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Elzhi, former Slum Village member, dropped “Elmatic” May 10th, 2011. In 2010, Fashawn dropped “Ode to Illmatic” a tribute to Nas’s 1994 classic “Illmatic”. This year, Elzhi takes his turn in reinterpreting the classic Nas album with a twist. Live instruments.

Dead End Hip Hop takes a look at Elzhi’s remake of the classic Illmatic dropped back during the end of the Golden Era of Hip Hop.

Dead End Hip Hop breaks down the album the only way we know how…no politics, no BS.

Let us know what you think of this album. If you feeling the album, be sure to head over to Elzhi.com and pre order your copy today.

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rudy rada says:

what about a rELZHnable doubt???

Adam A says:

Best song on the album is One Love

NomadicEmcee says:

Elzhi is a better lyricist than Nas, HANDS DOWN! The original illmatic was the blueprint BUT the elmatic mixtape built on that to a point where it’s out of this world.

Bella Elizabeth says:

I think it’s dope & that Elzhi is the only emcee that could do it

5mics says:

feefo still learning, yall watch over him for me, give him that nas wu tang clan NWa

Tim Sohn says:

LOVE this show but I almost always disagree with feefo when it comes to classic albums lol. I think we’re around the same age. Not sure how he has the excuse of saying he wasn’t around then. I think i was 15 when I copped 36 chambers. He could be bit younger than me actually but still.

Iam says:

Beezy is tripping about it being on par and better than Illmatic, when it had ZERO impact on hip-hop. It was dope and one of the best of 2011 tho.

guptabob123456789 says:

Throwback to when ken had hair

staystrapped29 says:

Old era 2pac, Biggie, Nas. 3000
New era Kendrick Lamar, Elizhi, J Cole

Bruce Taylor says:

you guys should review The Preface album

Armando Ramirez says:

I was 12 when I first heard Illmatic on the basketball courts, and hearing Elmatic damn near brought me to tears… The way Elzhi remade it and PERSONALIZED it to his stories… Insane.  Love this album!

Colin Gordon says:

I still don’t understand how this album didn’t get the recognition it deserves! I understand that elzhi is not a known rapper! But any true hip hop fan should definitely give this a listen. One of the greatest rap albums ever that a lot of people have never listened to and that’s sad!

ForeverSambo says:

Fashawn is better than Elzhi man you guys must be sick or drunk, yall struck.

idelrich123 says:

Hope Wright was actually the first person to do the remake of illmatic then Fashawn and Elzhi.

Matteo Litrico says:

yee one of the best albums of all time

ForeverSambo says:

@PolishPwner1 Fashawn is better than Elzhi,But elmatic is better than ode to illmatic. go listen to the ecology off boy meets world.

A. Rashad says:

No 1’s better than elzhi . . .

ripcityuprise1994 says:

I liked this project, but half the time I was just urging to go back and hear Illmatic. It’s just toooooo fucking classic

TheJMan says:

lmao Kinge always is quiet for the first conversation and then says something like “let me tell you about this album” or “the thing about this dude is this”

JayGLiteHarlem says:

These comments need to end. Elzhi, Fashawn and Nas are all their own kind of lyrical Hulks, stop dickriding.

moose73100 says:

elmatic was an ode to a classic hip hop masterpiece. that shit is fire,period.that’s just my opinion, but he killed every track and put his own spin on it and it resonated with me in a way to where it made me respect and love illmatic even more than I ever have.elzhi is a beast, regardless.

dieselshug says:

This album is dope as hell, even though it’s a remake.

No Genre says:

Missed this review but yeah his album was super dope

RiftRaft123 says:

“The hood is like a glass house the devil throws stones through”- Elzhi. All you need to hear to know this album snaps hard as fuck.

N/ A says:


staystrapped29 says:

dats cool!!

Realnigga Turner says:

Will anyone ever redo Nas – It Was Written …..Can Elzhi redo I Gave You Power!

Marcus says:

updated all of the songs ( except One Time 4 Your Mind) and made most of them better than the original. Nas was one of the founders of the punchline game we enjoy listening to today, and as El said himself on Genesis “my punchlines knock niggas the fuck out.” Recognizing improvement is why ppl started saying nas was better than Rakim, so with that said, i gotta say Elmatic over Illmatic

BOOGIEBOMB1971 says:

I think Elmatic speaks to Elzhi’s artistry and bravery…doing a remake of such a classic? that takes a lot of guts…it’s a hit or miss thing, no middle ground..Elzhi pulled it off…I love the album…it wouldn’t surprise me if, 20 years from now, people will be talking about this album, if for no other reason than to show what it means to do a remake properly.

rs5jamz says:

I still rock ALL the tracks til this day. Top 5 Albums of all time on my list.
I ain’t gonna lie, ‘Memory Lane’ made me cry a little bit. So much soul and passion in his verse. 

Elzhi is so underestimated that it’s crazy. I hope he gets his shine on worldwide one day.

BionicCorndog says:

Illmatic is my favorite album of all time. Nas is my favorite rapper of all time. I thought Elmatic was an AMAZING project. BUT every time I hear elmatic I always compare it to, in my opinion, the best album ever. Because of that I’m a bit jaded but I can still give it credit that is due. I agree 100% with Myke C. I had no idea it was made with a live band though, even more credit for that.

ChrisMcCarthy1984 says:

Elzhi killed this shit, but I think The Preface was better. There was never a point where Illmatic wasn’t present in my mind. Nevertheless, it does have it’s own personality, and Elzhi is such a spitter. He does it justice, but it never made me forget Illmatic. If anything, it made me love Illmatic more, especially through the use of live instrumentation.

N/ A says:


Bruce Taylor says:

“takes somebody track” that ends it for me. the cd was good but come on u copy a whole fucking album.. 

hiphophead555 says:

Just come back to an oldie as I was just listening to El today. And it’s a moment in Hip Hop history this is. Because when take a certified classic and not just any classic a classic that is widely regarded by Hip Hop heads world wide and 99% of publications as the benchmark Hip Hop album of all time and then make another classic out of it then….. Well what else can or needs to be said?!?!? Just a truly inspiring moment. Elzhi is the only dude that could of pulled this off. And imo he could well be the greatest lyricist that Hip Hop as ever seen. His concepts and song structures are out of this world. Sorry had a Beezy moment.

Hes L says:

I came back to watch this review, and there’s so many switches between black and white and color, what, i never noticed

TheFantasticmrfox91 says:

well, maybe, but that’s a terrible name for an album, have you tried saying that out loud? also, illmatic is honestly a far better album than reasonable doubt, not to call it bad, but illmatic is on a whole other level.

BMF says:

only thing tht is BETTER!!!? Is the SOUND QUALITY of the music-PERIOD!

P14Media says:

this is DEHH at its best! when these guys start defending their taste passionately and go at each other for 10 minutes straight (or in this case feefo cause he’s got it coming) 

Adam A says:

I love this album, great job with the remake Elzhi

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