Curren$y, Freddie Gibbs & The Alchemist – Fetti Album Review | DEHH

Freddie Gibbs and Curren$y hooked up with Alchemist to drop this collaborative mixtape Fetti. The project dropped on Halloween and is 9-tracks deep. This is the first time that Freddie Gibbs and Curren$y have worked together on a full-length project.

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DEHH presents: Who the hell is Damone Tyrell?

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Albert Williams says:

Freddie carried this whole project to me

Who Am I says:

Madlib > Alchemist

Who Am I says:

This album is an oldheads wet dream

GeorgetheGreat says:

LOL I hate when B be in the “I expected this” stance while the boy Feefo getting his excitement out haha
of course Fred shine but Spittah did his thang too

ActionHank75 says:

I like Curren$y, he makes really good chill music.

Ange Coti says:

I don’t know if anyone here knows this, but The Alchemist recently produced a tape titled “Paris L. A. Bruxelles” where he has French and Belgian rappers rap over his beats. Of course it’s better if you speak French but I still suggest you listen to it, shit bumps in da whip heavy. ( you can find it on YouTube)

Alika Ostermiller says:

what did we do to deserve this?

matt M says:

The album is fi

six sense says:

Bruh myke where you get that shirt from dude

mavgic22 says:


GeorgetheGreat says:

Only Kendrick ahead of Freddie RN honestly

werknonit says:

alchemist has been pushing out nothing but bangers all year! his recent work with conway the machine has been fire too


What I wanna know where is that Behold A Dark Horse & Kaos by Roc Marciano, album review

Josh V. says:

Pilot Talk series is classic.

The AfroPlaylist(Fro-Tho) says:

I’ve been waiting on this one boy!

Abhay Iyer says:

How does Ken have dandruff on his shoulder. Also, great job with the editing this time Rod, clear improvement from the last video with the cuts. It really felt like they kept up with the flow of the conversation, keep it up!

Quiksandd9 says:

call tha chiropractor this chain is extra heavy on me.

Jay TheJet says:

This album was suppose to be made around 2013. Y’all know what happen to Freddie but anyway Fetti is on GTA 5. That’s how long ago this suppose to happen

TyTy O says:

Currensy flow and bars are amazing, y’all are sleeping hard on him.

VolunteerImmune says:

I’ve been waiting on this one fammm

Jasmine Deese says:

I love this album my favorite was now & later gators soul sampling at its best

B Robinson says:

I wonder do they plan on doing the new Mick Jenkins

Mustafa Diallo says:

Did Now or Later Gators remind anyone else of Amethyst by Roc Marciano?

Wavy Hov says:

Throughout this project, Curren$y is really easy to drown out but then Freddie pulls me back into listening to the song. The production is top-notch too!

Onion Trial says:

10 minutes went by before Beezy even said anything. He’s probably the member who I like the most and I actually forgot he was even there.

TheRealestBeaner says:

Myke the Kid C Town back again!

Mustafa Diallo says:

The line from the sample going into Willie Loyd was “What was his name again?”

Elsherdoo says:


ChrisJ Fox says:

I don’t think Feefo liked it lol

ΔϟK KΔV says:

Just checking in…..this ain’t Earl….I’ll be back.

dre day says:

yeah myke is trippin lmfao their chemistry worked well, curren$y rapped better on this album than he has in years

Ahmed Ismail says:

I’m happy Ken mentioned that Scottie Pippen collabo they had, one of the best songs ever made fr

Anthony Browning says:

I’m genuinely surprised you checked this. I remember a while back yall wasn’t feeling Spitta like that. But this shit was the truth. Gangsta Gibbs & Spitta! Sheesh!

Hayden Eden says:

Omggg feefo this is not like lebron and kuzma lol, and ima laker fan

icysolez23 says:

Joell Ortiz/Apollo Brown Mona Lisa next P L E A S E

Ariel Houssou says:

It seems freddie and currensy just drop bars on same tOPICS and SAME BEAT which is very FAR from writing an album together.

Shawn Story says:

Freddie Ned a machine behind him like Top Dawg!! It’s it fair that average hip hop don’t get to hear him!!! Hip hop heads know who he is but he deserves more!!!

austin says:

Rod once again wastes mad time with his rambling

Arahaas says:

I agree with Rod they complement each other. It’s like UGK. One member is definitely the “spitter” but the laid-back flow-er breaks it up and is still nice in his own right. My problem with most Freddie projects is his rapping gets monotonous to me after 5 or 6 tracks, so having Curren$y to contrast and clear the air makes when he *does* come in sound that much rawer.

Antonio Scott713 says:

Gibbs is basic compared to Curren$y. Didn’t expect these cats to dickride Gibbs the entire interview. No thanks.

Marty Jannetty says:

“Trump sweating bullets on Diet Coke sniffing powder up/ and if he builds a wall we gon’ bring that dope underground with us” – Gibbs

Nathaniel Hudson says:

Watching tha Alchemist interview is what got me onto u guys’ radar of album reviews and tha podcast. Thank u 4 continuing 2 put out dope content.

12w0 says:

how tf bro got flakes and got no hair?

MidKnight Storm says:

Fetti has been long overdue ever since Curren$y collaborated with Freddie Gibbs back in 2011 on his Alchemist produced album Covert Coup on the song Scottie Pippens.

After 7 years, my wish finally came true and this album has been on repeat ever since!


Teddy B says:

Scottie Pippen is a classic underground song

00ABBITT00 says:

Review Locksmith’s new project you frauds.

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