Cardi B – Invasion of Privacy Album Review | DEHH

Bet you all didn’t see this coming! You know we had to get Sophie in on this one. Cardi B set the world on fire last year as she burst on the scene with her smash hit Bodak Yellow. If you listen to the Is the Mic Still On podcast, you know we’ve had plenty of conversations about Cardi B. Peep it here: How did Cardi B do with her debut album? Check out our review of Cardi B’s ‘Invasion of Privacy’ album.

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DEHH presents: Who the hell is Damone Tyrell?

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19dweezy88 says:

Sophie looking good! Great review DEHH!!

Chris Kusiolek says:

Disagree that if you’re a man you can’t enjoy the content on the project. Not thinking about it in the literal sense

KC Lorenz says:

I agree Breezy about this my mind went to straight Trina when I heard this. It cool but I not going to listen to this like that. It not made for me

WatChaKnoBouIt says:

Invasion of Privacy 》Revival

Will Salinas says:

Did not like Sophie in this. Just an opinion.

T. Stamp says:

17:10 Well it’s definitely off the table now

Ricardo Gomez says:

Ken said excuse me lmao


The sister is beautiful but I bet she looks better without makeup

Kakarot says:

We need Czarface Meets Metal Face!

Hayn Data says:

yall aint reviewed new elzhi, tech n9ne, czarface + doom, black milk, or forever MC but do mu’fuckin cardi b?

DeezGamez says:

sophie thick n pretty

Jay Gg says:

all i could think of is group of old heads stuck in a old hip hop box

fitchgirl02 says:

She Bad sounds just like yo gotti’s Juice.

Nova says:

Bruh forget this where’s the weeknd review

Brandon Hill says:

The entire time I was watching this I kept imagining sophie with one of those white manakin heads in her hood lol

B Ra says:

Modest sound like he back there tootin blows Lol #5150

Nathan Drake says:

Desiigner perfect example

Ali Talib says:

She does not right why are y’all saying she rap hard the f***

lil hurt says:

Kinge is hannibal Burress

Rafael Cruz says:

Y’all going to review effect by cozz

Yanni Beatz says:

I really missed Sophie

Louis Brent says:

constituting or containing a verbal formula or set form of words.
“a formulaic greeting”
synonyms: conventional, stock, unoriginal, stereotypical, uninspired, clichéd, paint-by-number

T mac says:

Sophie sexy as hell


Ken said it best the perfect formula Atlantic the new def jam

Kenechukwu Ndeche says:

Y’all gotta clear your noses and throats before you start recording. Don’t nobody wanna hear that nasty ass sound. PLEASE!

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