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Jockin2277 says:

PS please own all your art and Content pleass

Needle_Man says:

Bring back production by the bass brothers.

shadowroses5 says:

He can’t simply because he’s now rich, this shit was written when he was in a tough spot, and no matter what people say, your environment matters.

FathrGodSun says:

Embot – Rapethousand

Moshé X says:

That song was definitely out of place !

Thomas Johnson says:

Listen to 4053 The Magnum Opus by briefcasedart #np on #SoundCloud

James. says:

This is my favourite album of all time.

James Marlon says:

Eminem basically made a hip-hop record like a hardcore punk album

potlovingchef14 says:

The rappers representing the trailer trash white people

T Groenhuis says:

For me his first 3 albums (SLP, MMLP and Eminem Show) are classics…as fucked up as the lyrics are..everything is great about it…it’s edgy,provocative,lyrically and productionwise superb…etc..etc.

Sedin Husic says:

So I see you decided to review a good Eminem album before destroying Revival. Lol

Mac Dufresne says:

Bitch Please II should’ve been in the 2001 Chronic

real talk with Jonathan Wilson Jonathan Wilson says:

Do boopac by boosie badazz it’s a classic double disc album and boosie really delivered another classic masterpiece

nawfella says:

I feel like em was a good intro to rap tbh. It started me as a kid and my friends.

Aaron B says:

Who knew – still my jam

Mr. G says:

Even though the environment has changed let’s not forget when this album came out he was receiving a lot of public backlash being sued by his mom,, D’angelo Bailey, and parents saying there kids were doing crazy things because he said it… So much backlash about him talking about rape and hating faggots… This is why he performed Stan with Elton John… They even censored the lines of him shooting up the columbine high school today you can listen to the album and those lines are uncensored now. So I disagree with him nor being able to put it out now, but the scenario would need to be right. Remember relapse came out in 2009 and look how messed up the stuff he said in it was.

Casey Flynn says:

Bro this was my favorite album, when I was in 9th grade and eminem was my favorite rapper, even though I could never listen to Stan, Kim, and skits.

P14Media says:

skip to 4:15 to skip feefo’s horse shit

DommeDamian says:

Greatest (rap) album of all time!!!!!!!

setondriveable says:

You all should purposely not review “The Revival” just to add to the NEHH legend. So for years people can say you never reviewed it. Like albums that didn’t get five mics. In The Source.

Wuffleluv says:

Bizarre: I fucked my cousin in his asshole, slit my mother’s throat

Jockin2277 says:

We need a podcast ep why Mike capes for homosexuals so Hard. Non assuming I just want to know the Story

Marcus Gadson says:

“A Serial Killer hiding murder material in your cereal box on top of your stereo” – One of the hardest lines I’ve ever heard.

wupize says:

i wanna hear their thoughts on Relapse…underrated album imo

FathrGodSun says:


potlovingchef14 says:

It won’t be accepted now

The world was less gay friendly
As a whole

How many movies n rap song was faggot this etc etc

My wife n kids had episode junior was looking at women magazine

Mike said ‘you better not be gay son’

That was 03 04 thats a fanily show

Imagine that now

cladyclad23 says:

Album is not a classic

X says:

not a classic

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