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Boogie’s ‘Everythings for Sale’ album is his debut album. The album was released on January 25, 2019 via Shady/Interscope Records. Boogie was signed to Eminem’s label back in 2017. Here is our album review of Boogie’s new album “Everything’s for Sale.” What is your reaction to this album? Let us know in the comment section.

Everythings for Sale is the debut studio album by American rapper Boogie. It was released on January 25, 2019 via Shady/Interscope Records. It arrives more than a year after Boogie signed to Eminem’s Shady Records in 2017.

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Lena Hedger says:

Boogie is great and you should check out his earlier stuff. He has a lot more bangers on ther. He definitely wanted to do a mood album. And show he can rap and have melodies ..

Chris Harting says:

Feefo lookin like a t-rex

Tavis Snell says:

This album is great, but I do think that this group would appreciate his other tapes over this.

Quake SRK says:

Damn. They got meanmugguh

iambrandon says:

In my opinion, the thing about the Eminem verse is that he’s just having fun. He’s on one of his artist’s songs and just messing around with wordplay. None of it was meant to be taken serious, he’s just out here saying “hey here’s some funny lines that mean different things depending on how you say it.” The idea bar, he was not trying to rhyme idea with beer, he said beer normally because in the background he says “ID ya” to complete the rhyme. I don’t see how most people I see are shitting on the verse, because Em’s just fucking around with wordplay it’s not supposed to be hard or a head turner because of how amazing it is. I think the verses replay value is high because it sounds good, his delivery and flow is insane, and the bars are funny and clever.

JxDxN says:

Eminem almost made me turn off boogie albums

unology1 says:

I loved this album.

Jack Carver says:

So its not wack, beats are good, lyrics are good you guys just don’t like for no reason you can explain….ok

jennetics says:

Even when I don’t agree with dehh they still be saying the realest shit, no cap.

Zeaux Indigeaux says:

This is definitely an album that’s hard to appreciate without having heard his previous mixtapes.

anon03030605 says:

was waiting to hear myke imitate em, wasn’t disappointed.
also he hit the nail on the fuckin head, if he spit that sheep, id, and dracula line jokingly over a fun and loose beat, i’d be laughing my ass off. but saying that shit super angrily on a moody song? big no from me dawg

Kennedy Wolfgramm says:

Em’s verse is dope. It’s funny and it’s like a classic shady verse. Absurd but funny. Plus he was giving Boogie his ups.

Darrien Williams says:

Y’all kinda dropped the ball with this review but I do agree the album is super mellow it’s still a good album

Saint Mako says:

Y’all gotta go back and listen to the older projects. That’s where you learn to like him and where you see more of a variety

Armand Starkks says:

Who is boogie?

JowersWBB says:

Man I just knew y’all would like it more, it was a great album to me!!!

LOCL says:

I think he would benefit from Cilvia Demo style production

WolfPistol says:

His voice is annoying I didn’t like it at all

ADAJ3 says:

“Oh My” was my introduction to Boogie

OneStop MediaShop says:

The album is like Requiem for a Dream, it’s a great work of art but it’s not something you can just put on because of the mood and content which is perfectly fine in its own lane

Joe Black says:

Em has exactly 3 cheesy lines on Rainy Days. Those cheesy lines are there ON PURPOSE. Boogie’s whole verse is made up of these same corny lines but people only zero in on Em because its the era of hating Em.

Joshua Jones says:

So glad y’all reviewed Boogie, mad respect

Kingolimar354 says:

Damn myke seems like he’s been in a bad mood this year

Jordan W says:

I fw meanmuggah, shout out classic dubl ds

Trumaine Travis says:

Finally y’all review this album…

legionx994 legionx994 says:

Nothing wrong with mellow type albums, but when you make mellow albums, most if not all the songs need to stand out, otherwise it drags. This was still pretty decent.

jamesr12152008 says:

Bump in da whip such an old phrase. At least 15 years old. It’s a southern/country phrase.

Miraj Patel says:

Please review more new artists. Even if you think they are trash. Some of them may surprise you.

Tre Thomas says:

Good review but can we get a mick Jenkins review to pieces of a man, he had soooooo many great bars

Della Yassine says:

The album went over people’s head.

Louis Gregoire says:

I didnt expect yall to dislike this that much, but i can understand that it isn’t for everyone, i love what he was talking about

its Tae says:

Y’all gotta do earthgang

MrJduke40 says:

This sounds like a weak Joe Budden mood Muzik album.

My parents named me Martin says:

*completely forgets that Boogie was on Royce’s album* “This is our 1st introduction to Boogie”

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