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Happy New Year!

Eminem returns with what he says is his final album. Revival dropped last December and has been the subject of conversation since it his. Here’s the Eminem Revival album review from Dead End Hip Hop. Let us know what you think about the album in the comment section.

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LilTRemedy says:


Growth Of Culture says:

Revival is the best Eminem album

themadrapper101 says:

Relapse has aged well… Its the last album that sounded like a real old school Eminem album

Richard Rojas says:

Review G-Eazy’s new album.


U are reviewing this album…. Saying its his last album? Then u haven’t understood the last two songs – arose and castle at alllllll…
U guys are so stupid

Luke Kage says:

Dumbed down rap is the popular sound now so I don’t see how this album was far off from that. The “popular” rappers now are cardi b, future, and migos.

The Red Hood says:

even though I enjoyed the remix eminem still gone on this revival bullshit is the remix flash in the pan found out next on dbz????

Jessie Lee says:

This joint was hot trash.

Jay Rock Jinx says:

I can’t stand when people say Relapse and Encore are bad. Those albums are great if you don’t like it you’re not and Em fan.

Tyrone McCants says:

Some of y’all are making my excuses.

Donovan Redd says:

Y’all need to review Dizzy Wright “The Golden Age 2” feel like It was one of the best albums that came out last year

TheJustinCinema says:

Hilarious that they compare him to Macklemore and then he brings him up on Chloraseptic Remix.

Elijah Stiles says:

You got buns I got ass burgers

Neighborhood Worm says:

That one good captain america line was bitten from passionate MC on a hopsin track anyway HA

Syed Ammar Abbas says:

i have a theory that he has a formula of making shit albums on purpose. recovery, bounce back on mmlp2. revival, bounce back on the next album, idk it’s just me tho

Micheal Jackson's Aborted Son says:

Conspiracy theory: What if Eminem purposely made this album shit so he could feed off the criticism?

The Prince of Space says:

Relapse is still the best post Eminem Show album by Em. You want an all Dr. Dre album? There you go, listen to Relapse, its literally the only one.

Georgiaboy2016 says:

What about the last three songs? Y’all should’ve mentioned those

iViC says:

I want the hoodie that ken got!!!!

LastSon says:

Guys regarding the story about Em and Blaze, here he is talking about it. They make it sound a lot worse than it actually was.


blasblur1 says:

Lol yall sleepin on arose tho that was actually a solid track

Kay Nezzie says:

Em hanging around Sean too much lol

Redroxx says:

No, this ain’t his last album listen to the chloraseptic remix

Deftones 26 says:

I’ve never heard people make so much excuses for a garbage album. It was trash end of story.

jbcreate says:

once again, people thinking em hasnt been dropping corny lines since the beginning….that part hasnt changed. but because the beat selection isnt what you wanted or because he adapted to a new flow to flex he’s ruining his legacy? Em is the michael jordan of rap. sure there are better dunkers, 3 pt shooters, etc, but dont ever think this dude releasing an album would ruin what he’s already accomplished. did jordan going to the wizards ruin his career? nah

J.D Muco says:

I think Eminem’s rhyming ability and technicality is still great, better than it’s ever been. Maybe even GOAT level. But in that, his rapping and song making ability (taking the rhyming with the music) is what’s been in decline. The sound of the music he chooses is changing (which is fine and fair) but it doesn’t always fit his rhyming and cadences anymore.

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