Common – Be Classic Album Review | First 5 Minutes

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jon sense says:

man i remember when i could have sung the lyrics to all the tracks on this album verbatim….lol….i loved this album and finding forever. can i borrow a dollar?was funny asf

UnderdogRecords91 says:

Glad I’m not the only one who likes Electric Circus. It might bite off a bit more than it can chew, but I’m a sucker for that psychedelic goodness. And being over ambitious is still the smallest of sins to have.


Common is a underrated icon

Daniel Hill says:

It’s neck and neck between BE and Like Water For Chocolate as my favorite Common album. But if I had to choose I’m going with BE. Kanye added that gloss to the tracks he produced. For me those two albums are his classics. Finding Forever was close but it’s not a classic

Big John Boatright says:

Damn well ain’t this so ironic i just bought this album from a record shop about a month ago & this project from Common was very well sequenced the production on Be had old Kanye written all over it this in my personal opinion was a 10/10!

TheRealestBeaner says:

Myke the Kid C Town back again!!


Fucking love this album! Wish Common and Kanye would collab again.

Tha Swami says:

How can Ken like Electric Circus but hate 808’s?

TBD Art says:

Faithful TIL the End DEHH

Mondli Dladla says:

I so wanna watch this, but I’m just a student in college I can’t afford patreon.. plus I’m in South Africa you have to account for inflation…. This is one of my favourite album of all time…

julian says:


Fleezy81 says:


Jason Lowe says:

To me “One Day It Will All Make Sense” is definitely a classic as well

bumtree says:

The best cuts on this were the non-Kanye productions (It’s Your World and So Cool; Dilla and Sa-Ra respectively)..

Dorian Smith says:

Be Album is classic and always will be a classic. Top to bottom, no bad tracks, Kanye n J Dilla did a wonderful job on this album. R.i.p J.Dilla.

Joe Dorben says:

This lowkey one of my favorite albums OAT. Maybe my favorite.

austin says:



Resurrection will always be his best.

Sober Hippy says:

Damn, myke out here wearing colours??

Adler _ says:

Myke and that couch are the same identity

sean24833 says:

Be or late registration?

Geron Fletcher says:

Top 5 album ever for me

Joseph Bergeron says:

Wicked impressive that Common has been in the game since ’92, has released 12 full-length projects (including August Greene), and doesn’t sound stale in present day.

TorranceJPlaylist says:

BE still his best joint since Like Water for Chocolate and Electric Circus was bad but Come Close still gets played on radio and the remix is a classic

Mick says:

Resurrection was his best album

Andy Rivera says:

Testify to this day still bumps.

William Lavagna says:

I don’t like this album.

ThisisJoshO says:

Notification squad where we at?

S.I.N. Survival In Negativity says:

I’m totally with Ken on that Electric Circus album. Supremely slept on material.I love seeing cats like Common, who u can tell listens to mad different shit, try to incorporate some of that & elevate as an artist.

Jacob Denise says:

Ye’s production on here >>>>> The Blueprint (IMO)

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