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Easily one of the most requested reviews since we dropped The Undergods review. Lyrical Law dropped online only and the Canibus fans of Dead End Hip Hop has been waiting for this one. So here goes! Dead End Hip Hop’s review of Canibus’s Lyrical Law.

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Rhyme Oddysey says:

feefo ” the shit was haaard ” @ 9:15 LMFAO, sry i just bursted out laughing watching this.

SegalTek says:

@InfamousAct so to prove eminems current status, you choose a line from many albums ago… so relevant


I’m well impressed with Lyrical Law. It is the truth.

thebassguy9083 says:

why hate eminem man

Horizon says:

Rip The Jacker, 2000 BC, Mic Club The Curriculum, For Whom The Beat Tolls, Melatonin Magik, C of Tranquility, The Undergods LP, Lyrical Law….. ‘Bis discography keeps getting better.

big stacie reacts says:

dont say 35 and over lol im a canibus fan at 21

BinarySikla says:

Fuck eminem 4 beta white rappers : diabolic, beast 1333, vinnie paz and ra the rugged man anyone agree I kno em is good he’s js not the goat I mean when it comes to the title what about koolg rap big pun, big l

heartless187 says:

What did u guyz think about the art of yo. Canibus and that 200 pound numchuck line!!!

Freeworkout Playlistsdotcom says:

The ‘choppy’ verse is mixed from his fucking infinity mix. How can you do a canibus review without fucking knowing that?

KingTutu1000 says:

Hey, but I disagree with you guys at 5:45. You familiar with Poet Laureate Infinity from “For Whom the Beat Tolls” in regards to the infinite rhyme and chopping bars? It is actually pretty brilliant, pioneer type ish. Search youtube for “Strings of Infinity, Canibus”. Hidden messages?

yusuf1608 says:

Nas said hip hop is dead, that will be true when Canibus throws the towel in. Enough said!

TCC says:

I know he collabed with Canibus on a few tracks but I’m talking about a duo collab album between K-Rino and Canibus. I heard about it but I wanna know if it’s official.

The Pope Mobile says:

How about every punchline in welcome to hell. He went crazy with them. He had a few average ones but he had about 3 that were outstanding.

yusuf1608 says:

“It was boring” Geeza then perhaps cop the old Kriss Kross CD that’s entertain!!!

TCC says:

Is that K-Rino collab album official?

clhound says:

Can Canibus ever recover from the Dizaster burial?

jeffrodigital says:

The Royce track was real old and only put on to replace a Slaughterhouse diss. It was added during when Royce was talking mad shit about Bis on Twitter about how wack he was and how he never felt him. I think Bis but it on there to show they were down. 

Bis actually took Royce’s verses off and had MOP do the hook and put it on 2010’s C of Tranquility album. It was called Salute. 

BTW- Shady records lawyers issued an order for Bis to take the track down. 

Rhyme Oddysey says:

the chopped up track was a song made by his fans by the way.

TCC says:

LOL. I find it funny there’s always an Eminem/Canibus discussion going on on just about every Canibus video. The even more funny part is I always see the same names, just reading back through these comments i’ve encountered most these dudes on other pages.

brucenatelee says:

Lyrical Law was like a remix album of Melatonin Magik. I think Classic Pak kinda ruined what would have been a great ass album. Respectable, but doesn’t fit with all the lyrical slaughter from everybody else.

BinarySikla says:

Lol I was kinda high last post kinda unrelated I much prefer js the rip part of rip vs ploo the choppy shit puts me off but the whole infinite composition theory is kinda ina test phase amazin idea tho

yusuf1608 says:

Lyric for lyric and pound for pound there aint NOBODY BETTER THAN CANIBUS!!! The geeza spit 10,000 bars last year and still got the 10,000 stare. That alone should make people sit up and pay homage. Yet part time rap fans want to review an album they have not taken the time to decipher or understand.

BinarySikla says:

Krs one 2pac biggy big daddy Kane rakim now I’m js gna start namin beta ppl den em, terminology, reks, Sean price, ransom, chief kamaci, hell razah, planet Asia , pharoah monch, jadakiss, az, NAS, killah priest, ill bill, stack bundles even max b all these ppl hav more lyrical content in my opinion some have almost endless discography and hav bin in da games since forever that’s what makes a legend

ENJ4321 says:

Man you guys are right, forget the haters…this coming from a huge Canibus fan. Great review, keep doing them.

25bdizz says:

idk why, but Kinge’s story of cutting grass was funny as hell

SegalTek says:

show me an eminem verse and i will write something better than it
it wont be hard because the only good thing about eminem verses is multis, his lyrics suck, his rhyme scheme suck his punchlines is just chidish

Infinite Mixer says:

good review brothers…. just one thing, not trying be a dick…. but you said you like the line canibus said “ima be around after the internet is gone” but yet you hate the choppy poet laureate infinity verse… thats what that line is refering to…. just throwing that out… PEACE/MUCH LOVE!

thebassguy9083 says:

Are you guys talking about the two sets of lyrics bis puts in at the beginning of poet laurette? You need to focus on one bar, really hard, and focus on the rhyme, then focus on the other later. Its a hard thing to surprise into people, so it doesnt appeal to your ears, but listening to two songs at a time is like being in a room with multiple conversations, no need to be scared of the overload. I guess at the end, if you dont like PL, i dont know man its masterful, i thank bisforhiscontribution

TCC says:

Lyrical Law was alright, nothing too special. The production was better than most his other albums though.

I DevilDawg I says:

I still love For Whom The Beat Tolls better than Lyrical Law. Good review guys, you just earned yourself a new subscriber.

As for the last track, it is a very deep song if you listen to it. Canibus has a battle between his two personas, Poet Laureate and Rip the Jacker. The fact that he chopped words and made so many verses from Poet Laureate Infinity is pretty impressive to me. But I do agree that the sound of it can be a bit annoying.

Horizon says:

I hope yall review other Bis albums and RTJ2:OO when it drops, you gained another subscriber too, good review!

KingTutu1000 says:

sorry, didn’t mean interview, review is what i meant

T-800/1000 Model says:

glad to see you’re a canibus fan man LOL. I’ve watched alot of these reviews vids from ya’ll & you are def the most halarious & you call those wack mofos garbage no hesitation LOL.

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