Drake – Nothing Was The Same Album Review | DEHH

Here it is, our review of Drake’s new album “Nothing Was The Same”.

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Harvey Specter says:

Make just made me realise why Drake’s music is so fucking appealing to women.

His music is soft. His music is very emotional. His music is singing and rapping.

Still huge Drake fan, but I think Myke’s controversial opinion is really interesting to think about.

Ezra Anderson says:


Monkey R9 says:

Drake has no classics under his belt in my opinion

CCT says:

Drake is whack

Kabelo Maragelo says:

Y’all are trippin. I still bump this album.

David Donnersbach says:

Wow now, 3 years Later Drake is still a “half Bi*ch” on Views
Hype -> Childs Play

Douglas says:

so is it safe to say Drake is an icon now. what a year for him. Beautiful to see the dominance.

Paul Torres says:

Is kevin dunn behind the camera?

DeezyAfro says:

Remember… MUFUCKA NEVA LOVED US lmao beezy

Barry Balienciaga says:

You should review one of my tracks I make really dope music

nb says:

I like Drake. Great songs, average albums.

Mansur Omar says:

“Be all bitch” lmao

Richard Lonsbury says:


The One says:

These dudes are Kendrick dick riders. Surprise surprise, they didn’t like a Drake album.

iiiNDXGO says:

“Be the biggest bitch you can be” – Myke C-Town

unsubscribe says:

Jahenny aykoo

KiD LeGGiT. says:

Drake makes music for women and fags

#RollTide #RiseUp says:

can’t believe they didn’t mention Too Much. one of my favorite tracks off this album.

learn, educate, teach says:

he said light skin keith sweat

Christopher Joseph says:

Drake is an I’ll mc foh

Dominik Nowaczyk says:

These guys are too funny haha

MarcusLovesMickie says:

Too much singing I tapped out on this shit he can’t do work like Tigallo as far as balancing it all out

steve arison says:

everyone knows beezy is the realest

DeezyAfro says:

Perfect album

david zitzerman says:

you guys are fuckin morons

Martin O says:

I’d like Drake to make a double album with one disc hiphop and one disk RnB

James Akhiwu says:

Drakes best album ever

1Saint1Music says:

11:25 you predicted it lol Diddy put hands on him lol

Jona Than says:

drake is just gay without the marvin

Thomas Edwards Music says:

Feefo said he didn’t like Take Care on this, but if you watch the video he never said he didn’t like it

Kiarra Charles says:

why do I keep coming back to this video to see Myke? He is soooooo funny!

The Blakk Era says:

This is a all time review right here. I always come back to this one

sunny says:

Cant’ wait for the next drake project so I can watch myke talk about it

kalen harris says:

myke was hilarious in this review

Ian-Devon Lewis says:

i dont know… maybe it comes from my growing up with people not wanting shit to do with me and now all of sudden, i get the carpet treatment.
i remember chillen in my room, scrubbing my j’s and white dookies(Air Force 1) with a toothbrushes.

Varun Narain says:

Drake for chicks? Every male friend of mine fucking LOVES drake.

The Great Magnet says:


Khalil Young says:

From time

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