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Earl Sweatshirt’s new album Some Rap Songs is his third studio album. It was released on November 30, 2018 via Columbia Records and Tan Cressida Records. The album has production from Earl Sweatshirt, Darryl Anthony, Black Noise, Sage Elsesser, Denmark Vessey, Shamel of SOTC, and Adé Hakim.

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Garçon • says:

that lil outro on Ontheway! hits a different type of way

AQGOAT24 says:

Earl has said in interviews this was intentional in how he mixed his vocals to blend in with the beat.

Name Name says:

Why 21 Savage sat behind Beezy tho?

SBmedo20 says:

Haven’t heard the album, but I loved that concept Myke was talking about as far as short songs conveying scatterbrain feels with different moods and thoughts weaving in and out. Gonna have to listen

_ LaMar says:

Earl raps like he doesn’t want to

S019978 says:

I don’t know if anyone else has said this but to me…

This whole album just sounds like depression. Having struggled with depression myself and being an artist, the short songs remind me of the feeling of struggling to create art and follow it through by making a full piece. A lot of times depression can sap all motivation and you give up half way through. But even those unfinished stream of consciousness attempts speak volumes in hindsight.

Also the drowned out vocals remind me of the inability or unwillingness to give voice to your inner feelings and allowing those feelings to slip away and go unheard. Like unconsciously avoiding the need to confront yourself.

I don’t know if anyone else relates but this album really hit me like that and listening to it on repeat has compelled me to fight through my own shit. Great album.

Edit: Great project, Earl. Hope you get through what you’re going through.


Came for the review, stayed for Myke’s shirt

J- Boy says:


KonsciousKoonKiller 22 says:


Jonathan Lopez says:

Was really hoping Mach Hommy was gonna be on the album

Adam Marsh says:


MalikEKC says:

After being a hardcore Blu evangelical for like 6 years I can’t do this lo-fi unmixed/poorly mixed hip hop anymore. I can’t. I love Earl but I refuse to go back to that style of hip hop.

Ricardo Encanrnado says:

Imprecise words

lupehn says:

Review Skins

Kabelo Maragelo says:

Earl disappointed, don’t try and twist it and say it’s deep

lukasz wason says:

Not sure how people try to critique albums without headphones. Especially for an album like SRS

Jack Ben says:

Myke be like “but on the 47th listen”.

MathDotYou says:

I’ve been saying this album felt like a bad acid trip for so long omg

Wardell Stephen Curry II Stan says:

Seen the ghost of where I was lonesome as I was

C - 2Da - Jay says:

Earl’s album is kinda like DEHH’s Channel, not alotta ppl know about it, but the ppl that do know about it knows how dope it is

DIego Hernandez says:

The lyric from veins was “when it’s time to put my burnt body in a case, tell my momma I said thank you”

Kenneth Baker says:

Danny Browns album is a coke binge not a acid trip. Some Rap Songs is a bad trip. A good trip sounds more like a flying lotus album

percs callin says:


Matt Bazilius says:

I feel like you need to relate to Earl before you can really enjoy and see what he’s doing. I remember not being the biggest fan before phases of depression and bad acid trips an all dat. But once you walk a mile in his shoes his art just changes you and you can truly appreciate his art. So I completely understand why people didn’t like it, it’s not for everyone.

Miller Johnston says:

Goddamnit thank you Myke. really pulled through on this one. Definitely picked up on the right ideas expressed in the album, and I’m glad you could spread the knowledge lol

Christopher Waller says:

negativity listen too loosie who agree like

PresidentGorbachev says:

15:58 “Is psychedelics an actual thing?”

Bro what?

Erick Herrera says:

Beezy knows what’s up

Beyoncehadoneofthebest musicvideosofalltime says:

Old heads are so played

Devon Dsquared Deloney iLL Writers Guild says:

It’s interesting that so many people have had the same experience with this album. I like know where to go when I heard it about a year ago but not quite as clear audio. I actually really like the song The Mint as well. This album makes you think about it when you aren’t listening to it that’s why it’s so amazing. This album is an emotional rollercoaster in the best way possible

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