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Brockhampton finally releases their debut album ‘iridescence.’ This is the fourth album we’ve reviewed by the pop band. BH have undergone a minor change with the removal of Ameer Vann. ‘iridescence’ was inspired by Radiohead’s fourth studio album Kid A. Here are our thoughts on Brockhampton’s latest effort.

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DEHH presents: Who the hell is Damone Tyrell?

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noel torres says:


SuperBlueboy2010 says:

You gotta just watch their music videos you’ll get who’s who

SD says:

I really don’t think its hard to differentiate between the vocalists. Kevin has the conversational style, Dom has a very classic emcee vibe, Merlyn is always loud and hyped, Matt is super laid back and low register, Joba is versatile and plays with his flows and pitch the most, bringing the most musicality into his rapping. Then bearface does most of the singing vocals.

JebaJebaJemeh says:

No District or J’ouvert or San Marcos in the favourite tracks?! Boooooooooo. I generally don’t really like Joba’s inputs much, but his verse on J’ouvert was incredible.

I thought the 1st half of the album was meh but got better as it went on.Surprised they don’t feel the same.

Jsalcedo23 says:

Beezy has had to have said “it’s just not for me” about 849391035 times over the years.

I mean this in the best way possible, but man is he close minded as hell lol

Alvin Lamar says:

Brockhampton is TRAAAASH!

SuperBlueboy2010 says:

Also it’s been 9 months since the last album……….tired how smh

Body Soap says:

It’s a bit late for this…

Brown John says:

b0i so jealous his production is basic as fuk. shows very much

Ben Tarran says:

Myke is the only one who takes the time. You can just tell. I’m not saying this because he gave it a positive review. But I just want the rest to have more valid points why they don’t like it. Cause yo listen to 4 of their albums enough to do a review and not know the 5 rappers… you must not be listening that hard.

Dexenation Gracey says:

I gave them a try, and I just don’t get the appeal.

Rogue Planet says:

I think they’re really hit or miss because each track usually has a ton of verses from different members. In my opinion Joba manages to ruin every single track he’s on with super edgy in your face verses that are pretty cringy and surface level. As rappers, I don’t think any of them are very good, but they know how to structure a song that has good buildup, besides when there’s a shoe horned verse that just doesn’t fit.

Jaxiel Rivera says:

I think they mixed up some of the songs when talking about them. I think Feefo was talking about Weight when referring to his dick not going up, not Something About Him. And Myke mentioned Thug Life but Merlyn wasn’t on there and that beat wasn’t a “DAAAAMMMMNNNN” kind of beat, I think he was referring to “Where the Cash At”.

Edwin Arroyo says:

mick jenkins – pieces of a man….is crazy!!!!!

John Moore says:

Where is Swimming?

don't watch my videos says:

– We review them too much…
– I can’t tell them apart.

Jsalcedo23 says:

Damn none of them except Myke like “different” hip hop huh?

Kinge sometimes but that’s about it.

Cola- Franky says:

Just wondering because I don’t watch dead end hip hop that much, but what are beezy’s favorite albums. I feel like brockhampton has something that appeals to everyone

George Brenneman says:

Thanks to Myke for being the only person to actually have anything to say here..

Daniel M says:

Damn these guys only listened to the first half of the album

Riki Davis says:

They also made this album in 10 days at abbey road

MapleMilk says:

Do you think they skipped J’ouvert because they couldn’t pronounce it?

Alika Ostermiller says:

Does B remember to put on his ears in the morning?

Trent Butler says:

I fucking loved iridescence

Jeff Keys says:

Y’all just watch the videos to hear them agree with y’all opinions not actually listen to a review lol

Christopher Birnbaum says:

the part on different perspectives was great!

Tom Williams says:

Thank god you guys got Myke there, I have no clue how these guys aren’t distinguishable… You tryna tell me merlyn sounds anything like Joba? Or Dom sounds anything like Matt or Kevin? Come on

Fuck Mann says:

Thank you guys for reviewing this, y’alls discussion are always dope. I appreciate y’all putting in the work and always respect yalls opinions

Ryan Naylor says:

Bruh District is insane man its a good example of just how hard they can make being quirky be it reminds me of when i first heard Danny Browns XXX

ThePacemaker45 says:

When Rod said he didnt miss Ameer Vann I started dying lol

akaprince343 says:

Feefo you are a music critic

Eduardo Hierro says:

Fefo broke it down perfectly, even if he thought he was explaining it awkwardly.

Abe Martinez says:

I really tried to like this album but it’s just alright to me. This is coming from someone who absolutely loves the Saturation Trilogy.

Trey, The Oddball says:

why mykes shirt look like west virginia

Shupweme says:

Hip hop is evolving. Either stay open-minded and develop your ear with it, or just keep listening to the same albums and artists over and over again. But let’s not knock each other.

Mozart Lalanne says:

Skip a couple Drake projects.

SuperBlueboy2010 says:

Also it’s been 9 months since the last album……….

Brokenscam says:

Although I listened to it once when it came out, I actually forgot that it existed.

Sidekick 821 says:

I didn’t like this album very much aside from the occasional glimpse.

Jashaun Lamar says:

Matt ox

Ian Robinson says:

I guess you could say you’re…

*O V E R S A T U R A T E D*

Dark Prism says:

Review the new Mick Jenkins project.

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