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Drake, fresh off his beef with Pusha T, returns with a double album. ‘Scorpion’ is his fifth studio album and was released on June 29, 2018. It’s a double album that’s 25 tracks total. The album is split into a hip-hop side and an R&B side. The album has only two features – Jay Z and Michael Jackson. Here is our album review of Drake’s ‘Scorpion.’ What do you think? Let us know in the comment section.

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DEHH presents: Who the hell is Damone Tyrell?

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Ernesto Grandez says:

The old man needs to retired. He needs to get hip to the new generation and new flows. Go back in time big papa.

Ernesto Grandez says:

The guy in the red hat speaks facts. Emotionless song of the year.

nqobani mtshare says:

Drake done? HELL NO!

Jordan A. says:

before I watch this video Yall Betta give him hell like y’all did J.Cole smh

Kylan Gray says:

drake having a kid is really nobody business

nicolas123456789ism says:

These niggas are outta touch

Rasar Amani says:

12:42 *i BeLiEvEd It*

Craig 4rmFriday says:

It’s funny how drake still has the same flow and doesn’t change up his sound. One of the many reasons why K.Dot & J.Cole are better!

Ruffsecs says:

Thank you! This shit sounded lazy.

Brandon Lane says:

Came here to hear the real spill …Budden paid off

ShawnChrystafur says:

This is a top 3 Drake album. I think there was already a biased opinion of Drake in general before reviewing this album.. drake bodied a lot of songs on track A.

Sean Dolan says:

Pusha T killed Drake, he became less relevant and Push became more relevant.

jsmith469 says:

Every song doesn’t have to be a hit for it to be a successful album!! If you don’t like a song, forward it to the song u like!

damian murray says:

Y’all need to listen joe buddens interview

robin devily says:

i’m upset didnt flop it just wasnt number 1 it just did alright and you are so use to him being number one that it seemed like a flop

Adrian Odle says:

Haven’t watched you guys for a few years I think, since I was in university studying law man and you guys came back to mind. Can’t wait to watch this. You guys are awesome man!

Earth DragonXQ94 says:

You say Scropion i Say Supreme Blientele Supreme Blientele is the album of the summer

Siji Falore says:

Dude, Kanye is never done. He is too much talent to be done. Plus he is heavily influential on the industry. Thats prob your next Jay Z. Schooled about yours truly.

Quentin Basil says:

kens old ass is a hater its funny

ㅤAngel says:

Fan fact: the MJ sample in Don’t Matter to Me is actually from 1983.

bigbody258 says:

…i like sonic though…

robin devily says:

he did his entire double album charted on the top 100

dujuan williams says:

Why is Ken on here he’s a fucking joke

Vee Lotus says:

Myke’s ratchet happy birthday impression had me in TEARS

Guz Oliver says:

where is that new Gibbs mixtape review cuz?

Taevin Thomas says:

You guys missed the mark as it pertains to the beef. Drake addresses the beef multiple times throughout the entire record. The reason why you may have missed it is because instead going at Push, a puppet, he addresses the puppeteer, kanye west. He’s the source to all of Push’s inside information on Drake.

Cadell Williams says:

I would say y’all are hatter’s but if you really wanna here the story about the album Joe Budden Podcast Review. He dissected the fuck out it.

Jarron Tichenor says:

Push didn’t have the platform. Only 2 people excluding legends can end drake. Cole or Kendrick. Cole don’t care. And as long as Drake doesn’t claim to be the best again Kendrick won’t knock em off.

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