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Brockhampton ‘Saturation III’ album review by Dead End Hip Hop. This is our third time reviewing Brockhampton as the hip-hop boy band burst on the scene in 2017 and don’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. Here are our thoughts on their new album ‘Saturation 3.’

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DEHH presents: Who the hell is Damone Tyrell?

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Kendrick Lamar’s Album but reversed says:

Saturation 3 is super addictive for me

Eggron T says:

Saturation 1 is there best

Darius Xn says:

Idk what it is, I LOVED Saturation 2. So I went back and listened to Saturation 1 and couldn’t get into it. Not feeling the 3rd installment either

pablo lantigua says:

Saturation 3 is the best one for me to it has the least amount of tracks so off rip it’s a tighter project and most of all the tracks are fucking quality this album is pretty experimental but when I was hearing it there were like consistencies in the production that really brought the project together but yea I think it’s the best and hottie fucking slaps that’s the first track that they really nailed their “boy band” brand and it was super personal lyrically like how myke was saying

Mister Bulldops says:

You called Boogey and Zipper “poppy bullshit”, but thought Bleach was dope? WHAT

Cameron Bender says:

y’all geekin Saturation trilogy was amazing

Kelvin Hache says:

Review Dave East! P2

Alan Diep says:

For me its:

SAT 2 > SAT 3 > SAT 1

Sam Kosko says:

I knew you guys didn’t like boogie and zipper and that’s cool. I’m a huge fan and I was iffy on boogie the first time I heard it. However I saw them live a couple nights ago and the way the room moved and everybody was dancing to those songs totally changed my perspective on them. (Ps sister was fuckin crazy )

Alan Dood says:

I wanna see them review Veteran by Jpegmafia just to see them react to the “I need a bitch with long hair like mike c-town” line

Will912_Smooth says:

SMINO BLKSWN album review

Anthony Celestin says:

Yall got to review Dedication 6 Reloaded

Callan Beggs says:

Review Sylvan Lacue- Apoligies in Advance

Brandon Gilmore says:

Brock hamp is lame

Brandon Francoeur says:

You guys have to keep PRhyme on your radar. March 16th, they dropped a song feat. Dave East called “Era”

Parthav Mody says:

Makes sense that Myke’s girls niece knew about them. I went to their show and most of the people there were 16-19 yo. I think it’s just cause it’s so experimental but still very accessible (think about Rental). There are a couple of reasons why I think they blew up like they did. Most of the younger generation aren’t exposed to Hip Hop groups crews/most HH artists are solo in the mainstream. Kevin Abstract is a solo artist before creating Brockhampton (and had his own following), and the fact that he’s gay and can rap his ass off is dope/interesting too. Reading the lyrics it’s like reading a multiple faceted book, each artist has their own story… Kevin & homosexuality… Ameer and his tough upbringing… Dom and his suicidal thoughts (very interesting wordplay too)…. Merlyn and dropping out of school… Joba and his emotional instability (by FAR most eccentric member)…. and Matt and his mother’s story. The fact that they all have diff flows too keeps the listener on their feet too. W/ the younger generation and listening more to ‘bangers’ over albums, it’s a novel concept to create the Saturation series, cause it keeps the listener interested in what the next record will sound like.
But, shit this album was so different than the first two. More R&B, groovy music. Interested to see what these guys talk about in their upcoming records. AOTY for sure. Haven’t been this excited about a HH record in a while.

Griffin Racey says:

The fact that this is their third review of brockhampton and don’t know how many members there are, and that they call merlyn “merl”

Jay Vanta Gaming says:

The 1st Saturation is still my favorite. Just has a lot more replay value for me.

Train The Top Chef says:

Just noticed that the drums from the closing thoughts song are from “Ride” by Q-Tip. Dilla!

Matt Alden says:

Culture II

Anish Anand says:

I’m not gonna lie some of you guys were capping not liking these albums. Great video still

Beau Jones says:

I disagree with everyone other than Feefo and even then i liked this a lot more. While i perfer Saturation 2 more as a whole, 3 has some of their best songs and wraps up the trilogy very well.

nature boy says:

Y’all sum old heads

tarjay35 says:

Boogie was a bop what yall mean?

Abhi Patel says:

Great album but yeah I don’t understand why people like boogie I wasn’t fking with it

Jose Romero says:

Can you guys review evidence new album weather or not fire hiphop album dont sleep on this one

Average Joe says:

D6 reloaded please

someguy ihate says:

Their sound is refreshing. Who is making music like BROCKHAMPTON right now?

KingMeeqs says:

Logic, G Eazy, E Dubble and numerous other rappers blew up from COD montages “back in the day”.

George Vidovich says:

Never liked this group it doesn’t bump in the whip.

Alan Dood says:

So weird that you guys don’t fuck with BH that much just cuz everyone else seems to love them but I totally get why you guys don’t like em too much

Anish Anand says:

It’s funny how I think they are amazing sonically

SimbaRyan says:

Love that they went back to the old days. Living room. Shit. Camera quality dope af

slowbangz says:

Y’all buggin and I️ ain’t no stantano or brockstanton but they have released 3 of the years best hip hop albums

Jionni Lil says:

Feefo is Nacho Picasso

Alejandro Barrera says:

I just saw them live recently and trust me they got a wayyyy bigger following than just fantanos audience

Christopher Kanski says:

I genuinely can’t understand how there is a unanimous dislike of BOOGIE. That’s the tune of the fucking year. Along with Rental. I gotta admit I haven’t listened to the album cause I’m still replaying those two tracks lmao

Joe Dorben says:

Yall need to review JPEGMAFIA’s Veteran, good album and he shouts out Myke (sorta lol)

Chitown 1740 says:

Do D6 Reloaded!

Tyler Bomba says:

I’m becoming a patron just so I can be annoying about reviewing Injury Reserve

AlterationCorruption says:

Myke is totally right, I was brought onto brockhampton by Melon

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