CyHi The Prynce – No Dope on Sundays Album Review | DEHH

Dead End Hip Hop reviews Cyhi The Prynce’s debut album ‘No Dope On Sundays.’ We are fans of Cyhi and have been waiting for this new album for a long time. Now that it’s here, did he live up to the expectations or fall short? Here is our review of Cyhi’s ‘No Dope On Sundays’ album.

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Say I love you says:

Can y’all Review Bizzy Bone Heveanz Movie

Brent Blayone Blayone says:

This album is all over the place in terms of quality in my opinion. Dat Side, and Looking For Love and the first half of Trick Me are complete and utter duds in my opinion. I’m not a fan of the lazy minimalist production on Don’t Know Why despite enjoying the message and Jagged Edge’s feature. There’s great moments but this is a 6/10 at best IMO. Cyhi is an amazing lyricist but wastes way too much time reaching for trendy pop sounds on this project. Highlights for me were: Nu Africa, Amen, Get Yo Money, Murda, Free.

S.C. says:

There is no denying that Cyhi can rap his butt off but I would be lying if I said this album was awesome. Its not bad but its not good either its just in the middle. Nothing really stood out to me but that’s just my opinion

JustKirstin says:

I thought this album was great. I only hope it doesn’t take so long to hear another album from him. Dude is mad talented, but I wish he didn’t have that kanye feature, I don’t think it needed that. I fully believe CyHi could carry that project on his own from top to bottom. My review of this album is over on my channel!

Tyler LaPoint says:

I liked the album and Cyhi has lyrical prowess for sure, but i just cant get passed his voice, he sounds like if DOC started rapping again. Its weird cause i like danny brown. Great album tho, wont come back to it

Culpeppa2ube says:

Cy hi and krit a joint album…OMG! That’s too much though

Orest B. says:

So basically there’s no cheesy turn up tracks like ‘young, Rich, Fly & famous’ or Good Fridays CyHi on this album?Thats my favorite Iteration of him

FC THREE says:

Whose the guy in the background????


FeeFo looking sexy

Shot By Nolan says:

I didn’t know what to expect with this CyHi review.

Rone Da StreetPoet says:

This Project surprised me. 9/10

Philip Washington says:

Can we get a Nu Africa remix ft Kendrick Lamar?

neoslasher09 says:

I thought the production was way too “safe” and his flow seemed outdated on a lot of tracks. And the way the album was mixed gave it a mixtape quality, soundwise. Overall it’s a pretty average album. Cyhi can rap, but nothing really stands out here. I guess I don’t like rap now (kidding).

Scott Olvera says:

Yeah let’s just pretend like Yelawolf didn’t just release an album

Orest B. says:

Love Feefo in this one!

Dealow Morgan says:

Dope album

Return Flight says:

Bruh this shit was sooo dope, CyHi had sooo many dope lines on here…but that Joe Jackson line was SOOO FUCKIN CRAZY

vio701able says:

review “im not racist” by Joyner Lucas!!!

Keith Johnson says:

yaw made hyped lol

Dimension Omega says:

Great year for hip hop. This album is incredible.

C - 2Da - Jay says:

Every time Theneedledrop gives a bad review of an album that I like, I come straight to DEHH to get a better opinion

atwarwithsatan27 says:

Thank GOD for DEHH. Love from Mexico City!!

William Rudasill says:

Thank you guys again for turning me on to another dope ass lyricist

Chinaski Mazili says:

Missing despot album still

Vladimir Klizschko says:

Bars – Yes
The Beats – meh

TheManWithNoPlan says:

I really really enjoyed this one. Great Album imo.

bigwilliestyle says:

Feefo’s “beard” > Ken’s Beard

88MRJONES says:

which album is better…. 1) Friday on Elm Street, 2) No Dope on Sundays, 3) 4eva is a Mighty Long Time?

matt M says:

Yall not gonna share that chick-fil-a?

Culpeppa2ube says:

80’s baby is a genius …NAS like talent on display

St33LR043 says:

finally electronica 2.0 dropped his album

Carl says:

Anthony melonhead Fantano gave this a 5/10 bc he doesn’t appreciate bars

Pas da' Millz says:

“Holla at Obama” is FUNNY! LOL! (6:00)

Daniel Hill says:

I can’t wait for the end of the year wrap up of who you guys have for your best albums. This has been a VERY dope year in my opinion.

TheMg44563 says:

Feefo didn’t know what to expect.

khordkutta says:

This and black hystori are throwback albums they have a late 80s early90s sound for the most part

Jordan Mckinney says:

You guys please review IWASVERYBAD by Idk. It’s ok one of the best albums of the year imo and I think there’s songs every member of DEHH will love. There’s features from people like MF DOOM, Chief Keef, Swizz Beats, and Del the Funk Homosapien. Seriously don’t sleep the album is phenomenal.

Masse Mansur says:

I like what q did w his voice and cadence on movin around, it only made me realize how far of a vocal range q has

Tokyo Camos says:

100 likes and feefo goes to the barber shop

Young_Raymond says:

I like I’m fine but I just think Closer would have been the perfect closer (pun intended)

being of light says:

album was a letdown. he just sounds bland and uninteresting half the time like yeah he can rap his as off but this doesnt mean the albums gonna be dope. and this shit was way too long as well. the way he hyped this up it kinda fell flat

Culpeppa2ube says:

Myke is right I love the moving around song but schoolboyq didn’t kill it like he could have

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