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Our Thoughts on the MGK – Rap Devil (Eminem Diss)

Can Joe Budden Win a Rap Battle Against Eminem?

Eminem’s Kamikaze is his tenth studio album and was released in response to heavy criticism received with his previous release, Revival. In our review, we questioned if it was time for Eminem to quit and his whether or not he still got it. Did he answer those questions and more? Watch our review of Eminem’s Kamikaze album to find out.

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DEHH presents: Who the hell is Damone Tyrell?

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Cameron Spalding says:

I liked Revival but Kamikaze was better

JamSessionSound S says:

Can we get the mac Miller review now???? Tbh the album is crazy foreshadowing now that he’s gone….its almost like the whole thing is his last cry for help

Joshua Alberts says:

Dope album knew he had that talent left in him

Atom The Rapper says:

Great review but how the hell y’all gonna sleep on Hop and Cole for their lyricism and musicality? They’re easily 2 of the best younger cats in the game (Cole > K.dot imo). He did also list Kendrick, Big Sean, Royce [and Fiddy] alongside them, it’s not like he just chose those 2 :p

Joshua Alberts says:

Was 6 years ago because it took so long for someone to bring it to his attention he’s not on his level

Shyheim Kamal says:

Damn I wasn’t expecting y’all to buss a nut like that wow! I can’t get wit it. Streamed it once, LP is garbage sorry. I understood about 20% of that diss, Rest was flow ramble

Eli Nascimento says:

RIP Mac Miller

TexasNightmare210 says:

Modest Media out here sneak flexing showing that DEHH Studios sticker in the back lol. DEHH done came up boi!!!

Robert Kirby says:

I once saw an old interview here on YouTube of Eminem around the time when the 1st MMLP was released where he said he makes his music for ONLY him and doesn’t worry that if others will dig it or not. That was his problem with “Revival”; him and Mr. Porter BOTH said that he was trying to make a song for EVERYONE on that album. Even though I’m a sucker for diversity, that couldn’t even help “Revival” in the least bit, and even the most die hard fans of that album (which is evidently VERY few) can admit that. And I know that because I talked to some of those die hard fans via face-to-face and social media. But even though Em missed the mark completely with “Revival”, I understand feeling all that pressure when you’re on a pedestal-hence the “Walk On Water” record, which I actually enjoy and I’m not afraid (no pun intended) to admit it. He just had to remind himself why his earlier records were highly praised-not giving a fuck (again, no pun intended) about others think/want and just do him. And I think he hit that mark with this “Kamikaze” album. But yeah, Normal, Nice Guy and Good Guy were trash; I fucks with Venom, though. Great review, DEHH!

Blake Patterson says:

I just woke up when the album dropped I checked it out and I was like where the hell did this come from em thank you lawd

Luke James says:

Filming outside gives me that classic DEHH feel! I agree with so much of this – especially the thoughts on those last 3 tracks. I’m glad Em finally got his flow back on track and simplified things rather than trying to make more of those watered down pop-rap ballads.

Triforce Of Course says:

B kept trynna show some love to stepping stone everybody else wasn’t feeling it as much as him. I guess since he from Detroit he got a deeper connection to it.

G12OST says:

Myke C town is right. it has become cool to hate on Eminem (i think you guys also said it in a previous video). even if em released a classic album, the main stream would still hate on it.

c-quintessential says:

I agreed with Joe Budden about his flow being great but the content wasnt good enough from Em after eminem show. Until this album. This time Em nailed the flow like always and he has the content. The production was good too. Not great but solid. Im happy for Em coz the backlash some critics like Fantano gave this album is unwarranted. For example im a big Nas fan but he didnt get this shit and he only really properly went in on 1 song on his release. Adam and Eve. Yet Em gets way more hatred

Evan Weninger says:

A 4/10 seems about right to me

ZORD says:

Walk on water is an amazing song

uknow1d says:

Definitely updating my patreon pledge after that intro

jgvjhkb nb jko says:

Am I the only one that likes venom and good guy?

John Moore says:

I hope they make a video on the death of Mac

Adopted Aiden says:

Why did I just get an ad for foo fighters pretender… isn’t that song like a decade old at this point, wtf.

Malphas Mikaelson says:

He’s saying he inspired lyrical dudes, not sure what is so hard to get about it. You don’t have to like their music but those guys are lyrical and Em inspired them. And if you talkin’ about how big an they artist are, who gives a fuck? The names Em mentioned are some of the better rappers out right now, the rest of the popularity are Drake and mumble/trap rap. Which no one wants to brag about inspiring those guys. Hopsin can rap circles around Drake no matter how corny he is.

No one is talkin’ all time. Em is still in the game, all time maybe only Kendrick belongs in there and I’d argue against that because Kendrick used to be doper lyrically in his earlier career. If you’re talkin’ some of these newer cats how are Hopsin, Logic, Cole, Sean and Kendrick not lyrically dope rappers to brag about inspiring? Who else do you put on that list? Royce is obviously not a newer cat so I’m not mentioning him ’cause we know how dope he is.

I don’t care if Hopsin has a 1000 fans or 10 million, the guy can rap. No matter how hard he has it to put out really solid projects he can rap. He’s just pointing out he inspired actual lyricists.

mrman3523 says:

I need em on those grimy beats too



Hella bread says:

Silly melon

B-Mint1994 says:

Em was really spitting on this album. But honestly, most of the album can be summarized as “Old man yells at cloud”. Also, shoutout to Rod for paying respects to Mac. May he RIP.

Brainsta Lupus says:

Ya all forgot to mention about the sneaky diss towards Em by MGK just 6 months ago on No Reason (Techn9e thingy)

c-quintessential says:

Suggestion for Classic album review….Scarface – The Diary

AzzurriBlue says:

Awww they standing outside, thats how you know the record was fire.

John Ricotta says:

8.5/10 for me

Zenith says:

Some of the hate you guys are getting for simply acknowledging some of the good stuff in Kamikaze is astounding, keep at it guys! Don’t let any of them bitches steer you away from what you really feel.

ICEMAN21097 says:

I’m surprised the topic of calling Tyler the F word didn’t come up tbh

austin01142 says:

Fantano was actually a big Eminem fan back in the day Myke – he also gave MMLP2 a 7/10

Freddie Frankling says:

Walk On Water was not trash

E Derrell says:

His bars is trash and those “disses” weak af

Ismail Ghedamsi says:

The album is not good people praise it because it’s full of diss.

biggie moz says:

ppl keep trying to take credit for ems album

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