony Tiffany,not TDE, just those two individuals, and definitely,soundtrack is a combination of artists input,for TDE members to be would have made it,a TDe project,which was never the idea,they did a solid,by having the core members on the project and shade light on other not to known artists,which was amazing.and it is surprising you guys dont know sounwave,because he has been kendrick’s core and main producer for all his albums.

OfficialGlasses says:

I didn’t like this album at first but after a few listens it has become highly addictive this is Kendricks most laid back piece of work. I feel it would be hard for mainstream to understand him if he went to deep. My favorite tracks from this were people I didn’t even know and Kendrick felt like the narrator, he just let everyone else shine and make a dope compilation album.

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