Disappointing Hip Hop Albums? | @AskDEHH w/ Sophie‬

Has there ever been an album that you anticipated and it ended up being a total let down? In today’s AskDEHH episode we were ask: What albums in Hip Hop history disappointed us and didn’t live up to the hype? Let us know your picks in the comment section below.

The Ask Dead End Hip Hop Show is hosted and moderated by Sophie aka @SaireMusic where questions submitted by fans are answered by the DEHH crew on the spot.

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50Shot Duwop says:

J cole sideline story

Ryan Hendricks says:

Half of Jay-Z’s albums (partially because the rest are classics).

And these old motherfuckers don’t like Life Is Good????

Jeramie T. Nellum says:


isaak hall says:

Sophie,bad af

King Arthur says:

J .Cole’s 4 Your Eyes Only is a big disappointment smh

888extreme says:

views is a modern day yeezus…think about it

Tone Anthony says:

Watch The Throne

earlyman sweatshirt says:

goblin was a huge disapointment

Rodger Smythe says:

Encore, The Doggfather, and Nastrodamus

MrGNugget says:

J. Cole’s Born Sinner most disappointing album I’ve experienced in my life, Slaughterhouse: Welcome to our house, killed all of those involved careers, Eminem’s relapse, and Ab-Soul’s These Days are what comes to mind.

uza uzah! says:

so.. like toy soldiers, mosh, never enough, yellow brick road, mockingbird, spend some time, rain man, we as americans,encore (curtains) …were all bad songs??! lmaaao yall trippin… Encore was not a bad album at all… yes albums before it were better but fuck no Encore ain’t bad fuck that…

Aaqib Alyas says:

what about Q-Tip solo records?

unun septium says:

I forgot about the No Limit version of Snoop. It’s easy to repress bad memories.

Davor Kasalo says:

Encore has to be biggest disappointment in hip-hop, but I still think it’s brilliant that it’s called Encore. Like Em knew he can’t make a good album, but the label and fans didn’t want him to quit (remember how he had that Curtain Close skit on Eminem Show like he’ was about to Say Goodbye to Hollywood, pun intended). I’m not defending it, it’s still wack but I think it’s still amazing that even at that Encore time, he was still 110% self-aware.

Dhyan Patel says:

Chamillionaire after Ultimate Victory

Cam Caffin says:

Death Grips let Myke down

Brendan Feehan says:


str8dominican says:

jay z “kingdom come”… Straight trash. Especially since he was coming out of retirement and his last album was “the black album” which was an instant classic. No excuse for making a comeback with such gabage.( I know there’s an ‘r’ in garbage i dropped it on purpose so fvck you).

Dylan Chadderton says:

#1 dissapointment: Kingdom Come…jay’s first album back from retirement? 3 years off? huge huge hype? It was a fucking dud!

Joe Dorben says:

The undisputable most disappointing album in hip hop history has got to be Encore by Eminem. After he dropped TES in 2002 he was making his way up to legend status and the second Encore dropped in 2004 his career fell off a cliff. Went from one of the better, more consistent discographies in hip hop to one of the worst. Encore set off a chain of awful albums, Relapse was bad, Recovery was much, much, MUCH worse, MMLP2 wasnt as bad as Relapse, Recovery, or Encore but it was still trash, and Revival was fucking terrible

The First says:

I know this is an old video but Vic Mensa’s album so far for me is a let down. It’s not bad, but I’m not feeling it at the moment.

isaak hall says:

Blonde. Blonde. Blonde.

Xoyjaz says:

Sophie cute as hell

Luc Turgeon says:

Ik this video was posted awhile ago, but the correct answer is Eminem’s Revival.

Mig1997 says:

Here’s my personal list:

Tha Carter IV
Magna Carta Holy Grail
Cole World: The Sideline Story

Kreamykream 21 says:

Nas debut album was a little letdown

DemonWind Shuriken says:

Indiecud lol

zach// says:

J. Cole’s debut album, it was good but it didn’t have the same passion and focus that his mixtapes had.

Horace Moore says:

Cam’Ron I love you, but you fell off to family.

Givemeanhour says:

Nervous breakdown,
the fu shnickens!!

Jim Jim says:

Cold Vein by Cannibal Ox was fucking terrible, that EP didn’t even begin to prepare me for the letdown. The new juicy j mixtape was disappointing as well. Last few have been trash I just expected this one to be better since most of the production was done by suicideboys and juicy j promised to take it back

Horace Moore says:

Food and Liquor Pt. 2

Roberto Fernandez says:

I would say Big Sean’s second album. That album was so bad.

GOAT says:

Deltron’s Event 2 was wack.

anthony nieves says:

b after 15 minutes

Stefan Burnett says:

What is myke wearing

My name says:

Did they just say the mixtapes between Carter 3 and 4 were Wack?? Wayne released No Ceilings which is probably the greatest mixtape of all time during that period

Slight says:

Eminem encore

Julian Garcia says:


Dbz Fan says:

Speedin bullet to heaven

Rene -Reigada says:

if Eminem never got addicted to drugs encore woulda been another classic

Fabio0 says:

To me … “Lasers”, by far. Not only in rap, but in music in general!

HaL0sh4 says:

what 50 cent mixtape Myke talkin about at 12:27 besides War Angel? Is he saying “streets immortal?”

Evan Gilmore says:

action bronson mr wonderful

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