Eminem ft Joyner Lucas – Lucky You REACTION/REVIEW
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*///ALTEZZA/// NATION///* says:

Renaming Eminem the GOAT… Again

D Mur says:

Straight banger!

Shhnobe Plays says:

Em simply was just nice for to long don’t get confused and think he revitalized hip hop with ONE track CHECK THE CATALOG!

Jacob Greenland says:

5:08 Mans just necked that vodka like the shits was water lmao

HYHXOXO ___ says:

Best rapper

wwe 2k17 glitch master says:

em could be the greatest if he wanted to but unfort most of it isn’t. but whenever he’s on a serious song rapping about some real shit he def kill it but the rest isn’t that good rest a whole buncha talking but at the end he really aint even say shit. and a lot of it just became plain corny and horrible esp when he started with that accent bs

dont think im just hating on em i use to be a big fan of his growing up,up until i believe wasthe shady show or some shit which is also i believe the same album where he started doing accents or one before it. that album hadmaybe 2, 3 at the very most good tracks and those were the more realer songs where he actually rapped with his real emotions on how he felt instead of the usual comical style

guess cause im more into real rap rappingabout some real shit that people be goingthrough shitu can relate to, a not of buncha made up bs that they would do like majority of his shit.

eric garcia says:

The dude on the far right needs come down like 5 notches lol he makes me want to back out the video

Miché _ says:

He’s straight fire, I think if he keeps this kind of beat he would be more mainstream and be back in the top of the charts again. No one’s doubting how good lyricist he is, but the beat needed to be more modern in order for him to not lose is mind. And the result is this kind of masterpiece.

Xavior Pelaez says:

We gotta admit Eminem is back

Drizz Nation says:

Bro I don’t know if you nigga hear of locksmith or his freestyles but that can literally go head to head Eminem and that’s facts. The man is at a mastery level with the lyrics and bars.

J Tarzan says:

Ole boy on the far right gets it


Why your table isn’t really round and why yall said it was on tv when it is really on YouTube?

Uru Onyemaobi says:

stop cutting the reaction videos guys

Angel Villar says:

Whats the song of RT intro?

sherri copeland says:

love you guys but the guy in the chair is way to turned up.

Joshua Ellsworth says:

Hell yeah nice video! First time seeing a reaction with more than two people and gotta say I like it

Lothbrok says:

This beat reminds me of ”I don’t die-joyner lucas”

Msmonibaby88 says:

Greatest rapper alive

triplesix says:

#1 in 70+ countries for a reason!

GTR Rocket Bunny says:

Eminem – Rap God
Eminem Lucky You ft. Joyner Lucas

jackson noos says:

fuck dude, guy w the bottle u are a fucking CHAMP lol

LuRoc More says:

I’ve been waiting for years for a Rap Vet to diss all these bozo mumble rappers!!! THANK YOU, SLIM SHADY!!!! #BOOM

Bob Bob says:

Do you all even make money lol when there is 5 of you?

Just Me says:

Eminem ..is the best rapper he nailed it..

MoonZinuM says:

Fk… You guys cut too much of the song, stop having so many skips!!!

Eric B says:

Best Konakozie reaction vid

Jon Blaze says:

New sub ! Your content is lit #100

zodiac909 says:

THIS is Mumble Rap PERFECTED. Good luck to anyone who tires to follow up this.

x-SprcterRior_ x says:

2:42 goosbumps

Ricardo Alava says:


Eagles Fan4Life says:

Do the ringer

Siobhan Ginty says:

Em is the THE GOAT, but feel you all slept on Joyner. Em passing the baton on right here, people need to wake up to Joyner

Blackreign 313 says:

These are TRUE great rappers, no doubt. Only thing is they not rapping about shit!! Rappers, rapping about RAP, is not what’s up. If u have a been blessed with a voice like that, please talk some REAL SHIT!!! Lookup Geto Boys, N.W.A. Public Enemy, X Clan!!!

Jaquan Gosha says:

I wanna watch y’all videos but man it’s over when niggas over reacting and be lame as shit

CriticMind says:

Fake ass RDC world

Byus says:

Em’s verse so sick Dude on the far right said fuck my throat and liver

tiger22 says:

This song is for everything! The gym, chillin’ in your room, bumpin’ in the car, breaking down the lyrics. Great song

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