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On December 15, 1992 Dr. Dre released his debut studio album, “The Chronic”. Was this one of the most influential albums of its time? Leave a comment below!

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Della Yassine says:

‘The Chronic’ is a sonically revolutionary piece of art.

Vladimir Klizschko says:

Only my heart got warm when they rapped the first verse of Nothin But A G Thang…??

Dennis Stevenson says:

The very first physical cd I ever bought with my own money. Great album and one of my favorites of all time. You guys should review DMX’s It’s Dark and Hell is Hot sometime in the future.

Daniel Hill says:

This album tho was one of the best hip hop albums ever made. It revolutionized the culture. This was a game changer easily and I’m so mad that Tidal doesn’t have this album (please don’t clown me for having Tidal lol).

JoeMckeown says:

myke doing the redneck voice made me die man omg

1825ls da goat says:

Beezy is the man in these reviews

Bryant Fluker says:

G Thang, and Today Was A Good Day

Jay TheJet says:

Yes I’m still lost on why the Luke diss also

Jorge C says:

Better than 2001 but not by a lot

Ahmed Marrah says:

Lil Ghetto Boy was that fire

tywarren123 says:

High Powered OMG

tgooch59 says:

I dont see how anybody can listen to the Chronic and not be inspired especially if you’re a rapper or producer.

Sharukh Saleem says:

Only a few minutes into watching this, but couldn’t wait to comment. One thing I found particularly interesting is that Q-Tip said that The Chronic heavily influenced how Low End Theory was produced and engineered. Very cool.

Dont Know says:

Dr. Dre recreated his samples with live instruments that’s why it sounds so different

Dre Doc Hood says:

@DeadEndHipHop, Luke dissed NWA on “Fakin like Gangsters “. Luke also dissed Kid ‘N Play on that same album. That’s where that beef started. Here’s the song https://youtu.be/MSYrnuGa4Ic

SP Brazy says:

The first album I ever heard, this will always be timeless, and the greatest hip hop album ever.

So Cal says:

Redman – Whut? Thee Album and The Chronic were my first cds I bought. I was 14

Edwin Rodriguez says:

Dre & Snoop said that Redmans the whut? was a big inspiration for the album

MrKing8050 says:


GoodeisSXE says:

Wow thanks for using my comment!

Dc53093 says:

I wish DEHH would do a classic review on Cormega the realness or the true meaning

Tawanda Batana says:

Chronic set the tone for 90’s West Coast Hip Hop, Can’t believe I have a Vinyl of this Classic record. Great Review fam

Geron Fletcher says:

If I’m not mistaken, this was the first hip hop album to prominently if not at all use live instruments

Inglewood born L.A. raised says:

Love you guys for this

Matthew Wylie says:

This and 2001 changed my whole perspective of music production

Mr. Black Culture says:

Love the album. RBX High Powered is my Sh*t

Sammy Lazarus says:

This album, 2001 and doggystyle make me so happy to be a stoner living in Cali

CIB8282 says:

Chris Rock did a joke about white people liking to rap Rat-Tat-Tat-Tat because that hook. It’s true though, friends who don’t like rap like this album. Dre was on some next level shit.

Jay TheJet says:

LMAO I remember my nephew doing the whole video and knowing all the words to Nothing but a G thang and he was only 1 and a half at the time. So fucking funny… I knew this album was going to be one of the greatest

crackblue says:

This should be renamed Classic/Iconic review for The Chronic

mrjames851 says:

They say that Big Hutch from Above the Law came up with the G-Funk idea, and was working with Snoop & Warren G before Dre, and that Dre perfected it with the combination of the NWA production sound and all the artists, as well as his mixing & coaching, and then making a big brand out of it.

Bars&Hooks HipHopTV says:

I just listened to The Day Niggaz Took Over last week… Had my volume on 40!

JoeMckeown says:

myke im sorry to break this to you but for 25 years you been rapping the wrong lyrics. its ‘swing down sweet chariot stop and let me ride’ not ‘snoop dogg and dre stop and let me ride’ haha

MistahTee says:

Nate Dogg on deeez nuuuts was the best vocal performance of the 90s y’all can fight me on that

PrettyboyPo RMF says:

Shocked y’all didn’t mention Stranded on Death Row. Kurupt killed tht. Album changed my life. Reason why I️ do music. Heard I️t a loooong Time after I️t dropped but sounded new

tywarren123 says:

Like dissed N.W.A first on a song called ” I ain’t bullshiting” he dissed them and kid and play…Dre just held it untill the chronic came out…He slick dissed Ice Cube to, the line gets overlooked tho, he said ” then we gone creep to south Central on a street knowledge mission,as I steps to the temple,spot him got him as I pulls out my strap,got my chrome to the side of his white sox hat”. Cube had a production company called street knowledge….hidden gem

MistahTee says:

Feefo beard getting there I’m rooting for him

The Nature Boy says:

feefo dressed like a high school skater

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