Black Thought – Streams of Thought, Vol. 1 EP Review | DEHH

Don’t sleep on this Black Thought and 9th Wonder EP. Streams of Thought is Black Thoughts first solo project. Known for his work as a member of the Roots, Black Thought is easily a Top 5 emcee dead or alive. Here’s our album review of Black Thought and 9th Wonder’s EP ‘Streams of Thought Vol. 1.’

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DEHH presents: Who the hell is Damone Tyrell?

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gotf says:

Is this album of the year so far?

Nelson Savage says:

Don’t sweat it, Volume 2 coming soon.

Big Jay says:

goat review on one of the goat projects to ever exist today. black thought is one of my favorites emcees and the roots is one of my favorite groups of all time.

NKLSNK says:

What’s Duffman doing at 16:17?

Raheim Jefferson says:

I say it matters because if you think about your anticipation for a Black Thought ep who do you want doing the beats ??? U want 9th lol

khordkutta says:

Isnt there a live band backing 9ths production, that’s also a huge difference in sound

Dynamic Jae Thought says:

WOW, I am surprised that Black Thought would do anything without Roots involvement.

antiboxpeople says:

this isn’t Kids See Ghosts

M. Schoss says:

Bitch bois rag on Kanye but talk about dusty shit like this dude smdh

ser says:

damn B so stoked in the video


I wasn’t feeling the production at all.

charlesnTV says:

If BP is the best ever do it, is this the pinnacle? Or is it elsewhere in his catalogue? Perhaps the two aren’t mutually exclusive. Tbh I didn’t listen this and think ‘this is the best showcase of rap,’ or ‘this is the best writer I’ve heard.’

Vincent Lee says:

i love when beezy gets excited and talkative about a project. That’s how you know it’s really something special

Jo says:

love seeing B fanboy

virgil scott says:

Can someone ,anyone tell me who or what the name of that beat is when they name their favorite tracks?! I need that mp3,lol word!

Triforce Of Course says:

you right it seems like black thought would be studying some deep ancient african culture

He killed his verse on David Banner’s newest album.. he had a line like “I got the wordplay of Wallace, work ethic of Shakur, I was sent into the future with a message from the moors”

Ronald Donald says:

Since organix…. Never let me down too

Nametag Alexander says:

“Making A Murderer” is so heat!

Markdeejay says:

Great review but the production was made by 9th Wonder including the Soul Council, which may be with Khrysis I guess.

Annaika Alliance says:

Y’all should checkout Locksmith I believe he’s on lyrical par with Black Thought

Henry Hill says:

I loved the beats, Dostoevsky is a fucking banger

Joshua Jimmie Jones says:

Spot on review

iimploreyou says:

Myke pronouncing Dostoyevski correctly is my jam

Randy Tiet says:

Black Thought, Andre 3000, MF DOOM, Eminem, Kendrick. top 5 lyrically in my opinion

Obi Orjiekwe says:


Frederic Ko says:

Black is doing too much , and 9th’s beats are average

Robert Johnson says:

Myke, don’t feel bad. I caught the Crime and Punishment line too. lol

ΔϟK KΔV says:


Murk says:

Black Thought ain’t interested in Mainstream attention or GP appeal Kinge, lmao. This is for his Roots fans, same for Rapsody that was for her mixtape fans.

SeptAuden says:

It was 9th Wonders team that did the beats, not 9th himself, but had his hand in some of the production.

SRMR93 says:

9th didn’t go hard on the beats. Apollo Brown would have been a better fit

Hahnbros says:

Looks like Beezy is unlocked finally

Shot By Nolan says:

We need a stream of thought vol. 2 immediately.

Kevin Ford says:

Im sorry. But i havent heard a lyricist harder than EARL and LUX. ijs. Bar for bar

Ariel Houssou says:

Blackthought always been great at dropping book références remember “things fall apart” from chinua achebe.1luv DEHH Frm Benin républic

Dirt Mcgirt says:

It wasn’t only 9th it was also 9ths team of producers idk who produced what

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