Eminem – Chloraseptic Remix | DEHH Convo

Just for you guys, we got back together after releasing our Eminem Revival review to talk about his new Chloraseptic Remix.

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DEHH presents: Who the hell is Damone Tyrell?

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Servay says:

ok check this out: maybe eminem made revival that bad, just so he can diss the critics again? its was made eminem famous, dissing the haters and his critics.

OneDoomedSpaceMarine says:

I think Em is at his best when he feels like he either has something to prove or feels like he is an underdog, such as this song.

It’s the battle rapper mentality.

pablo lantigua says:

So if em comes back wit a good album does that sweep revival under the rug concerning his legacy? Em wont be coming back for a long time so maybe revival will be out of mind but still

AR 2 says:

another Bad Meets Evil album would revive Eminem ..no need for an album where he talks about his struggles . Just another album going crazy with bars.

the chosen one says:

My dream modern Eminem album
would be produced by Dre and features Royce Da 59, 50 Cent, Jay-Z, Nas, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, maybe Phresher since he’s new Em could put him on, and even Dr Dre. It wouldn’t have to be a MMLP or SSLP type of controversial rap but some Eminem Show or 8 Mile soundtrack type of Eminem. Like the song Soldier or Rabbit Run today would be great.

benjitsu85 says:

If he’s coming back like rousey after the Holm fight his next album will be worse than revival

hynterd says:

he definitely came w yall, especially bc of the macklemore comment and he talks about reaction videos.

6661DancingDead says:

I really don’t know what y’all are saying cause em raps are fire on the album it just has some sonic missteps.

Asko says:

Damn, so many experts in the comments…

Shade 45 says:

Revival is dope , your criticism is an abomination as someone who calls them self student of the game

jimmy Smith says:

your dumb if you diss revival but then compliment 2 chain’s verse

Markie Marc says:

I’ve said since the first time I’ve heard Infinite that angry Eminem is better than inspirational, or drugged Eminem.

carlos anthony says:

Mike in the corner rolling up at the beginning of the video

Jay Gatling says:

Album was still weak as Fuck though.

Billy Webb says:

You know what’s pissing me off Em made this album more about the story and the feeling it gives you. It’s not his usual way it’s a little different and everyone turns hater what a fucking joke.

JayChhu says:

Em said in his new Complex interview that he doesn’t have the rage that he had back in the day but he still has a passion for making music. I think rage is what drives him to rap at his best, and it came back on the Chloraseptic Remix because of all the negative criciticism he got for Revival. That’s my explanation.


If em keeps putting the same bizarre shit out hell get old quick thats why he gives you diffrent flavors of music to show he can capture a diffrent fan base besides the ones who love the crazy flow some cant keep up wit it he trys to please all his fans not just the 1s in the same box

WatChaKnoBouIt says:

Let me get this straight…2 chainz was supposed to be on the original song…but he was tooking off of it…for what.?.maybe because his verse was WAY better than Eminem original verse…so what eminem did was wait to rewrite a new verse to try to over do 2 chainz OLD verse…and then make a remix and throw 2 chainz old verse on it…GOT IT!!!!

Jeffrey Porter says:

Couldn’t agree more. Em has a huge opportunity to make a HIP HOP album. Get Alchemist, Dre, B!nk, Statik Selektah for beats. Get Royce, Redman, 50, Banks, Wayne, Run The Jewels for features. Would be so fire.

louise says:

Here is myTheory on the whole REVIVAL thing. Call me a Stan, but hear me out:
The album Revival … revives Slim Shady. That was the concept and plan of the album. To enrage the fans and the president with an (in my opimion good) album that was mostly underrated and divided the fanbase (which also nicely references America in its current state), the first single off after a 4 year hiatus being an rather untypical ballad (or at least not the comback you’d expect), saying that he had at least 50 songs but picked the best for revival, saying that he did songs with dre and 2chainz that did not make it on the album (I MEAN COME ON). and it was ALL A PLAN TO REVIVE SLIM SHADY.
Also Paul Rosenberg’s  twitter post after the Chloraseptic remix dropped was a classic Paul that tries to prevent shady fans from doing as their role model does…. the plot thickens… https://twitter.com/rosenberg/status/950500459613249536

Also – Revelations album is a rumour that has been out! Revelations as in he reveals it was a plan all along! Also matches the statue under the cover in the walk on water video that was never revealed!

What also adds up to myou theory: when you go back on the fake REVIVAL-Medicine page, it says the following: “Most patients with AR notice improvement of symptoms immediately. However, it may take up to several moments for some patients to experience full relief.” So… you gotta listen to it for some time, take several moments to let it sink in to actually experience relief. Sure, many people may not like it after 400 spins, but with this statement he acknowledges that people might have difficulties with the album. Also note “Tell your doctor about all health conditions, including if you: Have a history of confusion or poor judgment.” Plot thickens.
I’m out; I bow to tha greatest of all time!

Dining with Trae says:

Regardless of what anyone thought of him now, the newest album…he has everyone talking! 😉

your mother's favorite. says:

we need to stop this propaganda saying that Eminem is Joe’s boss. Joe is not writing albums, he may still be on contract but so what? Joe is obviously doing things that has nothing to do with slim shady records. he’s also a grown ass man and not a slave.

Pascal Grüger says:

give me 10 tracks filled with crazy bars and good feature placement. mcs that push each other to write their best shit. done you got an killer album

King Ulysses says:

His skill is linked to his anger. He’s literally the Hulk of rap

Josh A says:

Honestly Eminem is the dc extebded universe movies of hip hop

Michael Argota says:

It’s official everyone we have to piss off Eminem in order to make a good album/song.

Jacob Rowe says:

Y’all didn’t mention believe what the hell that song was lit idk why y’all didn’t say you enjoyed that track

Leroicon says:

Maybe the pressure fucked him on revival and he overanalyse everything, and then on the verse he just wrote naturally

Jacob Rowe says:

Castle, Believe, and Arose are very deep songs like they may not have shady unleashing his wrath & fearless side but they are good tracks that people sleep on… Framed & Offended didn’t have the best hook & chorus but they had fire verses again people sleeping. I see why tho because the majority of the Album wasn’t his standard compared to previous work but those five songs stand out & have purpose & meaning too/from his craft

Respected Menace says:

Em should do an album with Royce and Preemo.

Phryme meets evil.

Callan Beggs says:

Review Sylvan Lacue’s new album

Julian Scott says:

Review king Los more bars

Lucky says:

i still think you all missed the point of revival.

Brandon Farr says:

Okay so imo… After hearing the remix and the things he was saying, i feel that Eminem did everything on Revival on purpose: the pop tracks, the wack bars, the terrible production. Everything that even he knows can get under Hip-Hop fans and his own fans skins. I think I knowing went in the booth to make a trash album to either see where loyalty is with his fans and see how they would react to an album like this and if they continue to stand with him, or maybe just to troll fucking fans because he can lol. Obviously we see where a lot of people stand with Revival so it made Em want to prove to us he’s still the rap god again. I even believe that he has an entirely new album already made and ready to go but made and put out Revival as an after thought/last minute just to fuck with people…

Bryan Morales says:

I don’t think this song is about Joe Budden Em isn’t the type to send subliminals if he was mad at Joe Budden he would have said his name. Also Joe Budden never said the album was trash he claims he still has not listened to it.

ToroidalVortexLove says:

I still think the last two tracks on the album are fire, but most people won’t get that far.

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