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CunninLynguists returns with a brand new LP titled Rose Azure Njano. It’s their first album in six years and has features from Trizz, Jason Coffey, and Farah Elle. Deacon the Villian, Natti, and Kno are one of the best rap groups in hip hop and they are at their finest on this new album. Rose Azure Njano was preceded by two EP’s, Rose and Azure, that were released on their Bandcamp. Here is our review of CunninLynguists album Rose Azure Njano.

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Edwin J. Morais Jr. says:

Aye do the new WU TANG BRUH?? Red man said the same line “These white folks love me like star bucks “

Jory Canfield says:

I feel like I need to preface this by saying that CunninLynguists is one of my favorite groups in Hip-Hop, and it feels like I’ve been listening to them ever since I started seriously listening to music. With that being said, this album really didn’t do much for me. The first 4 tracks were incredible, but after that it really fell off (with the exception of “Mr. Morganfield & Ms. Waters”, which is still an awesome track). I felt like most of the instrumentals were really boring (I just feel like Kno’s production got a little too pretty for its own good), most of the Hooks just really didn’t interest me, and at first, the poetry in the lyrics was absolutely incredible, but they didn’t seem to do much switch it up, slowly transforming something wonderful into something mundane and monotonous. I honestly wish I could like this album more than I do, It had so much potential but it seemed to just fall way too short. It’s still got some incredible cuts on it though and I’ll be listening to those from time to time. But still, this is probably CunninLynguists’ worst effort (worst being relative, this album is still pretty okay), but in comparison to the absolutely incredible body of work they’ve put out over the past decade and-a-half, it’s hard for me to see this project as anything close to what they’re capable of.

DankyDre420 says:

Favorite album of the year. Cunninlynguists never disappoint. Favorite tracks are Earth to Venus, Jimi and Andre, and No Universe Without Harmony

Ril Product says:

The title is in swahili

Pastor Vicrot Jr. says:

My only wish would be that these guys got some recognition. I fucking love them

Christopher Bostic says:

dude can yall nights do big k.r.i.t. new album already


Outdoors review of the new K.R.I.T. please. Either that or do a review in the whip like you guys did for Section 80.

George A says:

what is thisssssssss foolery.. you guys need to do mumble rap by belly

Kiran Cartolari says:

Not sure if this is in anyway relevant, but aren’t Red (Rose) Blue (Azure) and Yellow (Njano) the three primary colours for painting? Essentially hues that are not obtainable via any other mixture of colours, but that can mix and create all other colours? Any and all painted works of art can be derived by this foundation of three colours. May be an interesting avenue to explore…

Alex Baker says:

And here we go again, WHERE IS LUV IS RAGE 2

MrJduke40 says:

Modest it seemed like you wanted to talk this video with all of the grunts and moans you gave us this video.

Roland T'Chazel says:

4eva an album of the year contender

YS ii says:

Who? What?

BLaDEWaLKER33 says:

McKinley Morganfield was Muddy Waters real name

Bruce Chang-Gu says:

Bruh when this album came out I thought y’all might forget about it with all them mainstream projects. Blessup

kashstory says:

I’ve been asking for it, and happy ya’ll got around to it. Thanks for coming through. I appreciate it.

swertrude says:

Red, Blue and Yellow…. social injustice… cop lights?

GullyWabbit says:

good review but it’s like you are truly hearing them for the first time. these guys were always insanely good, they have the best discography of any hip hop act imo. A Piece of Strange, Oneirology, Dirty Acres – all masterpieces. Kno is one of the best producers out there, his Death is Silent album is also amazing.

MistahTee says:

Feefo beard coming, y’all sleeping on that man

Anthony Fantano says:

Review Lil Pump’s album please

James Bullock says:

Oh Lord, I’ve been waiting for this review since it dropped. I absolutely adore this album – not an average song on the entire thing, let alone a bad one. In terms of tracks 7 & 8 – I took it as the 7 was about two neighbors falling in love, having sex under the sounds of Muddy Waters and conceiving Jimi & Andre – which in turn feeds into the overall narrative of black music giving birth to more black music (blues being the foundation for rock, R & B, and rap).

kashstory says:

Big shout out to Ken, he broke it down really well. Album is definitely one of the best this year, it was a good play. My favorite tracks gotta be: Violet, Jimi & Andre, Earth To Venus, Riot, and Oh Honey.

RenattoRetro says:

no offense but cmon guys stop with these lyrical miracle type of rappers that no one cares..

where was..
Amine – Good For You
Lil Uzi Vert – Luv is Rage 2
Lil Pump – Lil Pump
Trippie Redd – A Love Letter to You 2
Ugly God – The Booty Tape
A$AP Ferg – Still Striving
XXXTentacion – 17
A$AP Mob – Cozy Tapes vol. 2

Medius Bowen says:

This was a great review guys. I wish y’all could have spent some more time listening to this before reviewing it because I there is a lot of content on this album that I’m still trying to figure out myself, but nonetheless I appreciate the review. Shout out to Ken for dropping those jewels about the album.

Tam Vosper says:

Has somebody already mentioned that ‘njano’ is the Swahili word for yellow?

Franky Bernal says:

cunninlynguists are so underrated man, oneirology is one of the best albums of the decade

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