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You have demanded classic reviews for over two years and we’re finally ready to make that happen. As one of the best communities in hip hop, we want you involved in this process as we journey into this new series.

Each member of Dead End Hip Hop will pick an album. After we submit our choices, the rest is up to you. All you have to do is cast your vote for the album you want us to review and that’s it.

Once voting ends, we’ll review the album with the most votes.

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Name Less says:

Ya’ll should review Awon & Phoniks – Return To The Golden Era

Kailash Sood says:

every solo wu tang jawn, belee dat

Sunoco Smilez says:

2pac me against the world

Tommy Payne says:

Madvillainy. We all know they’re going to review the jay album, which is boring.

Logan Oakley says:



Below The Heavens

weedisgood26 says:


Tobias Metzger says:

UGK – Ridin’ Dirty !

GoodFella Reviews says:

Big L
Lifestylez ov da Poor & Dangerous

3rdBranch says:

I hope you guys could review a def jux record in the future

Kyle McClelland says:

Gotta be All Eyez on me

Daniel Marrufo says:

Binary Star-Masters of the Universe

Ten Eightz says:

Can you guys review, all tupac albums ?

Manski says:




01342663563 says:

Only Built 4 Cuban Linx. I wanna see that happen

kermitfig97 says:

My beautiful dark twisted fantasy. That’s classic

BrandonFigueroa says:

marshall mathers lp since you guys listen to mmlp2

Juan Mahmod says:

How was Illmatic not a choice, they’ve mentioned it themselves a few times and its widely considered a classic.

ItsJR516 says:

I want CAPITAL PUNISHMENT! but its not on the poll…..

Dan Muha says:

Lil wayne carter 3 lmao I’m jk that sucks asssssss but awesome choices man, already submitted! And maybe a suggestion, perhaps Jedi mind tricks!

SoulOfTheSouth says:

Reasonable Doubt!

alex perching says:

Vote for Jay everyone

justin Alvarez says:

2chainz – Based On A True Story

STEELO says:

Where the fuck is Illmatic?!!!

Joey Madoff says:

Id love for you to review Outkast ATLiens album

al pacino says:

grave diggaz, the pick the sickle and shovel. or necro the pre fix for death

Anthonest1 says:

Cormega – The Realness
Lil Wayne – Carter II
Nas – Illmatic
Immortal Technique – Revolutionary
D12 – Devils Night  

iMassDesTRucT says:


Black_Wookie says:

Def. Madvillainy

alex perching says:


paul blake says:

Boy, that Ready To Die and Reasonable Doubt is neck and neck in terms of the votes. As it should be. You have to review that Fugees “The Score”. Please and Thank you.

ChXeese says:

MMLP1 or 2Pac

wwedude12 says:

MMlP1 and get rich or die trying

Eagles Dukefan says:

bout time!!! nas illmatic biggie ready too die 

Zinskey says:

if you haven’t reviewed it yet, I’d love to see what you guys have to say about illmatic

Bmore24 t says:

bring this back

Ralf Horvers says:


EncoreRec says:

Review Schoolboy Q’s – Oxymoron, it’s out!

brett atherton says:

Heltah skeltah: Nocturnal, 

schoolboy_uce says:

Must do!

Alejandro says:

why would they put the TV outside? lol

Daniel Marrufo says:

That moment you realize hip hop these days is so garbage that…

noveltyskateboards says:

why no MF DOOM – Operation: Doomsday ?

realscummy says:

God Loves Ugly- By Atmosphere….
Personal Journals- By Sage Francis

Sacha Daitz says:

Marshall Mather LP. That should result in some fun disagreement

Madz Midz says:


David Rey says:

I went to the website and i didn’t see where to vote.  But i agree with the guy that said he’d actually be more interested in reviews of the more obscure old school classics like maybe Black Sheep’s first album(that may not be that obscure for some ppl) some DOOM/KMD, Grandaddy IU’s first album… or D.O.C.’s first album.

Legend in the making says:

What’s the name of this beat?

Raul Jimenez says:

Put the original Marshall Mathers LP in there soon!

D says:

Return to the 36 Chambers, Madvillainy, 3 Feet High And Rising, The Unseen…

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